• Six awesome ASCII games you need to play

    I’ve always admired ASCII graphics, mainly due to my predilection towards retro gaming and large pixels in general. Just as a game like Portal twists your ideas of space and makes you think differently, games with sufficiently poor visuals stretch your imagination and make you adopt a new headspace entirely. In fact, many games these days in the independent scene deliberately minimize… Read More

  • Aviary Encroaches On Adobe Illustrator With Raven, The First Vector Graphics Editor For The Web

    Aviary is a small New York startup with the ambitious goal of recreating (and expanding upon) Adobe’s most popular design tools in the browser. Since we first covered the company about a year and a half ago, Aviary has kept most of its 15 planned tools (at least those that have seen development at all so far) in private beta. Only three have become publicly available: Phoenix, an… Read More

  • DIY: SLR ring flash

    Regardless of what camera you use, a ring flash can be expensive. And for macro photography, there’s nothing better. But let’s say you’re on a budget. So instead of spending up to $600, how about one you can make for about $5.00, and a little bit of time from stuff you can pick up at your local dollar store. Read More

  • College Music Service Ruckus.com Shuts Down

    Ruckus, an online music service geared towards universities that allows students to stream an unlimited amount of music, has apparently just closed its doors. The service was designed to appeal to college students, offering a legal alternative to the piracy that can be found on many campuses. Ruckus was initially offered as a subscription service, then eventually moved to an ad-supported… Read More

  • Sega planning some sweet new arcade hardware?

    A few trademarks have been filed by Sega in regard to “stand alone video game machines, arcade game machines with built-in screens” and a few other terms, obviously relating to new arcade hardware. Good for you, Sega! Arcade machines aren’t the money printers they used to be (in the 80s) but a successful arcade-based franchise like House of the Dead can end up on consoles… Read More

  • Japan gets exclusive Iron Man Blu-ray+figure box

    Iron Man wasn’t as successful here in Japan as in the USA but that didn’t stop Sony Pictures to produce a Nippon-only Blu-ray box of the movie that includes an exclusive figure of the super hero. Gaijin can get the set via stores such as Amazon Japan or CD Japan (where it’s not yet listed though). Read More

  • Today's youth: Using the Internet for good, or just to be pleasure-hunting dopes

    Don’t you just hate young people? With their good looks, sharp tongues and lack of respect for the law. They listen to stupid music. Oh, and they also used the Internet to help get Barack Obama elected. But, once the “fun” of “being a part of something,” will America’s youth go back to using the Internet for selfish pursuits—sending Facebook flair to… Read More

  • MySpace Begins Monetizing Music Videos With Impressive Results

    In an effort to monetize the growing number of music videos on its site, MySpace has just launched a new pilot advertising initiative that places attractive overlays at the bottom of some clips, allowing users to buy the song they’re listening to or immediately jump to the artist’s homepage. The new initiative stems from MySpace’s partnership with Auditude, a content… Read More

  • CG Giveaway: Watch the NBA All-Star Saturday Night in 3D

    Were you as excited as we were about the 3D presentation of the BCS championship game? Here’s a chance for you and a friend to see this hot new technology in action! Read on to learn how to win free tickets to see the Sprite Slam Dunk contest in 3D at a theater near you! Read More

  • Reminder: Monday is Kindle 2 Day!

    Just a friendly reminder that CrunchGear will be blogging live from the Amazon.com press conference on Monday, 2/9, at 10am eastern. How great is it going to be? Will Bezos be there? Will it involve Kindle 2s? Will there be dancers? Will it involve something even better and more incredible? We won’t know until Monday morning. Here’s what we know so far: Read More

  • Corn starch and speakers: It's alive!

    While this may look like my face after I eat a barrel of cookie dough, this is actually cornstarch on a speaker. Pretty fun stuff, right? Just imagine what you could do with a huge speaker and lots of cornstarch. Lots of gooey towers of power. via BBG Read More

  • The MSI Wind NetOn AP1900, she’s skinny

    Eat! Eat! You’re skin and bones! MSI has officially announced the Wind NetOn AP1900, an all-in-one computer measuring just 35 millimeters (1.37 inches) thick. MSI is calling it the world’s slimmest. Read More

  • Confirmed: LG will debut the LG Arena KM900 at Mobile World Congress

    When word first got out of the LG Arena, we figured it was safe to say we could expect an official debut at Mobile World Congress – and it definitely was. LG has just pushed a previously unpublished shot of the KM900 (and its interface, which looks a whole lot less iPhone-y here than it did in previous shots) to their blog, saying nothing but “All will be revealed at Mobile… Read More

  • Video: That MIT “sixth sense” device in action

    That “sixth sense” device is a heck of a let more interesting actually seeing it in action. It’s also a heck of a lot more interesting the way Wired describes it, as opposed to Reuters’ “Um, it does stuff! Far out!” Read More

  • The $2,200 Bandai Ginza-themed diorama in full working action

    Bandai’s Ginza-themed diorama speaker broke cover days ago and most of us was like, “wha? A diorama speaker?” Really, that’s what we said. Anyway, the video after the break clearly shows that this thing should stay over in Japan where apparently it means something cause it does nothing for us here in the States. Read More

  • Samsung Acme i9810 will run Symbian S60

    If it seems like it was only yesterday that we first heard of the Samsung Acme i9810, it’s because it was. Less than 24 hours after a grainy spy shot of the unannounced handset was reveal, someone has followed up with some proper shots. We already know from yesterday’s leak that the Acme would boast an 8 megapixel camera, GPS, HDMI output, WiFi, DivX and DNLA, and come in 8GB and… Read More

  • Robots will soon start conquering buildings, Japan says

    Japan-based tech powerhouses Shimizu and Yasukawa Electric think that robots can make life easier for all of us and initiated the “Smart Robotics Building” project to prove it – even if at this point, a show room must do. Read More

  • Are you a charity? Kick the Worldeka tyres with an invite code to the beta

    Worldeka, a startup “social network for change”, allows charities to connect with activists and crowdsource their aims. Apparently meaning “one-world” in Sanskrit – who knew? – Worldeka is basically a targeted social network for charities, NGOs, activists and policy makers. If that sounds a little like fellow UK startup UnLtdWorld or Zurich’s Amazee… Read More

  • Golf: OnPar GPS unit looks pretty cool

    That OnPar GPS device that we caught wind of last week has been captured on video by Rob over at Golf Views. As far as golf gadgets go, this one’s bound to make a splash thanks to the very iPhone-like interface and what seems like a relatively straightforward user experience mixed in with some pretty interesting shot tracking and statistics features. Read More

  • Deep Thoughts On What's Going On In Google's Head

    Many of Google’s products have been going through some major and minor overhauls recently. Gmail went offline, enhanced PDF previews became available on Gmail, Calendars went offline for Enterprise users, Labels had an update and Tasks were added. Google Gears, the open-source browser extension available for Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac, and Linux, has enabled… Read More

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