• Latest trailer and screenshots of the Dexter iPhone game

    I’m beginning to think that this game won’t ever come out. I mean, it’s been more than a year since it was first announced. Anyhoots, here are the latest screenshots and trailer for the upcoming iPhone game from Marc Ecko Entertainment. It’s slated for a late summer release with three additional episodes to follow shortly after. Oh, and there’s an official… Read More

  • Some of the facts on the Apple suicide

    So the New Yorker, of all places, has a few salient facts on the Apple case. I’ll just report them here and let them lie because, as someone once told a man with a broken nose, this is China. The first report is from the Southern Daily where a journalist claims to have seen the surveillance footage of the interrogation and that nothing untoward happened – no beatings, no torture. Read More

  • Facebook Wants To Know If You'd Mind Sharing All Of Your Information

    Facebook wants really wants to make as much information as possible on Facebook public. It recently changed the privacy controls on the site to make it easier to share with everyone. It wants to know how much users are willing to share and, depending on the answer, it may keep pushing in this direction. A survey sent out a couple days ago to users asks them to describe how open they are… Read More

  • SteelSeries has new gear for serious gamers

    There is a certain market for gaming mice. These guys are the type that join an online FPS clan. They are the ones that yell at you for trying to have fun instead of cap’n the last flag. They obsess about framerates, lag, and 3DMark scores. But the key aspect of these nerds are that they often blame their computer or input device for failing. “Damn mouse! I knew I should have… Read More

  • Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

    Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that’s what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charging station—sometimes just an old car battery on the side of the road. So, in yet another example of technology actually improving people’s lives (rather than just giving hipsters an opportunity to bump into other hipsters), two students have developed a… Read More

  • Coming To AOL: Warren Buffett And Martha Stewart Cartoons

    Yes, Tim Armstrong does have a secret plan to save AOL, and it involves cartoons starring Warren Buffett and Martha Stewart. At an employee meeting today to rally the troops with his new strategy, Warren Buffett and Martha Stewart were on hand to talk about their new Web cartoons. AOL founder Steve Case is also there Tweeting about it (he took this picture of Buffett and Stewart on… Read More

  • Alice in Wonderland trailer officially released

    http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:uma:video:mtv.com:413099 Movie Trailers – Movies Blog The trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice adaptation was officially released last night, so don’t worry about it being taken down immediately. Check out the HD version over at YouTube. Read More

  • Video: Two robots playing baseball (kind of)

    Baseball is a national sports in Japan and so it was just a matter of time for this baseball- and robot-crazy country to invent (industrial) robots that are able to play baseball. The 2-robot team can’t run around and doesn’t look human, but both machines are able to throw and bat the ball in quite an impressive way. Read More

  • comiXology launches Comics app at Comic-Con

    Here’s a nifty new app from comiXology for all the comic book geeks to try out on their iPhone. The aptly named Comics app is a digital comic book shop, library and reader for your iPhone and iPod Touch. The following publishers along with Robert Kirkman are onboard: Read More

  • Go Sightseeing Without Leaving Yahoo Image Search

    Even though Google gets more than three times the amount of traffic, Yahoo Search continues to add some pretty innovative features that its main competitor doesn’t have. In the past year and a half, Yahoo introduced Search Assist, thumbnail images and preview panes for Image Search. Yahoo even had the ability to search for Creative Commons licensed images before Google. Now, Yahoo… Read More

  • Nokia Buys Social Addressbook Startup Cellity For The Team

    German mobile startup Cellity is getting acquired by Nokia. The sale price was not disclosed, but it is not likely to be more than $10 million to $20 million. The deal was all cash. About a year ago, Vodafone bought Cellity’s competitor Zyb for 31.5 million Euros. Nokia didn’t actually buy the whole company, only “certain assets” and the team, which is usually code for… Read More

  • Garmin nuvifone finally about to ship out (to Taiwan)

    Do you remember where you were back on January 30th of 2008? CrunchGear was at a Garmin event in New York City watching the GPS company announce its very own smartphone. Fast forward to today, and the device is finally about to ship. Two devices, actually — the Linux-based nuvifone G60 and the nuvifone M20, which runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Read More

  • Twitter Cracks Down On Spam Accounts, People Lose Followers

    If you notice this morning that your follower count on Twitter dropped dramatically, don’t be alarmed. It is just Twitter cracking down on spam accounts and bots that automatically follow people. So chances are those weren’t real people anyway. The drop is a big topic on Twiitter (search for “spam”). This isn’t the first time Twitter has purged spam accounts. Read More

  • Modern Technology Brings More Productivity, Longer Working Hours

    There’s no denying it any longer: research has finally proven that new technologies like laptop computers and mobile phones have increased our productivity significantly. Furthermore, mobile communications have resulted in us working longer hours, too. That means modern technology is likely to be thanked for the wonderful state of the global eco … never mind. Anyway, the… Read More

  • Dotopen Opens For Business – It's Like FriendFeed For Companies

    Barcelona-based dotopen has launched its B2B communication platform in public beta today in another attempt to create a successful matchmaking service for businesses where decision makers could come to collaborate and connect with each other. We’ve heard that a million times before, but I got an early peak of the platform when I was in Spain for the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference last… Read More

  • The Quirky Split Stick, the first double-headed flash drive

    Looking for an easy way to separate two kinds of data? Maybe, business documents on one side, music on the other (business in the front, party in the back)? Quirky design might have just the product for you with the Split Stick. Read More

  • This "hunt and peck" keyboard can only lead to madness

    I just returned from helping my Grandma set up a computer for typing out stuff, and incredibly, see this “hunt and peck” keyboard being offered on the ol’ internets. “Why, that would be perfect for Grandma,” I think, since she isn’t a very good touch typist. But upon closer inspection, this keyboard is bafflingly user-unfriendly. Look at a key on your keyboard. Read More

  • SearchMe Searching For A Buyer

    We’ve known that that visual search engine SearchMe has been looking for a new round of financing these last few months. But from what we hear they aren’t having a lot of luck closing that financing – something was on the table, our sources say, but fell through. As an alternative strategy, they’ve approached a number of possible buyers to see if they can close an… Read More

  • Disney announces multi-platform Alice in Wonderland video game

    Disney Interactive Studios announced today that French dev Etranges Libellules has begun development of videogame adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to complement Tim Burton’s upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland. The Wii, DS and PC title take place a few years after both stories in Underland and players must… Read More

  • Nvidia's wee netbook will be called the Firefly

    Nvidia is shopping around a design prototype running their Tegra ARM processor, a chip powerful enough to run Wind CE and power a wee keyboard and screen. Tegra was supposed to change the way we thought about smartphones a few months ago but the chipset never took off. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like it will make any headway either. Read More

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