• Now even Serbia has a restaurant booking system – Gostio.com

    Gostio.com is new Serbian startup which allows for online reservation of the restaurant tables. Service is available only for the Serbian capital Belgrade, but in the near future they plan to spread the service to all the major cities in Serbia. Gostio was launched on 3rd of August and is still in beta. It is very basic, but an it will help you to reserve restaurant table without too much hassle. Read More

  • Star Wars meets rice: Japanese company sells lightsaber chopsticks

    If you happen to both be a Star Wars fan and have a penchant for Far Eastern food, this new gadget might be the right thing for you: lightsaber chopsticks. A Japanese company called Kotobukiya (which also has a US website) is selling three different models. The red version is aimed at Darth Vader fans for some reason, the green one is for Yoda fans and the blue model is supposedly the right one… Read More

  • Yellix syncs Facebook contacts and status updates with your mobile

    Today Yellix, a self-funded mobile startup from Vienna hits the crowded mobile app market. Yellix offers an interesting way of connecting your Facebook friends with your mobile device. By installing the free Facebook application onto your cell phone your Facebook friends are being matched with your cell contacts – in real time. There are a number of apps out there that do this, but few… Read More

  • Darkfall: A Norse startup saga transposed to Greece

    Darkfall is a MMORPG game that’s been  in the making for about a decade. It  was started  by  a  5-person strong Norwegian startup, Razorwax, that  was later acquired  by  Aventurine, a little known  Greek company with no other activities outside Darkfall. Aventurine moved the Norwegian team to Greece to continue development, and hired more and attracted legions of beta testers. Read More

  • China begins to crack down on ‘naughty’ text messages

    “Obscene information not only harms the people’s soul but harms the people’s morality as well.” It’s with that rationale that China has begun to crack down on the scourge of inappropriate (read: “dirty”) text messages. Send one, and you can find yourself behind bars for a little while. Read More

  • Video: Hitler Is Not Pleased About Facebook's Acquisition Of FriendFeed

    Seriously, these never get old. An enterprising soul has tonight re-created the pivotal Hitler scene from the movie Downfall, but done so with subtitles explaining why Hilter is so mad that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. This meme seems be done for just about everything on the web these days, but this one is particularly good because it’s full of good insider-y references. And it… Read More

  • Logitech adds RF to the Harmony One, calls it the Harmony 900

    The Harmony One is a solid remote and pretty much everyone digs it. The design is solid, the setup easy enough, and the price about right. However, the remote is missing one key feature in a higher-end remote: RF capabilities. The new Harmony 900 solves this problem. Read More

  • Apple Planning Some Super Secret Social App?

    Again, this is nothing but a very vague rumor for the time being, but it’s also very interesting. Following up on its iTunes 9 rumors, Boy Genius Report claims to have new details from the same trusted source about what iTunes 9, and specifically the social aspects of it, will entail. As expected, the tipster says you’ll be able to broadcast songs you’re listening to out… Read More

  • Delicious Creator Quietly Launches Threaded Twitter Conversations

    Joshua Schachter is best known as the creator of Delicious. But a few years after he sold it to Yahoo in 2005, he left the company and joined Google. Since then, he’s been known to speak his mind about Delicious’ overall direction (which he doesn’t seem to like), and it’s pretty clear that he still has the desire to create. And that’s exactly what he did… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: On Balance Edition

    In case you missed it: Zero Punctuation number 100
    Donkey Kong shelves for holding all that old-school gaming gear
    In a move I’m calling “too little, too late, too proprietary,” major labels are introducing their own file format Read More

  • Roku bringing MLB.TV to their lineup

    Own a Roku? Are you so much of a baseball fan that you’ve signed up for the MLB.TV premium package? Then we have a surprise for you: Roku just announced that they’ve added MLB.TV’s live, out of market baseball games to their available channels. Read More

  • Yellix Pulls Facebook Contacts And Their Status To Your Cell, As They Call

    Today Yellix, a self-funded mobile startup from Vienna hits the crowded mobile app market. Yellix offers an interesting way of connecting your Facebook friends with your mobile device. By installing the free Facebook application onto your cell phone your Facebook friends are matched with your cell contacts – in real time. There are a number of apps out there that do this, but few… Read More

  • In a move I'm calling "too little, too late, too proprietary," major labels are introducing their own file format

    For years you’ve been using the well-supported, ubiquitous file format called MP3. It’s an international standard, it works just fine in every media player, and other universally-accepted formats are in place for the album artwork, lyrics, and what have you. Sounds like you’re ready for a new, unified format that no one has ever heard of and, if introduced five or six years… Read More

  • RXVantage Taps Into Massive Pharma Sales/Marketing Budgets

    New startup RXVantage is releasing a really smart SaaS product into a huge market – drug and medical device marketing. Selling stuff to doctors is really big business – $60+ billion a year in the U.S. alone is spent annually in marketing to physicians by pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 175,000 reps visit offices and hospitals 110 million times per year to pitch… Read More

  • Wireless pacemakers become a reality

    The first ever pacemaker with wireless home monitoring has been installed. This allows doctors to monitor the patients health as needed, instead of having them come in for frequent checkups. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nintendo DS Lite for $89

    Oh man, a DS Lite for only $89? Tits. Now that the DSi is selling like Devin’s hotcakes, the DS Lite was bound to drop in price. Good thing Target agrees. Read More

  • Video: A PS3 Slim Ghost Story

    Maybe this explains why Peter hasn’t been around lately. It seems that blogger are being brutally murdered politely asked to remove confidential information whenever they write about the upcoming… well, let’s just say it isn’t the fat PS3. I haven’t had any mysterious knocks on my door, but these guys weren’t so lucky. Read More

  • In case you missed it: Zero Punctuation number 100

    Yahtzee reviews Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for his 100th review, then goes on to indulge in a little celebration after the credits. I might check this game out, I’ve been looking for a good western shooter for a while now, and although Yahtzee does tear into it a bit, he does relent towards the end. Read More

  • YC-Funded JobSpice Makes Resumes Web Friendly, With A Facebook Co-Founder At The Helm

    When most people are faced with the task of building their resume, they fire up Microsoft Word, trudge through a few generic looking templates, and export their page to HTML. Usually this results in something that’s either boring, weird looking (because of formatting issues), or just plain ugly. JobSpice, a new startup that’s launching tonight, is looking to help users build… Read More

  • ZuneHD prices revealed: $220 for 16GB, $290 for 32GB

    We’ve got a hands-on with the Zune coming up shortly, but we thought you should all know that pricing has indeed been leaked on Microsoft’s sexy new player. At $220 and $290 for 16GB and 32GB respectively, they’re exactly in line with what I expected (I flatter myself shamelessly but it’s true) an a little lower than rumors had it. This anticipates the expected price… Read More

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