• You know Street Fighter, but do you know… Fighting Street?

    Look back on your gaming history. 90% of you will remember Street Fighter II as one of the primary games of your youth. Great game, yes? Then why did you not play the first one? Everyone asked the question, and I don’t know about you, but I never really got a decent answer. I was perusing Magweasel and I ran across this gem. How come I never heard about this? Fighting Street?! Video inside. Read More

  • The Churchill Club: A Conversation With Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

    I’m here at the Palo Alto Research Center, where the Churchill Club is hosting an interview with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer. Altimeter Group Founder Charlene Li is moderating the discussion. Below, I’ll be liveblogging my notes throughout the interview. Q: What does Facebook mean to you personally? What are your favorite things to do? How much do… Read More

  • Here's some info about Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer

    Not that any of you noticed, but I’ve been AFK for the past few days, so I’ve totally missed out on all the Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony videos and screenshots that have hit my inbox. I’m fixing that right now. Read More

  • tripwolf adds more content from Footprint travel guides

    [Austria] Social travel guide tripwolf.com has announced a deeper long-term partnership with travel book publisher Footprint. Both companies are increasing their existing partnership (so far limited to only a couple of countries) with a full syndication of Footprint’s travel guide books. The deal entails the digitization and import of 60 print travel books, consisting of 150,000 points… Read More

  • Windows 7 Launch Party hosts: Are you planning on actually having the party?

    If you’re a Windows 7 Launch Party host like me, you’ve probably gone through a wave of emotion. First you were probably stoked that you were chosen, you then probably had fun with everyone else over the awful launch party videos and hand-outs, and then last week, you probably got the sweet party kit that contains a special version of Windows 7 Ultimate. But are you now dreading… Read More

  • 250GB PS3 Slim coming on November 3rd for $350

    Remember that 250GB PS3 Slim we saw? November 3rd. $350. That is all. We out! Read More

  • Luxury wine vending machine

    It’s not really a secret: Japan loves vending machines. So it’s not really surprising this newest (and quite unique) model is made in Nippon, too: A vending machine that lets you buy luxury wines through a pre-paid card. The machine is supposed to soften the negative effects the current recession has for wine lovers. Read More

  • The In-App Purchase Shakeup Begins: Boxcar Goes Free!

    Boxcar is easily my favorite Push Notification app on the iPhone. It’s 1.0 version was great, and it’s recently approved 2.0 version is even better. Unfortunately, some users complained because it was $2.99 to buy, but used Apple in-app purchasing system to extend its features, charging $0.99 for additional ones. So developer Jonathan George is trying something new. Following… Read More

  • Microsoft giving away 777 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to residents of Zevenhuizen, Netherlands

    Fellow nerds will know that Final Fantasy VII had a special “mode,” I guess, called “All Lucky 7s” that triggered when your HP was at 7777. I bring this up to segue into this story, that Microsoft is giving away 777 copies of Windows 7 to the lucky residents of Zevenhuizen, in Groningen, in The Netherlands. “Zevenhuizen,” of course, translates to… Read More

  • Observe these delicious ravioli sponges

    If you’re standing up, you better find a place to sit down because I’m about to blow your mind. These are sponges that look like a ravioli. Again, these are sponges. That look. Like ravioli. I KNOW, RIGHT?!!! Read More

  • New e-reader "txtr": Germany's answer to the Kindle

    Deutsche Telekom’s e-book reader probably has gone the way of the Dodo, but the Germans are still getting a home-made Kindle competitor. The device, dubbed txtr, was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair that’s happening in Deutschland right now, and it will become available in that country as soon as December 1 (as pre-order). The txtr is the product of a Berlin-based start-up of… Read More

  • Green: California getting closer to banning power-hungry TVs

    Uh oh, another vaguely political post on CrunchGear. As you already know, the Consumer Electronics Association, the trade group that organizes CES, is fighting tooth and nail against possible regulations that would see California essentially ban the sale of power-hungry HDTVs. This mostly affects plasmas because they consume the most electricity of the different types of TVs out there. Read More

  • In-App Purchase In Free Apps: A Shot Across The Bow of iPhone Piracy?

    Just hours ago, Apple made an announcement that has developers everywhere dancing down their collective, metaphorical street: In-App Purchase is now good to go in free applications. This, of course, comes just months after Apple essentially told a room full of journalists that such ideas were nonsense – that free apps should always remain absolutely free. Still – hindsight is… Read More

  • Unsurprising: TI doesn't approve of calculator hacks

    It wasn’t too long ago that hackers were successful loading custom firmware onto Texas Instruments calculators. This hasn’t been sitting well with TI, who have been sending legal threats to the plucky hackers. I’m not surprised, are you? Read More

  • Amazon makes brick and mortar stores more irrelevant with same day shipping

    Wow. Amazon.com is now offering same day shipping – same day shipping — in seven major cities across the U.S. with more on the way in the near future. If you live in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Las Vegas, or Seattle then you’re already in one of the same day delivery zones. Read More

  • Twitter Expands Lists Beta Testing. A Great New Feature.

    Twitter has rolled out its new Lists feature to a larger portion of its user base right now. The feature allows you to group users you follow together and then lets you share those for others to also follow. Setting up a list is simple. Currently, the homepage features a Lists banner that allows you to start simply by clicking on the “Create a new list” button. Once you do this… Read More

  • DIY: Secure your data using the Konami code

    Ahh the Konami code. Favorite cheat of gamers for years, it lives in legend and will never die. Much like that Rick Astley video. And while it might not be the most secure way to lock your data, it certainly raises your geek cred. Read More

  • Schmidt: “Android Adoption Is About To Explode”

    During Google’s third quarter earnings conference call today, one message came out loud and clear: Google’s mobile strategy is starting to pay off. “Android adoption is about to explode,” declared CEO Eric Schmidt, explaining that all the “necessary conditions” are set for growth: There are now 12 Android phones out there (most recently the Motorola… Read More

  • Schmidt: "Android Adoption Is About To Explode"

    During Google’s third quarter earnings conference call today, one message came out loud and clear: Google’s mobile strategy is starting to pay off. “Android adoption is about to explode,” declared CEO Eric Schmidt, explaining that all the “necessary conditions” are set for growth: There are now 12 Android phones out there (most recently the Motorola… Read More

  • Want Into The Clicker Beta? We Can Do That For You.

    There was more than one attendee at TechCrunch50 last month that thought stealth startup Clicker deserved to win the top prize. The company has created a video search engine that really helps users find the content they’re looking for – full episodes of TV shows online – quickly. All the mess associated with most video searches on other sites is removed. Our full writeup… Read More

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