• Video: The E3 DJ Hero trailer

    You’ve played other faux music games. You’ve seen the DJ controller. Now it’s time to see the E3 trailer of DJ Hero which proves one is the loneliest number. Read More

  • Sharp to aggressively expand cell phone business outside Japan

    The majority of those awesome Japanese cell phones I keep blogging about unfortunately never leaves this country (at least in legal ways). But this may soon change, as Japan gets older (which results in a rapidly shrinking customer base) and is severely hit by the recession. Especially Sharp seems to now be bullish about bringing some of their cell phones to America and other areas. Read More

  • Seniors call for cellphone bill crackdown

    Sure, your grandparents never seemed like the most tech-savvy people on the block, but a recent release by The Seniors Coalition aim to change that. According to them, not only do old folks know their stuff, they want to change things for the better. Read More

  • Mochi Media Network Attracts Nearly 100 Million Online Gamers A Month (comScore)

    Mochi Media, a well-financed San Francisco startup that operates a decentralized network of Flash-based online games and gaming websites and offers developers a way to distribute, monetize and get statistical information about their games, sure has done a good job growing its network to a significant size since it debuted its public beta product back in October 2007. Sometime next week… Read More

  • New kind of shape-memory plastic that's moldable at room temperature

    NEC has developed a shape-memory plastic that can be formed at room temperature . The plastic can be heated and cooled, remaining pliant for for several minutes during which it can be processed. The usual problem with shape-memory plastics is differences in temperature. Shape-memory plastics that needs to be hardened at high temperatures may burn users, while those that need be kept at low… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Keep Your Eye on the Sammich Edition

    49-port USB hub is just plain practical
    Weekend Project: Build an electric guitar from an IKEA cutting board
    Of Course: ToastIt Toaster Bags Read More

  • So Much For Twitter's Trending Topics To Indicate Breaking News

    Twitter‘s near real-time search capabilities and the ability for them and third parties to mine the collective data from user messages for indicators of what’s buzzing online is the intrinsic core value of the company now that it has grown to the size it is at the moment. We already know Twitter can be quite the source for breaking news, but critics have in the past correctly… Read More

  • Digg Nabs Federated Media's Chief Revenue Officer, Chas Edwards

    High profile advertising network Federated Media’s Chief Revenue Officer Chas Edwards has resigned, we’ve confirmed, and will shortly be taking a job at Digg with the same title. Thomas Shin, who Digg stole from Yahoo earlier this year, will report to Edwards. Mike Maser, currently Digg’s Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer, will change his title to Chief Strategy Officer. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Alias2 for Verizon Wireless

    It seems like all the attention these days is focused on smartphones. The reality is, not everyone who needs and uses a cellphone wants a pocket-computer and/or to pay for the hefty data services required to take advantage of said smarties. With that in mind, it’s nice to see that Samsung is still working on improving its more standard fair / “dumb” phones, if you will. Read More

  • New HTC Hero Android Build Leaks, We go hands on

    As anyone who has spent some time with any recent HTC-made Windows Mobile phone ought to know, HTC has a serious knack for taking mobile OSes and customizing them – and there’s no better OS for that than Android. After cranking out the Dream and the Magic with only limited modifications, all signs indicate that HTC is going all out with the tweaks on the upcoming HTC Hero. Over… Read More

  • Spymaster: The Twitter Game That Will Assassinate Your Time

    Over the past few days, perhaps you’ve seen a few tweets pop up in your stream from people you follow that end with the “spymaster” hashtag. If not, it’s likely you will soon. Spymaster is a new social game based around Twitter in which you do spy-like things such as buy things on the black market, assassinations and put money in Swiss bank accounts. For doing all of… Read More

  • iPhone app lets you shoot remotely with your Canon DSLR – Nikon support coming

    Now here’s an app many creative professionals might find useful. The DSLR Remote iPhone app lets you trigger your camera’s shutter, adjust almost any of its settings, and view photos it’s taken. The catch, unfortunately, is that the camera needs to be wired to a computer for this to work. Even so, I can think of plenty of situations where this could come in handy, though… Read More

  • 49-port USB hub is just plain practical

    What’s a modern computer user to do? You’ve got your thumb drives, your backup drives, your joystick, your drink warmer, your drink cooler, your USB humping dog, your USB blow-up doll, and a hundred other things littering your desk. And even the best motherboards only come with 10 or 15 USB ports. If only there were some way to plug in all of these things at once, in some sort… Read More

  • What Just Happened? Thursday Was Supposed To Be Bing Day.

    Everyone knew today was the day that Microsoft was going to launch their new search engine. Everyone’s been talking about it for months, and the press and marketing efforts were carefully tailored to maximize the impact. Thursday, May 28, 2009 was supposed to be Microsoft Bing Day. A little after 8 am this morning Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself took the stage at the exclusive All… Read More

  • The Bing Definition Microsoft Probably Doesn't Want You To Get In Your Fortune Cookie

    Chinese, as a character-based language is obviously tricky to translate into English. But following today’s launch of Microsoft’s new oddly-named search engine, Bing, the world wants to know what it means. We have an answer. While you might associate “bing” with the Chinese flatbread, or a number of other things that Wired broke down. We were sent perhaps the… Read More

  • Google Wave: The Full Video From Google IO

    Here’s the full video of the Google Wave demo from this morning at Google’s IO conference in San Francisco. Our full review of Google Wave is here. Exclusive interview with the founders is here, and our video and notes from the press conference is here. Read More

  • Gorgeous brass lamp dimmer, only $500

    File this one under “If I were a rich man.” Too subtle to be steampunk, too steampunk to be retro, and too retro to be modern, this simple little knob is absolutely beautiful. And what does it do? Well, it’s a dimmer for “nearly all incandescent lamp configurations (up to 300W max) and many halogen systems as well.” Smooth rheostat lighting for any lamp, very… Read More

  • Video: Plastic Logic Prototype E-Reader

    Plastic Logic is showing off a prototype of its thin-film electronic reader at the D7 conference. The main difference between what Plastic Logic is trying to build and the Kindle is that its screen technology is much thinner, lighter and can be incorporated into more flexible form- factors. I shot the video showing what it can do. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Zune HD gets the video treatment

    It’s pretty crazy over there at All Things Digital, and in the hubbub it looks like the Zune HD has had its picture tooken and video shotten. This little video tour shows off the smoothness and speed of the UI, which looks like it has adapted extremely well to the touchscreen. I have my doubts about the screen resolution (480×272 is… well, passable), but the fact that… Read More

  • Video: Damien Walters flails about in Ninja-like wonderment

    Yow. When I first saw the above video I was like, “Who the hell’s been following me around on the weekends and filming me?” Then I was like, “Oh, that’s not me. It’s a guy named Damien Walters. Also, I tend to sit quite still most weekends.” At any rate, this is Parkour meets Ninjitsu, meets advanced gymnastics (the kind used in fights between Ninjas… Read More

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