• Video: Geek creates dancing humanoid with iPhone head

    Given the enormous creative energy some robot geeks regularly demonstrate, this took longer than I expected: A robot hobbyist (who is Japanese, I believe) created a humanoid with an iPhone head. To be more exact, he took a commercially available robot body kit and used an iPhone 3GS as its “head (through the dock connector). Read More

  • Alfred Lin Has The Midas Touch: The Man With $2 Billion In Acquisitions Under His Belt

    If you’ve got a company and you want a big acquisition in a year or two, you may want to consider hiring Alfred Lin, currently the COO/CFO of just-acquired Zappos. Every company he’s worked for has been acquired, and the smallest deal was $265 million. Lin dropped out of a PhD program at Stanford to join LinkExchange in 1996 as acting CFO. Two years later the company was acquired… Read More

  • Digital monkey wrench costs $323, tells you when bolts are tight

    Ho-ly crap. For $323 plus $20 shipping you can get a digital monkey wrench that tells you when whatever bolt you’re tightening is tight enough. All these years I’ve been relying on the old “it doesn’t turn any more, so it must be tight” rule. Read More

  • Google Realizes That Short Links Are Smart Links In Mobile Gmail

    Google is finally figuring out that short links are just easier to deal with, especially on a mobile phone. No, it is not rolling out its own URL shortening service just yet (bit.ly, stand down). But today it is introducing what it calls “smart links” to the mobile version of Gmail. When it recognizes a super-long link like one for Google Maps, it will shorten it to the… Read More

  • Greenpeace action targets HP over ‘Hazardous Products’

    Indie rock band Greenpeace has a problem with HP, specifically its broken promises vis–à-vis toxic chemicals in its products. The band’s frontman, Casey Harrell, says that “HP continues to put hazardous products on the market despite promises made years ago to phase out these toxic compounds.” So, to get back at HP, Greenpeace members “climbed to the top of… Read More

  • The Song of the PowerSquid: The Inside Story of the Life of an Invention Part 6

    Hello, my name is Christopher Hawker. I am a professional inventor, specializing in innovative consumer products. My company is called Trident Design, LLC. I have developed many products in numerous industries and have over 20 products on the market. My most famous invention is the PowerSquid, a cephalopod-inspired power strip with outlets situated at the end of short cords, thereby… Read More

  • Finally, a portable ATSC tuner, now if it will only work well

    Expect to starting seeing ATSC tuners in notebooks, netbooks, and UMPCs soon. MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are working on a minicard that should tune in ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-H, and DTMB signals. The small card also consumes 50% less power than other tuner cards, and the small size means that it can make its way into more packages. Sounds great, right? I’m just doubtful that it will… Read More

  • Verizon Uses Twitter To Trash Talk AT&T Too

    Twitter is great for a lot of things, but I think my favorite use of it is public smack-talking. Just read what Lance Armstrong has to say about his Tour de France-winning teammate, Alberto Contador. And in the tech world, we have some good smack talking from Verizon directed at rival AT&T today. John Czwartacki, who is the policy blog editor for Verizon, sent the following public message… Read More

  • Microsoft, Yahoo Still Negotiating; Deal Could Be Announced Any Time

    The much anticipated Microsoft/Yahoo search alliance is in the “final stages of negotiation” says a source close to Yahoo, and may be signed at any time. The two companies have been negotiating the terms of the transaction for weeks, and our source says that the deal guys are largely out of the process now. The lawyers are negotiating the final details. That doesn’t mean the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Loaded 11.6-inch Acer netbook for $350

    Here’s a nice little deal on the 11.6-inch Acer Aspire One 751h (see our review here) over at B&H. You can get the fully-loaded (loaded as far as netbooks go) version with 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, and six-cell battery for just $350 after a $54.10 instant rebate and with free shipping to boot. Read More

  • Sidekick Sync app brings push email, Exchange support, and more to the Sidekick LX '09

    Yo, Sidekick LX ’09 owners. Check out the Download Catalog. You should find the Sidekick Sync app somewhere in there and guess what? The app brings push email, attachment viewing, syncing, and Exchange support to your beloved Sidekick. Tits, right? (If you don’t see the app right away, check back a little bit later today) Read More

  • Four hot chicks and a naked dude

    No, I’m not posting this for the fun of it, but I can’t tell you why I’m doing it either. Just watch the video and I’m sure you can figure it out. Sound off in comments if you think you know. Read More

  • Virgin Galactic's Eve shows its goods to the public for the first time

    Somewhere in sleepy Wisconsin – actually in Oshkosh – Virgin Galactic displayed the mothership Eve to the general public for the very first time. The plane soared over thousands of people attending the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual AirVenture convention and then landed so people could get a closer look. Chances are that this will be the first and last time many… Read More

  • Updated: Retweet.com's reputation will be permanently stained by the Tweetmeme affair

    Now the dust has settled a bit, let’s take a look at exactly what happened yesterday. At around 2pm in the afternoon, after reading our story about a new challenger to Tweetmeme called Retweet.com, TechCrunch commenter @travisketchum found the live, public server where Retweet.com’s files were being kept. The TechCrunch community quickly found remarkable similarities between… Read More

  • This August, the HTC Touch Pro 2 & Samsung Gravity 2 head to T-Mobile

    You’ll have two more T-Mobile cellphones to pick from beginning next month. There’s the HTC Touch Pro2, which still doesn’t have an AT&T release date (so T-Mo can lord that over AT&T), and the Samsung Gravity 2. Read More

  • The Spotify iPhone App In detail — It's Pretty Darn Good

    I’ve now been given an extended demo of the Spotify iPhone app which is currently awaiting Apple’s approval. Unfortunately the guy who showed it to me managed to prize the iPhone with the app on it from my cold sweaty palms, so I wasn’t allowed to take the app away on my own iPhone. However, screen grabs taken from the video they released this week illustrate how the app… Read More

  • Issuu Debuts API, Goes After Docstoc And Scribd Once More

    Issuu, the Danish startup battling the likes of Docstoc and Scribd in the professional document publication and sharing space, is today introducing a REST-based API that enables its users to automatically upload and manage publications, bookmarks, and folders under their accounts. That means developers and designers can henceforth tap into the Issuu platform and services to equip their own… Read More

  • Penguin-powered bootable USB drive looks like actual penguin

    As a Linux user, I’m tickled to see these new USB drives in the shape of an Emperor penguin. Not only are they super cute, they come pre-loaded with a bootable instance of Ubuntu 9.04! And if for some reason you don’t like penguins, you can get some visceral pleasure by pretending to rip off the li’l bugger’s head in order to access the USB jack inside. Read More

  • One second for 720 DVDs: New super-fast fiber optic cable

    KDDI R&D Laboratories, research arm of KDDI (a Japanese telcom) and Japan’s National Institute of Information & Communications Technology (NICT) yesterday announced [JP, PDF] the development of the world’s most advanced fiber optic cable. Read More

  • The Great $100,000 Retweet #TechCrunch50 Ticket Giveaway

    The following message is brought to you by TechCrunch50 co-host Jason Calacanis. In order to build excitement for the TechCrunch50 conference we’ve convinced the bean counters at TechCrunch HQ to let us give away one $2,500 ticket a day for the next 45 days. That’s more than $100,000 worth of TechCrunch50 tickets. So, if you’re broke, laid off or too cheap to buy a ticket… Read More

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