• Palm shutting down many airport Palm stores in light of settlement on Treos

    [photopress:i_killed_my_treo.jpg,full,center] In the last three weeks, I’ve been to seven airports. CES, Macworld, and other travels have sent me all over the place. One thing I always check out when I run across them are airport Palm stores. See, I’m a Palm believer. They started the handheld and smartphone revolutions, we owe them a lot. And I think they have a few bright products… Read More

  • Rumor: New MacBook Pros on St. Patrick's Day?

    [photopress:mbp.jpg,full,left]My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. It’s a great day to have a birthday, as I’m not the only one hung over the next day, and nobody has an excuse not to come have fun. It’s also the day that we may see new Multitouch-enabled MacBook Pros, if our source is correct. He/She is saying that the lineup will get an across-the-board… Read More

  • Buffalo mates a keyboard with a Skype phone, nods approvingly

    [photopress:skypekeys.jpg,full,center] Are you a shut-in? Live in your mom’s basement and spend our life on the Internet? Looking for a combo text-and-speech device to interact with others? Buffalo has what you need in this new QWERTY keyboard / Skype phone combo. It’s just what it sounds like: a USB keyboard for your computer with a detachable handset for making Skype calls. Read More

  • Solo acts, listen up: Rock Band controllers going ala carte

    [photopress:douche.jpg,full,left]Rock Band players are all bass players, as near as I can tell: They’re hard to get a hold of, don’t show up on time, and often can’t make it because their girlfriend says so. That’s why it’s time for you to go solo, man. Rock Band is helping you out. Next month, you’ll be able to buy the instruments for the game by themselves. Read More

  • Jailbroken iPhones, iPod Touches not working with forthcoming SDK?

    The guys over at iPhone Atlas have a pretty good point in today’s blog, namely that those of you rushing to Jailbreak your 1.1.3 iPhones and iPod Touches might just be screwing yourselves later, as the Jailbreaking process disables a relevant part of the device’s OS, called Nikita, which apparently helps with future third-party apps. While it’s not yet confirmed if… Read More

  • Deutsche Telekom hits the 70,000 iPhone mark in just eleven weeks

    [photopress:germaniphone.jpg,full,right]It’s been eleven weeks since the iPhone invaded Germany, and in that time Deutsche Telekom has sold 70,000 units. That comes out to almost 40 an hour, if they were selling 24/7, which, given German efficiency, they likely were. Having Hasslehoff as a spokesman probably helped as well. The lion’s share of the iPhones are still American, by… Read More

  • T-Mobile preps another 3G phone, the Samsung SGH-T819; 3G network still only in our dreams

    [photopress:t819.jpg,full,left]When the first 3G-enabled phones from T-Mobile first started hitting the streets, we were sure it was proof that T-Mo was about to (finally) light up its 3G network. So far we’ve been proven wrong, which we hate, it makes us angry. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry. Apparently, T-Mobile keeps releasing 3G phones so that its customers will… Read More

  • WebMynd Could Change the Way You Bookmark Websites

    A new YCombinator startup called WebMynd launched today. It’s a Firefox add-on that records every website you visit and saves a virtual copy on your hard drive. The service doesn’t save just an image of the page or the URL, but the full text site. That means you can also search those virtual pages later when you are looking for something. Users can turn off recording at any time… Read More

  • TheFunded Creating Database of VC Term Sheets

    Venture capitalists already don’t much like TheFunded, a site that launched last March that lets entrepreneurs post stories about how they’ve been treated during the fund raising process. But now they’re really going to be angry – the site is encouraging users to upload term sheets so that people can compare and contrast individual terms from each VC. Venture… Read More

  • Failure: Everyone But Me Gets On Google Plane Back From Davos

    I wrote a week ago that I was negotiating to get on the Google plane back from the Davos conference to the Bay Area. One exec said it was looking good, another said they’d try to get me on. But so far, nothing. The plane leaves in about twelve hours and no official invitatation has come. Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Tim O’Reily, Mitch Kapor, Reid Hoffman and Mark Zuckerberg will… Read More

