• A $1.1 million Sarah Palin autographed Xbox 360

    Got a spare million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Well, we have a deal for you, buddy. You should totally buy this Sarah Palin signed Xbox 360. Read More

  • Netbook + mouse = Newton Mogo Mouse for netbooks

    Is this not the most impressive thing you have ever seen? It’s the Newton Mogo Mouse, a mouse for netbooks. Very fancy. Read More

  • AdultSpace now plays friendly with smartphones [NSFW]

    We’ll go ahead and make it clear, for the sake of those who missed the headline: This post is not something you want to peruse in your cubicle. We’ll try to keep the post itself pretty clean, but clicking through just about any of the links within will lead you to pages packed with boobies, wing-wongs, and hoo-has. And yes, I did just use those words on TechCrunch. Back in March… Read More

  • Goodyear and NASA develop the next-gen lunar rover tire (it's springy)

    Eventually man will go back to the Moon and will need a way to travel in style. Goodyear and NASA has just unveiled the tire that will help with that. The Apollo astronauts used basic lunar rovers to explore a small part of the Moon’s surface, but the current NASA plan is to sightsee a whole lot more. Because of the added distance, the original wire-type tire used in the 70’s will… Read More

  • Let's all hit a cinema at once to see District 9

    The latest Star Trek movie seemed like a great opportunity to get everyone in the London tech scene out for a geek-out session at a cinema. But despite talking to cinemas about private screenings I drew a blank. But there’s clearly a crowd-sourcing option here which is this: TechCrunch readers all buying tickets at the same cinema for the same day and screening time. District 9 looks… Read More

  • This Day in History: The Day Bill and Steve Did Big Hugs

    On August 6, 1997 Bill Gates appeared, like the Wizard of Oz, at a Steve Jobs keynote. The occasion? Gates had just made a $150 million investment in Apple in order to pull the company out of the mess it had fallen into during the 1990s. What did Microsoft get? MS Office on Mac for five years and Internet Explorer as default. Apple also agreed to ignore all those pesky desktop patent lawsuits. Read More

  • Buy something or get out: Some New York cafes ban no-good laptop users

    Pretty interesting article in the WSJ this morning dealing with the scourge of Wi-Fi-hogging laptop users in coffee shops, also known as cafés. It’s a trend story, and the trend is that, hurt by the recession, several New York area cafés are now banning the use of laptops. It seems laptop-wielding customers would frequently hog all the space, preventing “real” customers… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry Curve 8520 (T-Mobile)

    John already gave you his “quick look” on the 8520, but a second look never hurt. Take into account the fact that my main phone is the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and you can see why I’m anxious to give you my thoughts on the latest Curve to hit the streets. It’s a budget BlackBerry that skimps on aesthetics, but manages to offer a lot of “must have” features… Read More

  • The Secret Code Of Apple's App Rejection Process Laid Bare (humor)

    Our commenters have proven themselves to be a brilliant bunch once again today. Perhaps you saw our best comment ever a few weeks ago. That’s followed-up today by a commenter, tenthings, who has deciphered the code Apple uses to reject apps. Funny, we’ve been led to believe all this time that human beings actually look at the apps and make the call — even though it often… Read More

  • DDOS Attacks Crush Twitter, Hobble Facebook

    A DDOS attack this morning took Twitter out at the knees and they were down for hours. Rival Facebook faced a similar attack (likely related), but for the most part managed to remain online. Some users couldn’t access the site or post content, but the site remained online for most users. Facebook’s statement: Read More

  • Schiller responds to Ninjawords debacle

    You and I can rail like a beplagued Job against the unfairness of the Apple store but do we ever get emails from Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president? John Gruber does. Gruber got an email from Schiller last night after the SVP talked through the Ninjawords debacle with the Application Approval team. As you recall Ninjawords is a dictionary app that seemed to include some saucy language… Read More

  • More electric vehicles: Japan wants mass adoption of "green" cars

    If there is one country that really believes in the future of electric (battery-powered) vehicles (cars, bikes and even trains), then it’s Japan. And now the country decided it’s time to remove a major barrier to mass adoption: The lack of a large-scale infrastructure with highly standardized norms. Read More

  • Robot Chicken mocks Castlevania, I laugh out loud

    “A whip? I hope you brought something more powerful than that.” “Oh. Oh. You hit the tip!” Read More

  • It’s On: Bing Jingle Guy Proves He Sucks Less

    Some people have the thinnest skins. Jonathan Mann, known on YouTube as “The Rock Cookie Bottom,” won a $500 contest that Microsoft was holding to encourage people to create a jingle for the new Bing search engine. Naturally MG Siegler made fun of the jingle (it is, in fact, terrible). Angered, Cookie Bottom fires back today with a new song mocking MG: So, those that know me, know… Read More

  • Apple's Phil Schiller Speaks On Censored iPhone Dictionaries, But Ignores The Bigger Issues

    A lone messenger has emerged from the impenetrable fortress that is Apple’s App Store, and his name is Phil Schiller. Earlier this week, John Gruber of Daring Fireball wrote a lengthy column detailing the plight of Ninjawords (iTunes Link), a sleek iPhone dictionary that uses Wiktionary as its data source. Gruber wrote that the application had been rejected for including numerous… Read More

  • As Apple Starts Talking About App Rejections, Another Popular One Is Pulled

    The timing, really couldn’t be more perfect. Just as no less than Apple VP Phil Schiller has started making comments on the record about App Store rejections, Apple yanks another very popular one from its store. Sex Offender, an app to locate sexual predators in your area, had been consistently in the top 10 paid apps for weeks. And now it’s gone — not just off of the list… Read More

  • Review: Lenovo IdeaPad S12 netbook with VIA Nano CPU

    Quick Version: The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 represents one of the first netbooks to feature VIA’s Nano platform as a configuration option. You’ll gain some extra horsepower over Intel’s Atom setup while saving about $70 off the total system price, making the Nano a good option for those of you who want to watch 720p video. All that power comes at a price, though: decreased… Read More

  • Snapily offers customized notebooks with LASER COVERS

    I know what you’re thinking, old man: “These kids today with their space rockets and their Yoo Hoo and their customizable notebooks! When I was their age I had a Trapper Keeper with cars on it (the Transformers ones were always sold out) and I didn’t have a service that allowed me, for the relatively outrageous sum of $15.99 for a 100 sheet 8×11-inch notebook and $10 for… Read More

  • Leaked Images Of The Facebook Android App Surface

    When Android made its handset debut on the T-Mobile G1 back in October of 2008, a nasty bout of drama between Facebook and Google kept the former from developing on the nascent platform. 9 months later, Facebook took a look at the ever growing number of Android handsets and decided to move past the politics. Work on the Facebook Android app began, with at least one Google engineer lending… Read More

  • Tony Hawk: Ride to launch in three territories this year, everyone else will have to wait

    Waiting for Activision to drop launch details on Tony Hawk: Ride? I hope you live in the US, UK or Germany because if you don’t then you’re going to have to wait until 2010 to get your feet-on this game. Sucks to be outside those three countries if you’re waiting on Ride. Still no word on a firm launch date. via Kotaku Read More

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