• Google Friend Connect Finds A Friend In Netlog

    Google Friend Connect is now integrated with one of Europe’s fastest growing social networks, Netlog. Netlog, which has more than 45 million users worldwide, just implemented Google’s alternative to Facebook Connect, which allows users to sign in using any ID supported by Google Friend Connect (including Gmail, Yahoo, and OpenID) and share their activities with their existing… Read More

  • DSLR Remote: An iPhone app that takes DSLR pictures remotely

    It’s not out yet but there’s a new app that lets you take photos from your EOS Canon camera using your iPhone. You still have to connect the camera to your laptop via USB but the system transmits Live View video to the iPhone and then lets you take the snap at the decisive moment. Read More

  • MSI Wind U123 now available, features six- or nine-cell battery

    Hey, if you guys are thinking of starting your own netbook line — and why not, everyone else is doing it — take note that MSI has released the Wind U123 with a six-cell battery as the standard battery, while still keeping the machine under three pounds. Upgrading to a nine-cell battery only costs $30, too, and pushes the weight to a still-manageable 3.2 pounds. Read More

  • Video: This is how long it takes to download Linux using Optimum Online Ultra

    Day Three of Optimum Online Ultra. We discussed it at some length during yesterday’s podcast, which, need I remind you, ended in an explosion. You never know what’s gonna happen here at CrunchGear! Anyway, today I present a cruddy video showing how long it takes to download a Linux ISO—Ubuntu, from this mirror—because it seems like the cool thing to do. Read More

  • Video: Bob Lutz defends the Volt’s pride on Letterman

    Quick background story: The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, and David Letterman bashed the Chevy Volt on a previous show. Letterman thought the Volt’s maximum range was 40 miles; it’s not. So GM’s resident bulldog and VP of Product Development, Bob Lutz, went on the show yesterday to set Dave straight. He also revealed that GM’s target price is now $40, 000 minus the $7,500… Read More

  • What We Know About The Apple Tablet So Far

    More evidence of the Apple Tablet surfaced today. We first wrote about the device at the end of last year when OEMs in China started hearing about the device. Details are still thin, although probably not because of a lack of leaks. Rather, Apple may still be locking down important specs like screen size. We’d heard 7 – 9 inch screen size late last year, but today’s… Read More

  • Adapter brings old-school Nintendo controllers to Wii Virtual Console

    Of all the Wii accessories to spend $20 on, this one might provide the most value. The Komodo 3-in-1 Retro Adapter will, quite simply, allow you to connect the tried-and-true N64, SNES, and NES controllers to the Wii. Read More

  • Behold a steampunk guitar amp

    If you’re going to practice guitar for several hours a day, you might as well have a really cool looking amp to use. The attention to detail in the instructions is pretty impressive. This would look great with the steampunk Stratocaster. Read More

  • Palm Pre will be blind: no Visual Voicemail upon launch

    Well, Twitter has become the pinnacle of gossip, grapevine chatter, and frankly, just good ol’ breaking news.  Yesterday, Palm made a very subjective statement through the company’s Twitter account in response to the question about Visual Voicemail: “Palm Synergy presents integrated messaging in lots of useful ways, but not that particular way”. From the statement, it… Read More

  • New legislation should allow access to vehicle diagnostic codes

    Remember the days when you could almost stand in the empty space within an engine compartment? Those were the days that all you needed was a good set of wrenches and a service manual to fix almost anything. But even today’s pickup trucks require random computers to diagnose and fix a lot of issues, which is taking a toll on local auto shops that aren’t “official”… Read More

  • Google Revises And Revs Chrome's JavaScript Engine

    Occasionally, I boot up Windows on my Mac just to run Google Chrome. Given how often I used Google’s services like Gmail and Google Reader, it’s almost worth it because they run so fast on Chrome’s JavaScript engine, which it calls “V8.” And today, Google has apparently slammed on the gas and made V8 even faster. JavaScript-heavy webpages (such as Gmail), will now… Read More

  • Queen of England gets free gold-plated Wii

    The Queen of England just received a free gold-plated Wii and a copy of THQ’s BIG Family Games, while the country’s peasantry must wallow about in obscurity, playing games that they pay for themselves on a white plastic Wii that they also have to pay for themselves. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Magellan 3140 GPS unit for $50

    Can’t find your way out of a paper bag? Poke a hole in said bag with your finger and then tear it open and step out. Simps, done. Can’t find your way around town? You can get a refurbished Magellan GPS unit for $50, which is a good price since the entire GPS infrastructure is apparently about to crumble in the next year or so. You don’t want to sink too much money into a… Read More

  • What's In The Gmail Magic Inbox?

    One almost surefire way to find if a new feature is on the verge of launching is to dig through code. That’s exactly what led to finding a reference to something called “Magic Inbox,” in Gmail. But what is it? Well, it could just be another one of those nifty, but small new features that Google loves to roll out in Gmail Labs at breakneck speed. But there’s a chance… Read More

  • Palm Pre now on BestBuy.com – for $849 (?!?)

    Whhaaa? This must be some sort of pre-release nonsense ’cause we already know that Best Buy will sell the Palm Pre for $199 without a rebate and the off-contract price will be $549. Still, why wouldn’t the correct price be set on the Palm Pre product page from the getgo? More as we get it. [Thanks for the tip, Nate] Read More

  • Foot pump offers quick phone charge

    UK cellular company Orange has just announced a foot-powered air pump capable of recharging a cell phone. The “Orange Power Pump” will be shown off at the Glastonbury Festival in late June. Read More

  • Acer enters the Windows Home Server market, HP should notice

    HP had the Windows Home Server market all to itself until recently. First it was CyberPower, now Acer has entered the market with a small footprint WHS. The Acer Aspire easyStore AH340-UA230N might be the best deal out of all of them though. Read More

  • OpenTable Has A Healthy IPO. Shares Shoot Up 40 59 Percent, Market Cap Passes $600 Million.

    Is the IPO drought over? Not quite. But OpenTable’s successful IPO today will give tech startups and VCs a sign of hope that you can still go public eventually if you have a real business. On a day when the Nasdaq is down 2 percent, OpenTable is up 40 45 percent from its offering price of $20 (which itself kept moving up from $12 to $14 initially). The stock opened at $24, and… Read More

  • Video: GP2X game emulation on T-Mobile G1

    Please join me as we gaze in amazement at the T-Mobile G1 running the GP2X gaming platform consisting of MAME, SNES, and Genesis emulators, to name a few. The “GP2X G1/Android Emulator” is currently in pre-alpha, so don’t expect it to show up in the Android Market just yet. Still looks pretty good even at these early stages, though. [Android GP2x World via Engadget] Read More

  • Apple job posting suggest new processors and video processing for iPhone

    A job posting on Apple’s website is looking for folks who can program for NEON on the ARMv7 processor, an instruction set for graphics applications. The successful candidate will have excellent understanding and knowledge of processor architecture, specifically ARM and its vector unit NEON. Additional Intel SSE or PowerPC AltiVec is also very helpful. Being able to use processor… Read More

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