• Big Blue Takes Its Software To The Tracks

    IBM is moving into the transportation industry by helping railway companies operate their trains and infrastructure. In particular, IBM is helping develop high-speed rail networks globally, and released a study called the “The Smarter Railroad,” highlighting how emerging technologies will help rail companies better instrument and manage rail networks. According to the report, the… Read More

  • Sweet spreadsheet grill eliminates BBQ turf disputes

    Here in Seattle, whenever we have barbecues (yes, make a rain joke, but I had one on the beach a week ago), we tend to have vegetarians present. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are vegetarians. It’s just that we have to be careful in parsing out the grill space, so no one gets pig matter on their birdseed burger. And it doesn’t always work out. Read More

  • Color e-paper you can write on? Yes, please

    I can’t imagine that this stuff is cost-effective right now, but in a couple years? Damn, I might just buy me a Kindle 5. The writing bit could be handy, but its direct input method (just giving the magnetized powder a green light at point of contact, looks like) suggests to me that it may not be able to store that writing. Pure speculation on my part. Video inside. Looks sweet. Read More

  • Obama Spurns Silicon Valley Vets, Names Virginia's Secretary of Technology As CTO

    President Obama will be naming Aneesh Paul Chopra as his choice for CTO during tomorrow’s weekly address, as first reported by the Washington Post and confirmed in this press release posted to the White House’s official web site. Chopra currently serves as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology, and has previous acted as the Managing Director for the Advisory Board Company, where… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peeks for $25 @ Target

    I stumbled upon a little surprise during a quick trip to Target last night: Peeks are clearanced out at Target. Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: Product Manager, Technical Operations Manager

    This week we saw quite a few new jobs on CrunchBoard, companies are still adding positions in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and Austin. For job hunters in Europe, check out our Europe CrunchBoard. Dont’t forget we’re looking for a few good hackers here at TechCrunch. New jobs on CrunchBoard: Product Manager
    BillShrink – Redmond City, CA Software… Read More

  • Did Twitter Just Quietly Start Twitter Connect? If Not, It Should.

    Yesterday, on its Twitter API Wiki, Twitter quietly unveiled a “Sign in with Twitter” feature. It’s a very simple idea: It gives you the option to use your Twitter ID as your login for third party services. But what’s more interesting is what Twitter could do with this. Basically, this could be the first step at launching a “Twitter Connect” of sorts, the… Read More

  • Who says DRM is difficult to understand?

    The BBC has released this helpful infographic to let everyone out there know that DRM isn’t just simple — it’s fun! Of course, you’d have to be a goddamn PhD of doublespeak to make any sense of it, but who isn’t these days? Read More

  • Indie iPhone App Developers Rallying Around OpenFeint

    Gaming has proven to have huge appeal on the iPhone. Because of that, there are a thousands of games in the App Store — which is great for consumers, but it can also be overwhelming. And it can be frustrating for developers who can see their work easily lost in the sea of apps. The iPhone social platform OpenFeint is trying to alleviate some of those problems. And it has rallied some… Read More

  • This is why no one likes the cable company

    It’s a sad fact that often the only face a content provider has to a customer is the lowly cable installer. It seems that more often than not, said installer is not the best representative to what could be a good company. Of course, I’m not saying all installers will set fire to a house, sleep on a customers couch, or perform a sloppy install, but when those infractions happen… Read More

  • Dumpy $25 boombox beats out high-end stereos

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the $25 Tesco Value MC-907, the winner of UK’s Annual Reevoo Customer Choice Awards 2009 in the Hi-Fi Systems category. It beat out the second-place $275 Roberts Sound MP43 and the third-place $150 Sony MHC-EC78PI. The awards are based entirely on owner reviews, which goes to show you that either people in the UK have terrible hearing or nobody gives a… Read More

  • This USB drive will self-destruct in 24 hours

    Remember that British IT guy who left a flash drive with confidential info on millions of Brits on a train? That and like incidents happening every day could have all been avoided if he had one of these cool new self-destructing drives. There are things kind of like this already, but it’s more along the line of built-in encryption. I’ll have a review of this keypad-protected Lenovo… Read More

  • White Leica M8 spotted in the wild

    Better get a good look at this camera. You’ll never ever own one. Not that we would endorse spending more than $10 large on a camera even if it’s a special edition Leica M8. Oh, and the Audi R8 in the background is nice too. I’ll take two of both please. One more pic after the jump. Read More

  • My Name Is E wins The Next Web startup competition

    The Next Web conference in Amsterdam just announced the winner of their startup competition. The judges were unanimous in naming My Name is E, and the startup got the audience vote as well. “E” enables you to collect all your social and contact accounts – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other network – in one spot, and share them in real life by using any… Read More

  • Another Contender Emerges: Posterous Takes On TwitPic With New API

    The race is on to become the dominant media sharing site on Twitter, with favorites like TwitPic and newcomers including PhotoBucket’s TwitGoo vying for popularity as Twitter begins to hit the mainstream. Now Posterous is looking to join the race with a new API that developers can integrate into their Twitter apps with a minimal amount of effort. We’re big fans of Posterous… Read More

  • Vonage now charges 29% in fees (at least for me)

    I have been using Vonage since July 2004 and have had zero complaints with the service. It constantly works well and the price was right. That’s what I thought until I just noticed that my rate plan went up from $14.99 to $17.99. Sure, not a huge increase and a warning would be nice, but it’s the fees and taxes that have slowly been added on over the years I have beef with. My… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Planet of the Apes Blu-ray box set for $58

    If you’ve hitched your wagon to the Blu-ray train, perhaps you’d enjoy a gigantic Planet of the Apes box set to add to your collection. Amazon’s got a deal on the Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection on Blu-ray, which contains over eight hours of content across five discs, plus a 200-page book and a bunch of other goodies. It’s been marked down to $57.95 from… Read More

  • A New Business Model For Skype: Turning Phone Numbers On The Web Into Paid Ads

    While eBay prepares to unload Skype via a sale or IPO next year, it is busy looking for new ways to make money off its 405 million global users. They already account for an estimated 8 percent of international calls, and many of them are increasingly paying for SkypeOut calls to regular phones. Its revenues last year were $551 million, but it wants to get to $1 billion by 2011. To get there… Read More

  • Laguna Is A Hacker At Heart, And Other Fine Jobs At TechCrunch

    We love our new TechCrunch world headquarters in downtown Palo Alto, and we’re working hard to fill it with smart, hardworking and fun people. Team members needed: Developers (2): We think it’s critical that next-generation media companies actually build product and test new apps developed by other start-ups. It gives us street cred and keeps us engaged in the community. Read More

  • Xbox 360 E74 error explained in a roundabout way

    The boys over at Kotaku got MS to answer a few questions about that pesky E74 error, which we assumed was the silent RROD. Turns out that there’s some overlap between the new error and the old RROD, but it only affects a very small percentage of Xbox 360s. Read More

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