• Windows 7 RC updates

    Windows 7 just plain rocks, but the RC is getting some tweaks over the Beta 7000 release. According to the Engineering Windows 7 blog, a good amount of the changes will be done ‘under the hood’ but still, some updates will involve a visible difference. After perusing the list a bit, it seems most of the changes simplify the user experience and clean up the interface a bit more. Read More

  • HP Upline Gets Disconnected, Heads To The Deadpool

    Well, that didn’t last long. HP’s Upline, a backup service that offered unlimited storage for $59/year, is closing its doors. Since launching last April, Upline has faced issues with extended downtimes – a pretty major offense for a backup solution. But it’s likely the ultimate reason for the shutdown is that Upline was never really able to get much traction in a… Read More

  • Move over Tamagotchi: New virtual pet Yuruppy likes being rubbed and needs no care

    Bandai’s everlasting Tamagotchis, which recently got upgraded to color, face some serious competition from another Japanese toy maker. Takara Tomy has developed the Yuruppy, which is as least as cute but requires no care at all. Read More

  • What publishing can learn from Valve

    In an effort to beat this Kindle horse closer to pulp, I present an excellent essay by Ed Champion, a guy who knows publishing. He points out that the publishing industry is stuck in one or two models that just don’t work and things need to change. First, he brings up three interesting examples: Valve offering its hit Left 4 Dead for half-price over President’s Day Weekend and… Read More

  • Bluetooth rotary phone for old school ringing, time-consuming dialing

    Remember when people used to memorize phone numbers? How many of the phone numbers of the contacts in your cell phone do you know by heart? I know my wife’s and both my parents — that’s it. Assuming I’d want to get in the way-back machine and go to a simpler time, this Bluetooth-equipped rotary phone might do the trick quite nicely. Read More

  • Canon prepping a new Rebel, possibly named the 500D?

    Canon likely has a new DSLR in the works and we hear it’s going to dubbed the 500D. Now, don’t get your hopes up just yet cause this is still one of those unfounded Internet rumors but we’ll beat Canon has something special planned next week for PMA whether it’s the 500D or not. Read More

  • IM Wars: AIM for iPhone grows up, gets paid version

    While there may still be a lot of confusion surrounding the future of AOL, that didn’t stop the folks in Northern Virginia from recently overhauling their popular AIM instant messaging app for iPhone (and iPod touch). Available in two tasty flavors, free (“AIM Free”) and paid (“AIM Paid”), AIM 2.0 for iPhone now provides SMS notifications, has location-aware… Read More

  • Microsoft tells TomTom where to go

    TomTom announced today that Microsoft is suing them for patent infringement, however they denied that they had violated any of Microsoft’s patent rights. Microsoft said that it it taking legal action against the GPS maker after the two failed to reach a licencing agreement after more then a year of negotiation. Read More

  • Google blocks unlocked G1s from downloading for-pay applications, upsets developers

    Looks like Google is now preventing anyone with an unlocked G1 from downloading for-pay applications from the Android Market. Google says this is to prevent piracy (but only in the most abstract sense, in my [worthless] opinion), but some developers don’t like the idea. Welcome to the Situation Room, I’m Wolf Blitzer. Read More

  • Dysentery in motion: Oregon Trail for iPhone gets a trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=46035 We got a big fuzzy feeling when we first saw stills of the Oregon Trail port coming to the iPhone, so seeing it in smooth, buttery action is like being hugged by the physical embodiment of pure nostalgia and happiness. It looks like they’ve captured the original spirit of the game pretty well, building up the foundation rather than… Read More

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