• icanhaz LOL Griffin pix? okthnkzbye.

    Following today’s news story about the far-right British National Party losing its member database, which was then mashed with a Google map, at least someone is retaining a sense of the absurd about the whole thing. Enter LOL Griffin, another mashup site of sorts, but this time between the LOLCats series on the ICanHasCheezburger site and Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP. Enjoy. Read More

  • Sony adds Slacker to BRAVIA Internet Video Link

    Sony’s $300 Internet Video Link add-on box for BRAVIA-series TVs has recently added the Slacker streaming music service to the list of available channels. Also added was content from Howcast.com, a site that contains a series of user-generated how-to videos. Slacker ought to lend some good music features to Sony’s service and Howcast has won some awards from TIME and PC Magazine… Read More

  • Tweetag: Tag-Based Search For Twitter

    Tweetag is a brand new way to search Twitter, or ‘browse the Twittosphere’ as they put it. The app, like most Twitter-related applications, is fairly simple: you enter a tag, and Tweetag will show any public Twitter messages that contain that particular keyword, but more interestingly also a list of other tags that are related to it. This allows you to filter down… Read More

  • The thermometer gets a mother's touch upgrade

    Temperature-taking has came a long way from the ‘ol up-the-pooper method. This concept takes the age old hand on the forehead method to the next level but it has a natural feel to it so hopefully, it will eventually find its way on to Rite Aid shelves. Read More

  • GazProm Media Completes $15 Million Acquisition RuTube, The YouTube Of Russia

    Russia’s media conglomerate, Gazprom Media, is now the proud owner of video-sharing site RuTube. This deal has been in the works since at least June, 2007 and is believed to be in the $15 million range. RuTube is the YouTube of Russia. Or, rather, it wants to be. According to comScore, YouTube is actually the YouTube of Russia. In September, RuTube attracted 2 million unique visitors… Read More

  • Insidious New SEO Ad Product Will Be Hard For Google To Detect (Updated With Google Response)

    New York-based advertising firm MediaWhiz, never one to worry about gray areas when it comes to advertising, has launched a new product today called InLinks. It’s fairly straightforward – advertisers who want their sites associated with specific keywords simply buy ads. Links to those sites are then added to publishers sites whenever those words pop up in content. These… Read More

  • Sony's Columbia Picture flicks not available on NXE Netflix streaming

    Well what do we have here? Now that NXE is live for everyone, it seems that Columbia Pictures movies are not available for XBox Netflix streaming. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if the movie is going to be watchable on the Xbox streaming until it’s added to the queue which can be a royal pain in the ass. Quite frankly, this is lame and childish that these Sony-owned flicks are… Read More

  • What to do with the New Xbox Experience

    The New Xbox Experience is currently being pushed to all Xbox 360s. To celebrate (?) its launch, Major Nelson, the Xbox division’s chief of propaganda, has put together a snappy list of 10 things you need to “check out.” You know, create an Avatar (I shan’t be doing that), start a party (I shan’t be doing that), install some games to the hard drive (not worth my… Read More

  • Updated: BNP member list mashed with Google maps creates a sea of red dots, but dangerously inaccurate

    BREAKING NOW: Creator of the Map, Ben Charlton, removes it from his site. Here’s his post explaining why: Update I have decided to take down the map. Many people have commented that the map does give a false impression of accuracy, despite my making this clear, and I’m tempted to agree. I do not want to single anybody out and by removing the accuracy from the map it is possible… Read More

  • Call it green: Toshiba's latest 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive cuts power consumption by some measure

    So Toshiba has a 2.5-inch hard drive that might interest you. The SATA hard drive ranges in capacity from 120GB to 500GB, the 500GB model being the jewel in Toshiba’s crown. They’re only 5400 RPM, so don’t expect blazing fast speeds or anything when you slide it into your laptop. There’s one other thing, and that’s that Toshiba claims, through some sort of… Read More

  • Ian Rogers On The Death Of The Music CD Business: "I Don't Care."