  • Everex delays CloudBook until end of February

    There’s no joy in Mudville as Everex has delayed its $399 Linux-based ultraportable notebook (specs here) until February. It was supposed to be released yesterday and, sure, February’s less than a week away but Everex is talking about a month from now, meaning the end of February. The delay, according to Everex, is due to the “OS being refined” and workers taking time… Read More

  • The Super-Awesome YouTube Room At Davos

    The World Economic Forum at Davos: 3,000 or so world leaders, celebrities and top CEOs (and a couple of bloggers) gather to discuss the major issues of the day. At one end of the Congress Center is the main meeting hall. At another, private meeting rooms for the super-VIPs. And nestled right in the middle is the YouTube room. Actually it isn’t called the YouTube room because there is… Read More

  • Belt-Tightening In Corporate IT Spending Will be Good For Web 2.0

    The outlook for corporate IT spending is gloomy, with growth expected to slow from 7 percent last year to 4 percent this year. The $500 billion that U.S. corporations spend every year on hardware and software accounts for about half of all capital outlays. While a belt-tightening might not be good for the IBMs, Dells, and Oracles of the world, Web 2.0 companies should do fine—even thrive. Read More

  • News in brief

    • Unltdworld.com, a new platform for social entrepreneurs and their supporters, launches next month. The site says it will be a place where social entrepreneurs can connect with other socially minded people. In addition UnLtdWorld says it is built on an ‘open system’, allowing agencies to build other applications. Hard to say if that means what it says, but we’ll see. … Read More

  • 192.com published the ages of 27m people

    192.com is getting into some interesting the areas. The portal that no-one knows what it’s for any more (Tagline: “Search for People, Businesses & Maps” – so that narrows it down, huh) has put up the approximate age (e.g. “25-29″) for 27 million UK residents. In addition they launched the most detailed aerial maps of London yet put online. They say this… Read More

  • Pay-Per-Play Media: I Was Wrong. TC Competitors Should All Sign Up

    I wrote last night about an advertising service from Pay-Per-Play Media that sees 5 second audio ads automatically playing when visiting websites. Annoying would be the nicer way of describing screeching audio ads for Tacos playing when you visit a website, a sure way to drive visitors away would be another take on it. When writing about a service like this, there is always the very real… Read More

  • From Across the Pond: Yabb, A Seesmic for VOIPmails

    [Update: The first 100 people to sign up here, will get into the beta]. A UK startup called Yabb launched today in closed private beta. It is a VOIP micro-blogging service that lets you publish voicemails on Skype. So instead of blogging you just speak your thoughts and your Skype contacts can subscribe. It is like Seesmic, without the video. TechCrunch UK has the details:
    Users import… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This week Glu has offered to buy British mobile game company Superscape for $36 million. If the deal is accepted, Glu will come close to matching the U.S. leader of cell phone games, Electronic Arts. Superscape has about 5% of the U.S. market and sells games on carriers Verizon Wireless and Alltel. The… Read More

  • ConceptShare Melds With Corel Draw

    We earlier reported that the design collaboration service ConceptShare had landed a distribution deal with another Canadian company, Corel. It turns out the two companies’ integration is a bit tighter than earlier reported. ConceptShare will not only be available through a separate website, but directly from within Corel Draw X4. This is one of the first deals of seen with such close… Read More

  • Unlock your iPhone with some $30 sim card trickery

    Okay, so apparently you can attach this thing to the existing SIM card inside your iPhone and it’ll filter all the info that’s passed back and forth, effectively unlocking your iPhone somehow. According to the rough English on Brando’s website, these are the features; attached to your SIM card to unlock iPhone unlocking iPhone v1.1.2 firwmares So if you’re looking to… Read More

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