• Radeon 4870 with 1GB of DDR5 – is it worth it?

    Every so often, hardware makers strike out in a new direction, improving their product in an almost random manner — double the shader processors! stick two cards together! — and sometimes it actually has good results. The big move happening right now is a vast increase in the amount of RAM available to the video card, even though that’s not really what’s limiting… Read More

  • Come And Get It: Naughty America Is Building An iTunes For Porn

    Naughty America, a porn production company based out of Southern California, is building an Adobe Air-based storefront called Naughty America Direct that is basically an iTunes for porn. The app includes full-length DRM-free scenes for $1.99 each that are available in formats compatible with the iPod and iPhone, and requires no subscription. To grab an invite to the app’s ongoing… Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Lifecam Show webcam

    You’ll like it if you’re looking for a high-quality webcam with decent software, autofocus, and good low-light performance. But not if you’re a Mac user or you can’t justify spending $100 on a webcam for simple stuff like videoconferencing and short, quick videos. Full review (with video) after the jump… Read More

  • RealNetworks is officially confident that RealDVD is legal

    The RealDVD saga continues, quickly becoming one of the more interesting tech stories of the past few months. As we already know, both RealNetworks and the MPAA have been suing each other left, right and center over the past two weeks. Well now Real has issued an official statement, one sure to send shivers up the spines of the MPAA’s lawyers. We are confident that the Court will… Read More

  • Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba all rocking the WiMAX in their lappies

    Oh my! Three of the biggest laptop makers out there all announcing 4G/WiMAX/XOHM service. All on the same day, too. It’s almost as if it was planned. Acer has it in their big ones, Toshiba has it in their little ones, and Lenovo has it in just about their entire line. Boy, with all these laptops sucking up the signal, they might want to put those WiMAX points on higher ground! Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm demo'd on video

    In case you didn’t notice, a new BlackBerry launched today and while we have already covered the device from top to bottom, here is a quick video that shows off the Storm. Read More

  • Are The New Woot Ads Funny Or Just Offensive?

    The advertisement on Google, which pops up on a search for “Goog” (Google’s Nasdaq symbol): “Before you jump out of that window, why not spend your last remaining dollars at Woot?” An alternative version: “Losing your House? Without that mortgage to pay, now you can buy more of our junk!” Offensive, or offensively funny? It probably depends on whether… Read More

  • Sazell Gets A Much Needed Facelift, Overhauls Its Widgets

    Sazell, the startup that launched last July with widgets that let you “snap the web”, has launched a new version of its site that includes a badly needed new logo and UI overhaul – the previous iteration was a bad rip-off of Google’s logo, and looked as if it would have been outdated in 2003. The site is still in private beta, but you can try it out by going here… Read More

  • Panasonic produces 300 millionth TV, says it's a record

    DId you know Panasonic started make TVs 56-years ago? Since that time and under the companies vast corporate umbrella, it has produced more than 300,000,000 TVs. The company claims it’s the first manufacturer to hit that milestone and who are we to disagree. There is certainly a Panny bean counter buried deep within a cubical garden that keeps track of these items. All we know is… Read More

  • Go grab yourself an ex-eBay staffer, they're on sale

    I just got off the phone to an eBay UK spokeman who was a little concerned that my story on Monday implied that three quarters of their UK staff were bing made redundant. I politely pointed out to him that I wrote that three quarters of their UK staff are “on notice for redundancy”, which he didn’t deny. So that’s another circular conversation out the way. At any rate… Read More

  • NeuroSky's EEG-reading "MindSet" at Tokyo Game Show tomorrow

    I have always been skeptical of this so-called mind-reading technology as a game-playing device, although I will admit that it has its applications — if it works, which I’m sure it does at least adequately. I can’t imagine switching weapons with the thing, but can you imagine trying to clear your mind while your spellcaster preps a big heal, or getting psyched up to build… Read More

  • Today's crop of CrunchBoard Ads – Free, just for this week

    It’s FREE ADS ON TECHCRUNCH UK THIS WEEK. Here’s how to get yours in. Here’s the CrunchBoard UK RSS feed and you can subscribe to the email newsletter here. Today’s crop of jobs on The CrunchBoard are…. NEW TODAY: SEO & Marketing Help Wanted for New Start-up Analytical Test Engineer Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator Senior Cold Fusion Developer Mentor… Read More

  • Netflix to add $1 per month surcharge for Blu-ray rentals

    Netflix is going to start charging an extra buck for unlimited Blu-ray rentals. A big deal? Not really, but starting on November 1st, subscribers will notice the extra fee on their statement if they have Blu-ray access turned on under their account settings.  Netflix’s official email statement after the break. Read More

  • Earthcomber Sues TechCrunch Out Of Spite, Pisses Me Off Personally

    We’ve had serious legal threats five times in the past, from YouTube, Marvel, Rivals, Mediascrape and my personal favorite, Richard Figueroa. None of those threats went to court because all of them were absurd, and we don’t back down under any circumstances (unless we’re in the wrong, which we never were). But today, based on the calls I’ve received from CNET and the… Read More

  • Best Buy intros exclusive ‘Blue Label’ laptops

    Best Buy has just rolled out a series of products under the moniker “Blue Line,” which are “developed directly from customer feedback,” according to a company press release. The first in the series are two laptops; one from Toshiba — the E105 (seen above) — and one from HP – the Pavilion dv3510nr (seen below). Read More

  • Erick Schonfeld Discusses MySpace Music On WNYC’s Soundcheck

    Our co-editor Erick Schonfeld had the chance yesterday to discuss the significance of MySpace Music and free, ad-supported music in general on WYNC’s Soundcheck, a program produced daily by New York Public Radio. He was joined by Farhad Manjoo, a columnist for Slate, who took issue in particular with MySpace Music’s user interface. Erick argued that, regardless of its execution… Read More

  • G71 Quad core gaming notebook coming from Asus

    Asus is updating its G71 gaming notebook to now include the powerhouse Intel Quad 2 Extreme CPU and so we’ll keep the “Will it run Crysis?” comments to a minimum for obvious reasons. The notebook still includes the same 17-inch LCD and terabyte storage option, but now includes a NVIDA GeForce 9700M GT 512 MB graphics card and the earth-shattering QX9300 Intel Quad 2… Read More

  • Bell bringing the BlackBerry Storm to Canada, too

    Somewhere north of the Canadian border, a Bell PR flack just woke up, logged in, and smacked their foreheads. “Oh, man. We were supposed to announce the Storm at Midnight, not noon? Gah!” A half day behind everyone else, Bell has announced that they will be bringing the Storm to the land of poutine and Celine Dion. With both Bell and Telus now serving up the Storm in Canada… Read More

  • Rumor: External Blu-ray drive coming to the Xbox 360

    Umm. I don’t know about this one. Xbitlabs is reporting that Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp has been charged with pumping out external Blu-ray drives for the Xbox 360. They will supposedly retail anywhere from $100 to $150. Not citing any sources makes this one a bit hard to believe. There’s also speculation that Microsoft could launch this external drive for the… Read More

  • Kingston joins the 32GB USB flash drive club

    Kingston’s latest USB flash drive bumps the tech company over the next flash memory speed bump. The $139 DT150 DataTraveler is just like every other flash drive out there except a massive 32GB capacity. What else is there to say? It’s a flash drive and can hold a boatload of your crap. Read More

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