    We’ve written a lot about the death of the recorded music business, but in a keynote address to a music industry conference a couple weeks ago Topspin CEO Ian Rogers sketches out a different future. Rogers, the former head of Yahoo Music, correctly points out, as others have before him, that it is not the music industry that is dying. It is the CD business. And as far as the CD… Read More

  • TeachStreet Expands To San Francisco: Find That Perfect Cooking Class. Or Whatever.

    TeachStreet, a Yelp-like service for real world classes (cooking, dog obedience, music lessons, ballroom dance, foreign language, golf, yoga, etc.), just opened its doors in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The site first launched in Seattle, where the company is headquartered, and then expanded to Portland. Their Bay Area expansion adds 65,000 local classes, teachers and schools, and more… Read More

  • Samsung announces T220P SyncMaster LCD monitor

    It’s Samsung Monitor. It’s 22-inches. It has a HDCP DVI input. It has a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It comes out in late November. It will sell for 35,000 yen or $362 USD. Anything else? It’s just a monitor. Read More

  • Wal-Mart to sell $128 Blu-ray player on Black Friday

    In the ultimate test to see whether or not Blu-ray is ready for mainstream adoption, Wal-Mart will be selling a Magnavox player for $128. If it creates stampedes like Wal-Mart’s $29 DVD player from 2003, we’ll know Blu-ray is here to stay. If people casually mosey over to the electronics department, glance at the tag, and head elsewhere, we’ll know that the… Read More

  • LG and PRADA release the PRADA II with matching PRADA Link watch

    Info about the PRADA II mobile phone by LG has been widely available for some time now, but the two companies finally went official ’bout the handset and released a matching watch at the same time. The PRADA Link (really, that’s the best name?) is simply a Bluetooth-enabled device that displays not only the Caller ID, but also full SMS text messages in modern Dick Tracy fashion. Read More

  • YouTube, TroopTube Go To War

    Video infrastructure site Delve Networks launched TroopTube in partnership with the Department of Defense a few days ago as a more secure alternative to YouTube, which the DoD banned in 2007. TroopTube is basically Youtube, but without the embedding feature, and the DoD has moderation and censorship controls. Now Delve Networks CEO says Google is up to no good, trying to convince the DoD… Read More

  • MSI has a nettop, too, and it's called the Neton

    Behold, the MSI Wind Neton. It’s a nettop, a new category of computer that can best be described as an all-in-one desktop version of a netbook. Think mini iMac. This here Neton, which was just shown off in China, comes in three sizes: 22 inches, 18.5 inches and 15.6 inches. (Those are monitor sizes, obviously.) All three models, named the M22, M19 and M16, respectively, use the Intel… Read More

  • ASUS 800 MHz-powered P565 demoed on video

      Asus launched the incredibly powerful P565 just the other day and here are the first videos showing off what’s under the hood. The left is a HTC Touch Diamond with a not-to-shabby 528 MHz CPU but on the right, is the new champion, rock’n the powerhouse 800 MHz processor. To bad Windows Mobile is the OS of choice, eh? One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Personics: The original iPod

    BBG found a great ad from the 80s for a jukebox that offered “1,000s of songs at your fingertips.” You’d pick your songs, enter your name, and a record store clerk would “pour” and hand over your cassette. You would then wear an oversized dress shirt and jeans and then walk with a swagger as you listen to Foreigner on your Walkman. Classic stuff. Read More

  • Parlor Game: Pick Yahoo's Next CEO

    With Yahoo now looking for a new leader, Silicon Valley’s favorite parlor game is picking a new CEO for the embattled company. Plenty of names are being bandied about, from former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller (whose non-compete with Time Warner expires next March) to OpenTable CEO and former eBay superstar exec Jeff Jordan. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is also being thrown out as a… Read More

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