• Yet another Comcast FAIL post

    We’ve all had bad experiences with Comcast but hopefully no one’s coax network looks like this one in a Hanover, MD neighborhood. According to the Baltimore Sun, Comcast techs ran cables in such a way that they are simply laying on sidewalks and over a couple of driveways. Then there is the cable junction box cluster *uck shown in the picture above. And it was installed like that… Read More

  • Guffaw

    The best thing is that this is only $19.95. And that one of the guys said his wife would like one. Click through for the video. via FAILBlog Read More

  • Gmail Grew 43 Percent Last Year. AOL Mail And Hotmail Need To Start Worrying.

    Google launched Gmail only four years ago, and it is now the fourth most popular e-mail service on the Web after Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Windows Live Hotmail. In 2008, it saw some serious growth in the U.S. Google doesn’t break out the number of Gmail users, but comScore estimates unique monthly visitors. According to the latest stats, the number of people visiting Gmail grew 43… Read More

  • Sony sues Datel over its Max Power Digital tool: Could be used to hack PSP

    Datel and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe clearly don’t like each other very much. How do we know this? SCEE has taken Datel to court over its as yet unreleased “Lite Blue Tool,” which has been renamed the Max Power Digital. The device would let users hack, in a sense, the PSP. Sony didn’t care for this very much, and is now in lawsuit mode. Read More

  • Voice Box calcitrates buttocks , writes down your identifying information

    The music is a little bit precious but this Electro-Harmonix Voice Box thing is amazing as a music tool. The box follows along to background music and works in harmony or vocoder mode. Read More

  • HubDub Gets A Series A Round For Its News Gaming Platform

    News prediction and gaming site Hubdub, which concentrates on US news, has secured $1.2m in a Series A funding from a cohort of UK VCs and angels. The investment gives Scotland-based HubDub a runway of 18-24 months to build up their content partner base. The site itself claims 250,000 unique visitors trading around 100,000 predictions per month, largely around US news items. However to base… Read More

  • US-bound Nintendo DSi priced and dated?

    According to the latest Internet rumor, American gamers will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo DSi on April 4th for $179. That date is significantly before the summer release that Nintendo had perviously stated but the handheld is selling like Hello Kitty panties in Japan so it only makes sense to launch it here as soon as possible. Read More

  • RunKeeper and the problem of free

    RunKeeper is one of my favorite iPhone applications. It basically creates a little map of your last run and stores it for later uploading. It also keeps track of your pace and distance. It works well and was one of the first really useful work-out apps on the iPhone. The folks at RunKeeper, namely Jason Jacobs, served about 140,000 copies of the program and now wants to change things up a… Read More

  • Now there are third-party Web browsers for iPhone

    Hey, iPhone owners! You can now download third-party Web browsers from iTunes. So, if you’re not too keen on Mobile Safari, well, why not give these browsers a shot? Read More

  • Here comes an Archos netbook

    Not content to watch 5,768 other companies compete for the netbook crown, it appears as though Archos is ready to throw down. Read More

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