• UK's "unhackable" national ID card hacked in 12 minutes

    Remember the national ID cards the UK spent billions on, then forgot to distribute readers for? Well, there’s another bump on that particular road, namely that the security around your private information is about on the level of “cookie jar.” A hacker with a phone and laptop, hired by a UK newspaper, cloned the card within a few minutes, then wrote new content onto it… Read More

  • TwitCause Is Yes, A Causes For Twitter

    Since the early days of the Facebook Platform, Causes has been one of the most popular apps. It’s also big on MySpace, and the company behind it recently announced that they had raised some $10,000,000 for various causes in two years. It makes sense; it’s using the social aspect of these platforms to spread the word on good initiatives. A new venture, TwitCause, from Experience… Read More

  • Panasonic’s micro four-thirds DMC-GF1 spotted in leaked picture (updated)

    Update: It should be mentioned that the facts and figures in this post should be taken more as rumor than confirmed. Sure, the GF1 exists and probably is a lot like what we have here, but some of the specs are definitely not right, though we won’t have the correct information for a little bit longer. Rest assured, we’ll have that info as soon as it is available (maybe just a… Read More

  • Look, GadgetTrak caught an evil iMac thief in Brooklyn!

    Years ago, I read an article in 2600 describing a system that would track down your stolen laptop. Presumably it was all open source software, I can’t remember. GadgetTrak, which is a company that can track down your stolen gadgets, including Mac/PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, and WinMo phone, has a fun success story that’ll kill a few minutes. Read More

  • Realtime Blabfest With Andrew Keen, John Borthwick, and Kevin Marks

    Earlier today I had a debate about the Realtime Web with author Andrew Keen on a Blogtalk Radio podcast hosted by Supernova’s Howard Greenstein. (It is embedded below if you have an extra hour to spare). Andrew thinks that real time streams such as Twitter are overwhelming and not very helpful for normal people yet. He pulled out the old canard that real time media will never… Read More

  • OMG! DIY Drumsticks!

    I can’t eat much ice cream these days. Sure I’ll have a cup of this or that but those weird, multi-colored popsicles I can’t do and most of the tasty treets in my grocer’s freezer are pretty much garbage. But how can I meld my love of tasty treets with good old healthy ice-cream unadulterated with day-glo colorants and propellants? By making my own Drumsticks! What does… Read More

  • Microsoft prepping pressure-sensitive keyboard

    While some might see keyboard redesigns as reinventing the wheel, the examples of innovation in devices thought to have plateaued are too numerous to count. That’s certainly not to say that every weird new mutation of a gadget is going to catch on, but we can’t dismiss development on ostensibly “final” hardware as being useless. The latest example is coming out of… Read More

  • Google Steps Up Its Darfur Genocide Coverage In Google Earth

    As an online entity, Google is constantly evolving and improving its products. Some updates are silly, but some are far more serious and meant for good. Its update today to Google Earth to expand its Darfur coverage, is the latter. Using data from the U.S. State Departments Humanitarian Information Unit and working with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Google now shows more than… Read More

  • If London is the capital of Twitter, where does everyone go when Twitter is down?

    It’s ironic that the day London is declared the Capital of Twitter (or at least the largest critical mass of twitter users in one place) that Twitter goes down. So where did everyone go as an alternative? So used am I to Twitter and Tweetdeck that I suddenly found myself trying to use Facebook like Twitter. Instead of replying to the comments on my Facebooks status update that I was… Read More

  • Online adult entertainment not as recession proof as previously thought

    The adult entertainment industry, once thought to be nearly completely recession-proof, is struggling against many of the same kinds of problems that “traditional” online entertainment faces. Just like many people are “obtaining” mainstream music and movies without purchasing them through “legitimate” channels, so too are people “obtaining”… Read More

  • Nokia E72 gets an in-depth preview

    We always liked the E71 and E71x, despite their being saddled with a less-than-gorgeous S60 OS. Well, the E72 is out there somewhere, being previewed by some very thorough Russians, and it looks like, in my opinion, that they’ve fixed all the wrong problems. Read More

  • Digg Ads To Begin Testing This Week

    Digg has just announced that it’s going to begin rolling out Digg Ads, the site’s innovative and experimental advertising product that invites users to vote on which ads they like best, over the next week. Digg first announced the new advertising product in June, and they were briefly spotted in the wild in July, though Digg claimed at the time that the ads were limited to an… Read More

  • "Party-shot" accessory for new Sony cameras automatically takes pictures of everyone at the party

    Somehow I missed this accessory when I posted the new TX1 and WX1 cameras from Sony last night. How could I… well, let me check. Nope… nope, this was not in the press release I got. Very funny, Sony. I know we give the PS3 a lot of flak but that’s pretty cold of you. So the accessory is the Party-shot IPT-DS1. It’s a little dock that you put your TX1 or WX1 on, which… Read More

  • Me Vs. Cookie Bottom: I Win.

    As many of you have seen, the Internet entity known as “Cookie Bottom” took exception to my ripping apart of his Bing jingle last night. In response, he made a video attacking me, while at the same time proving just how right I was. As I told him, that video was much better than the Bing one, and maybe he should have submitted that. Still, it was war. And I’m happy to… Read More

  • Video: The OpenChord V1 guitar lets you play Guitar Hero, Rock Band with a real guitar

    This is the OpenChord V1 guitar. It’s a guitar, obviously, but one that works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Read More

  • Write a guest post for TechCrunch Europe this Summer

    Throughout the summer we’re running guest posts we like – preferably exclusive to TC Europe – written by people on the tech scene in Europe. Here’s an example. If you’d like to contribute get in touch. One email, pitch us the idea for a post in one paragraph. We won’t be running ‘trade-off’ style material as in ‘I have something I’d… Read More

  • G-Shock: Mister Cartoon x Redman x Todd Jordan

    At last night’s Shock the World party, Casio’s G-Shock line unveiled three of their latest collaborations with Mister Cartoon, Redman and Todd Jordan. Read More

  • TechStars Incubator Hatches 10 New Companies

    Editor’s note: The following report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing and is a business development executive for Microsoft. TechStarsis a startup incubator that selects 10 teams and provides funding of $18,000 per team, as well as free office space, operational support, and mentoring from investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders. TechStars has now… Read More

  • Review: Touchatag RFID System

    You always remember your first time, right? That heady rush, the embarrassment that turns into passion, that sense that this, this moment right now, is what you’re living for. You could stay this way forever or die today – it didn’t matter. I think Bryan Adams said it best when he wrote: I got my first real RFID sensing smartcard reader
    Bought it on the Internet
    Coded… Read More

  • A $1.1 million Sarah Palin autographed Xbox 360

    Got a spare million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Well, we have a deal for you, buddy. You should totally buy this Sarah Palin signed Xbox 360. Read More

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