• Frog Tool 15 function multi-tool packs MacGyver know-how

    This 15 function multi-tool from Frog Tool seems like it can do anything. Definitely something to throw in the glove-box or desk drawer for an impromptu situation. Just check out all that the stainless steel tool can do. Plus, at only $4.99, it would make a great stocking stuffer. Gatco via Toolmonger Read More

  • $25 million dollar campaign in the works for Blu-ray

    Expect an $25 mil advertising blitz for Blu-ray this holiday season themed “Tru Blu.” Trailer Park, a LA Firm, is going to make sure consumers are aware of the high-def format and hopeful – I’m thinking out loud here – will showcase more than just the pretty picture. Moms and Pops need to know that Blu-ray isn’t just a better picture but also… Read More

  • Left 4 Dead splitscreen on your PC!

    I know lots of you guys out there are either already playing the hell out of the demo for Left 4 Dead or, like me, waiting until the weekend to dive in. Of course, the weekend is the time when those pesky friends are always hanging around, saying how you should drink this or do that. This weekend, you need to take control of your destiny. Tell your pal to come over and play some split-screen… Read More

  • Review: Epson Artisan 800 All-in-One

    When I took on the task of reviewing printers I worried that I’d be so bored that I’d fall asleep at the keyboard, leading to a review full of jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjllllllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and a keyboard full of slobber. Luckily, the Epson Artisan 800 kept me awake and excited and, dare I say it, enthused about the state of printers. Read More

  • Video: A tiny, smart alec parakeet lives inside the Nintendo DSi

    The Nintendo DSi—meh? Hardly! As this short video shows, there’s a built-in parakeet-thing that repeats what you say into the microphone. Here, the guy says “say something,” to which the parakeet responds, “say something.” Very heaven. Now, does that take away from the fact that, save for the wireless store, the DSi can be described as a minor update at best? Read More

  • Pop Quiz: What are those ports in the Penny Arcade logo?

    Go look (or just raise your eyes a little ^ ). We’ve been discussing it for a while and we just can’t figure out what system those ports in the title bar are from. We’ve crossed a lot of systems off the list and so far Genesis and Atari are the closest. I’m guessing it’s actually just a stylized, fictional port. What do you think? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Gears of War 2 with a 1600 Xbox Live Points card

    Planning on picking up Gears of War 2 today? Well, you might as well get some free Xbox DLC out of it. Circuit City is tossing in 1600 Xbox Live points (that’s 20 bucks worth!) with every copy of Gears of War 2 they sell today, no preorder necessary. Hell, my local Circuit City wouldn’t even let me pre-order it. While you probably have a meat space Circuit City close enough to… Read More

  • The giving season is upon us again – Child's Play is up and running

    Just as a heads up (for the three or four of you that don’t read Penny Arcade), I thought we should mention that Penny Arcade’s grassroots charity Child’s Play has begun its 2008 drive. Like Gabe says, some of us are in a bit of a money crunch right now, but even a couple bucks will help get a hospital a little closer to getting that extra controller for the game room. Read More

  • Can Piqqem Use The Crowd To Pick Stocks? Don't Bet On It.

    One thing we are finally going to learn in this down market is whether social investing can hold its own against the pros. There are many Websites devoted to social investing—Cake Financial, SocialPicks, StockMantra—each with their own twist. Add to the list Piqqem, a site run by Crowd Technologies that just recently came out of stealth. (Crowd Technologies is also the… Read More

  • Old-school handset for people who still resist cell phones but realize they’re greatly outnumbered

    I know it’s hard, but sooner or later everyone gives in to the idea of cellular telephony. Sure, you may long for the good old days of old-fashioned, straightforward talk on a golden handset but the fact is, until now, you were left with little to no recourse. Enter the “YUBZ Talk” from fashion-forward France. It’ll apparently run about $50 and they’ll start… Read More

  • Saints Row 2 and Oblivion With Guns selling like hotcakes

    Or so they say. There aren’t a lot of actual sales numbers back yet, but THQ has shipped over two million copies of the well-received GTA-like game to retailers and seems to be riding high, while Bethesda’s highly-anticipated Oblivion With Guns has shipped nearly five million copies, and I don’t think that includes Steam, which was how I bought it. I guess technically… Read More

  • will.i.am Debuts Follow-Up To Viral Hit "Yes We Can"

    Only three days after the close of one of the most historic elections in US history and the selection of Barack Obama as President, will.i.am has created a followup to his smash hit viral video Yes We Can. The new song, called It’s a New Day made its debut on iTunes last night (you can download it here), and will be shown on this afternoon’s episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Yes… Read More

  • Google sends out Android update RC30 – blocks ‘jailbreak’

    While a significant chunk of G1 owners still await the RC29 update that started rolling out a few days ago, Google has already queued up another one. While people generally welcome updates with open arms, this ones got a few folks upset. Last week, an eagle-eyed tinkerer realized that you could gain root access to the G1 by using telnetd, essentially “jailbreaking” it. Now… Read More

  • If you want to see the Joker's real fatality move in MK vs DC then go to Europe

    Let me preface by saying that kids shouldn’t be playing video games as much as they do, but parents don’t seem to care and they end seeing far worse things on their Xbox or PS3 then they do on the news or in the movies. Assuming their pudgy bodies are capable of lifting said pudgy bodies off the couch to get the remote. I remember a time when kids would play in the street with… Read More

  • Smule's Ocarina: This Is How You Build A Great iPhone App

    Smule has done it again. The company behind the ingenious lighter app that took the iPhone by storm a few months ago has launched Ocarina, a networked musical instrument that allows you to listen to songs being played around the world in real time. The app costs 99 cents, and you can grab it here. As an instrument Ocarina has been perfectly executed, and is much more suitable for the… Read More

  • Making Money On MySpace: Payments and Virtual Gifts Coming Soon

    In the platform wars between Facebook on the one side and MySpace, Google, and the whole OpenSocial crew on the other, the side that makes it easier for application developers to make the most money will win. Advertising in social networks has always been problematic, and with an advertising recession upon us those already-low ad rates are going to get lower, not higher. The other way to… Read More

  • Xbox controller has all its buttons moved to the back

    Personally, I can’t imagine using a controller where all the buttons are on the back; I have enough trouble keeping the top and bottom trigger buttons on controllers separated in my head without the whole ABXY combo spread out back there. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for this guy, however, as he has expertly modified his controller to both switch all the face buttons to the… Read More

  • Review: ViewSonic VA2626wm 25.5-inch LCD monitor

    Short Version: At well under $600, the 25.5-inch ViewSonic VA2626wm is a good monitor for those of you who want to get into the huge LCD game at a reasonable price. While considered to be somewhat inferior to the comparable Samsung 2693HM, the ViewSonic carries an enticing $50 mail-in rebate until the end of November. Also, it’s good as a computer monitor but it’s even better hooked… Read More

  • The Platforms: Google, Microsoft, Facebook And MySpace

    Slide founder Max Levchin just kicked off a panel called “The Platform Advantage” at the Web 2.0 Summit. Participants include Google’s Vic Gundotra, Microsoft’s David Treadwell, MySpace’s Amit Kapur and Facebook’s Elliot Schrage. The panel began with a general debate on exactly what a platform is, and how each of the companies play in the space. Kapur says… Read More

  • FriendFeed Over IM: Kill Me Now

    For those of you who use FriendFeed and are looking for even more information bombardment in your lives, you can now receive every update via instant message. FriendFeed now supports notifications and posting for Google Talk and Jabber. So if it is not enough for you to visit the site 12 times a day, or keep updated via a desktop client, or get your feed in your e-mail, you can now turn on… Read More

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