• Review: Griffin Technology Clarifi iPhone Case

    I am the kind of guy who can appreciate damage. It is the way of things. Entropy is part of the natural order of events—an unstoppable phenomenon.  For some, it is hard to accept this after forking over $400 for a fancy Smartphone. I mean, you don’t want the thing getting all scratched up right?  You don’t want it subjected to the elements, right? You want it to look… Read More

  • Kosher GPS sends you to po-oy-nts of interest

    Because Orthodox Jews aren’t really allowed to use the Internet the Mio Ma’amin or Mio Believer is a GPS device with wireless connectivity removed and lots of Kosher points of interests including restaurants, tourist spots, and a nice little place maybe to get a piece of fish or maybe a little matzah brei and maybe it could find a phone for you to call your Bubbe once in a while, huh? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Blu-ray three-packs

    Cheap Blu-ray movies! Amazon has three-packs containing action, comedy, and schmoopie movies starting at $33.95, today only. Read More

  • Video: A review of the Nintendo DSi by Danny Choo in which a man in a pink vest says "Bye"

    Danny Choo is hanging over at BB this week and did a quick review of the Nintendo DSi and included a wonderful “video commercial” from the Land of the Rising Tentacle Porn. His review is fairly exotic as well, made up entirely of sayings from Buddhist philosophy: Read More

  • Early info about the Verizon-bound BlackBerry 8230 Niagara

    You didn’t think Verizon was going to let the craptacular BlackBerry Storm stay around as VZW’s top BlackBerry, did ya? Hells no. The upcoming 8230 Niagara should take that spot when it drops in May according to our and BGR’s source. It seems that the 8230 is going to be a cross between the Bold and Curve 8900 with the physical size coming in between as well. If the rumored… Read More

  • Homebrew boombox PC

    Joey Hess, a developer contributing to Debian GNU/Linux, has shoehorned a fully functional PC into a portable boombox stereo. Two USB ports are embedded in what used to be the CD eject button, and the computer’s LEDs are visible where the CD slot used to be. The tape deck has been repurposed to provide access to a 4-port USB hub. “Hit Stop/Eject to change USB keys. :-)” Read More

  • Breaking: Meetic Finds A Soulmate, Acquires Match.com's European Operations

    Meetic, the popular European online dating company, announced today that it has agreed to buy the European operations of the IAC-owned Match.com. The news was announced on the blog of Loïc Le Meur, who is a board member of Meetic but will need to resign to leave room for an IAC representative. IAC will sell 100% of the stock of Match Europe – the entity that houses Match.com’s… Read More

  • Review: Scosche reviveLITE iPhone dock/nightlight

    Today we have the Scosche reviveLITE on the bench for review. This thing is a iPhone dock and night light in one package. It does have quite a few things going for it, but with a few kinks and a rather high price, is it worth it? Click on to find out. Read More

  • Video: End of analog broadcasts in Orlando

    A good amount of analog signals have been permanently turned off across America. It’s the end of an era, folks. In case you didn’t stay up late on February 16 to experience the shut-off live, we’ve got a video after the break of the Orlando market going dark so you can experience it too. Time to move into the digital age, America. Read More

  • Ryanair offers first in-flight mobile phone services in UK

    Ryanair, the low-budget (i.e you get to ride alongside cargo boxes and livestock) Irish carrier, has become the first airline in the United Kingdom to provide in-flight mobile phone service. To start, the cellular technology (see above) has been installed on 20 planes and is readily available for passengers flying between Dublin and the London-area airports at Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Read More

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