• Dailymotion Offers Bandwidth-Hogging HD Videos

    High-definition video is creeping into our browsers. Today, Dailymotion began offering a smattering of videos in HD. There is nothing you’d actually want to watch—mostly a bunch of trailers for video games—other than to see what HD looks like on your computer screen. But be warned: you need two megabits-per-second download speeds to watch the streaming HD video without jitters. Read More

  • Inside the Lenovo X300

    Although it’s not “officially” released, folks have been playing with X300s like they were candy. Candy, I tells ya! Here we find a blown up X300 exposing it’s ultralight innards. The dissector reports that the laptop is quiet and very light, which we expected from an “ultralight.” Thinkpad X300 taken apart for your viewing pleasure-pictures [Thinkpads.com] Read More

  • The Ladies of MWC Caption Contest vote-off

    I was a little jet-lagged and failed to pick a winner for our caption contest. To that end, we encourage you, the readers, to pick the best caption and that caption writer will receive an Aliph Jawbone. Voting closes tomorrow, Tuesday, at noon. UPDATE – Looks like BinaryBiker (“seamen” line) takes it. Thanks for playing! {democracy:27} Read More

  • Yahoo Can't Find the Pirate Bay

    A search for “pirate bay” on Yahoo no longer turns up a link to the controversial BitTorrent search engine. It appears that Yahoo has decided to filter the site from its search results. Clear references to the site appear in Yahoo’s drop-down search assistant, but when you click on those, you still don’t get the right result. (Update: At least this is my… Read More

  • Hannah Montana clock radio and iPod dock reviewed

    Attention Miley Cyrus fans who frequent CrunchGear.com (and for some reason, there are quite a few), there’s a review of the hot, hot, hot Hannah Montana clock radio and iPod dock over on the San Jose Mercury News website. The review was done by Mattie Keith, age 13, and I think we can all agree that Mattie gave each and every one of us CrunchGear writers a run for our money. Mattie… Read More

  • American Idol performances will be on iTunes

    [photopress:idolitunes.jpg,full,center] Aren’t American Idol ratings way down this year? That’s what the Drudge headlines read, I think. That might explain why you’ll soon be able to download Idol performances on iTunes. The show’s creators/rpducers/hangers-on have cut a deal with Apple that will put on iTunes audio of the 24 semifinalists on iTunes and video+audio of… Read More

  • UK's £99 'Elonex ONE' to enter student notebook game

    Move over OLPC, here comes another “ONE.” That was terrible, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Coming February 28th to the toughest, meanest industry show in all of the United Kingdom (Education Show 2008), the ONE is setting up to bear its lower-power, open-source fangs for all the world to see. Details include this beautiful stick-figure-computer photo, a £99 price tag… Read More

  • Catch a chat with Skype founder on Tuesday

    Second Chance Tuesday, the UK networking event for entrepreneurs, has landed a big fish in the form of a “fireside chat” this Tuesday between the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones and Niklas Zennström, Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Atomico investments, Joost, Skype and Kazaa among other companies. Plus there is an afternoon workshop prior to the evening event for… Read More

  • Will Microsoft roll up Epic into its game developer katamari?

    There are rumblings to this effect from an assistant editor at GamePro. Microsoft seems to have made a couple billion bucks from the Halo franchise after snapping up Bungie all those years ago, and with the success of Gears of War and the promise of a sequel, it seems like it would be an excellent move. This Travis Moses guy thinks that MS will make a move this summer to the tune of a… Read More

  • Samsung F480 hands-on

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=p480.flv Took us a while to get this footage up but here’s a look at the home screen on the F480, which looks quite cool. As usual, this phone will probably never hit our shores in its present configuration. Read More

  • New OpenMoko handset coming soon

    DigiTimes is reporting that OpenMoko “plans to launch the second version of its Neo open source handset in the March-April period this year,” according to company president Sean Moss-Pultz. Moss-Pultz also said that the company will start producing devices in cahoots with other vendors in order to beef up the OpenMoko platform and its manufacturing base. It’s already… Read More

  • PacketVideo showing off video-to-mobile transfer technology

    There’s no telling if this product will ever ship, but PacketVideo was showing off a little “transmitter” for WiFi-enabled — and, presumably, non-WiFi — phones that allows you to serve content to almost any handset. They showed it at MWC last week and the little puck-sized server was sending video to a stock iPhone. It’s all very pie-in-the-sky, letting… Read More

  • Leapfrog's Crammer PMP+studying device for the kiddos

    [photopress:Crammer_product_shot.jpg,full,center] Johnson, Joel Johnson has an exclusive over at Gadgets, Boing Boing Gadgets on a new Leapfrog portable media player player that doubles as a cramming (studying) device. Named the Crammer, this $60, 1GB player only plays Ogg Vorbis files, presumably to avoid the licensing costs associated with MP3 playback. (Maybe it’ll transcode MP3s… Read More

  • The UADA: Biggest Facebook App Co. or Marketing Scam?

    There is something fishy going on at Adonomics, the site that keeps statistics on the most popular Facebook applications. On its home page it lists the “Top 40 App Companies” as measured by how many times each company’s applications have been installed on Facebook. This is a useful list because it provides a snapshot of which Facebook app developers are doing the best by… Read More

  • OpenAds: How to burn $20m on a clown logo

    So, you have $20.5 million in funding from some of the biggest VCs on the planet. What do you do next? Roll out a great new product? Expand internationally? Hire a new fire-cracker CEO? No, you re-brand… for the sixth time. London-based OpenAds, the commercial open-source online ad server firm has changed its name yet again to OpenX. Apparently this is part of a “plan to move with… Read More

  • Concept: Solar-powered OLED blinds for your room

    Seems like a pretty good idea: these student-designed shutters have solar cells on once side and a nice, bright OLED display on the other. In the day they charge and you can let the light in, but at night you close the blinds and you can use them as picture frames, a light show, or conceivably even your computer’s monitor. Makes good use of an otherwise-unused area of a room, and… Read More

  • Sony NV-U73T, NV-U83T GPS devices up for pre-order

    If you’re looking for something new to put in your car that’ll give you yet another reason to drive slowly and erratically while you get your greasy fingerprints all over it, might I suggest either the Sony NV-U83T at $400 or the Sony NV-U73T at $300? Read More

  • Dead iPod song

    A song about dead iPods featuring iJustine, who is apparently some sort of “elebrity.” Remember the folded card trick, kids. Don’t listen to these fools. Read More

  • Safari HD, get it now for your Apple TV

    Looks like you can now get Safari going on your SSH-enabled Apple TV with nothing more than a couple clicks. I’m not sure I want to be on the web in such a weird way, but it’s nice that it’s available; that’s one more reason to get one these little suckers. So when are they going to bring multitouch to my clicker? Safari HD is now available [Apple TV Hacks] Read More

  • Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

    Not content to corner the market in world-changing Nextel phones, Sprint has got its greasy paws on the Samsung ACE, a rebranded — and improved — Blackjack with EV-DO and a separate SIM card slot for world support. The phone runs Windows Mobile 6 and has a 2.3-inch color screen and QWERTY keyboard. Interestingly enough, during testing in Barcelona we discovered that the ACE… Read More

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