• Decisions For Heroes Like A BaseCamp For Mountain Rescuers

    There are not many startups that set out to save peoples lives – unless you count the generic use of things like Twitter to get the word out fast about an earthquake or some other life-threatening event. But then again there aren’t that many aiming for the extreme niche of mountain rescue teams. But Decisions For Heroes, which just launched, is aiming to do just that, and it just… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bus Stop Edition

    A bunch of random flash drives
    Google Street View trikes up close
    The bus stop of the future… today Read More

  • Amazon Updates The Kindle App To Be More iPhone-ified

    As a Kindle owner, I love the fact that Amazon released an iPhone app to allow me to continue reading my content even when I don’t have the actual Kindle with me. Of course, the experience of reading on the iPhone’s much smaller and back-lit screen is worse than on the Kindle, but Amazon has made it a bit better with the new update it just rolled out. The new 1.1 version of the… Read More

  • Windows Media Center gets Netflix'd

    Looks like Windows Media Center, that hub for video and audio which I’ve never used, is getting full Netflix streaming support. This is good news for those of you running HTPCs with Vista on them — no need for an extra layer or frontend, just open up WMC, enter your info and you’re on your way. If you’re not a member, hit up some free trial action and you could be… Read More

  • Trailer for new game from the makers of Shadow of the Colossus

    The new game from the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has a trailer. Although I was skeptical for the first minute (what is it?), I was convinced by the end. I’m 100% sure that Team ICO can make this into an extremely compelling game. Check out the HD trailer after the jump. Read More

  • Former MySpace Execs Get Funding For New Venture; Some Details Leak

    Remember when MySpace lost three key execs before the whole chaotic reorganization? They announced their departure in March. And we’ve now confirmed that they are closing a substantial round of funding, even before they’ve picked a final name for the company. The company, whatever it will be called, was founded by Amit Kapur (MySpace COO), Steve Pearman (MySpace SVP Product… Read More

  • The Freemium Model And A Desktop App Get The Thumbs Up With Pandora One

    You’d be hard pressed to find someone who tries the online streaming radio service Pandora that doesn’t like it. In fact, some users like it so much that they actually ask for ways to pay the company, to make sure it stays alive (something that has been a question mark given the oppressive Internet radio licensing costs). And while there has been a limited subscription version for… Read More

  • 8K laser projector: better picture, less retina-burning

    Although the demand for 8K projectors isn’t exactly blowing up, it’s useful for specialty stuff (digital dome projectors, scientific stuff, other applications you don’t think about) and for scrubbing through portions of your 28K footage. Evans & Sutherland was unimpressed with current projection solutions, however, and decided it’d be better to make a totally… Read More

  • Facebook Verified Apps Rolling Out Tomorrow (Update: Are Now Live)

    We knew it was coming, but we weren’t sure when. We’ve gotten word that Facebook’s Verified Apps initiative, long awaited by developers since the program was first announced last year, is finally ready for the masses. Developers are getting notified that their approved applications will soon be highlighted with green check marks next to their names starting today.
    Read More

  • Video card retrospective: take a trip down Video Memory Lane

    If you’ve been a PC gamer for more than a few years, it’s definitely worth your time to take a look at this long history of PC video cards. I jumped into the game around the middle, when the Riva TNT was vying for dominance with the Voodoo2 and Rage 128. If you have a technophobic spouse or work somewhere where people think “PCI express” is a kind of train, you… Read More

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