• SevenSnap Is Bringing Controversial "Entertainment Shopping" To An iPhone Near You

    Over the last few months we’ve seen the rise of a new and highly controversial kind of website that focuses on “Entertainment Shopping” — online stores that offer customers goods with very steep discounts, but with some risk involved in the shopping process. Some have likened these to gambling or scams, while others consider them auctions. In any case, it’s… Read More

  • VMware Launches New Virtualization Products

    Virtualization giant VMware is launched two new products at its annual conference tomorrow, VMworld. The first is a suite of VMware’s existing virtualization solutions, called the VMware vCenter Product Family. The suite is built on top of VMware’s vSphere 4 to help enterprises create and maintain dynamic and flexible IT infrastructures. VMware says that they have received an… Read More

  • Canon 7D surfaces along with new macro lens

    A leaked poster told us most of the pertinent information about Canon’s upcoming 7D, and this adds weight to that info. There are a few new specs; apparently the AF system is a new layout, and it’s a dual Digic IV processor setup, which probably accounts for its ability to shoot at 8FPS. There’s also a new flash and an… aerodynamic body design? What? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: DropCopy for the iPhone is free

    Looking for any easy way to transfer photos or files from one iPhone to another or an iPod Touch or Mac? Well, friend, we have a deal for you! DropCopy 2009 is currently free from the App Store. The file transfer app was $5 until this morning. It has its fair share of flaws but it’s free. More pics inside if you’re curious. Read More

  • Contest Extended: Resident Evil zombie tee

    Don’t forget to enter the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicle zombie tee contest brought to you by Capcom. If your beer belly and man boobs are hindering you from entering the contest then just send in a photo of yourself making a zombie face to contest at crunchgear dot com with the subject line “Me Want Brain” and don’t forget to tell us what size shirt… Read More

  • A Look Behind The Curtain At Facebook's Optimization Efforts

    Facebook is big. Really big. So it comes as little surprise that every tweak made to the site (like the subtle change to the header a few days ago) can have a pretty substantial impact on the way people use the social network. Earlier this week Facebook’s Engineering team posted a note written by intern Zizhuang Yang, who has spent the summer researching how changes in things like… Read More

  • Oh, come on: Snow Leopard doesn't have ZFS

    How many of y’all got around to installing Snow Leopard yesterday? I meant to, but then I bought a new hard drive for my old iMac (hey, any discreet graphics card is better than this old MacBook’s Intel bologna), so I’ll be upgrading everything next week. As if any of you care, I know, but trust me: there’s a point. If you did install Snow Leopard, you’ll no… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 19-inch 720p LCD TV for $149 at Target

    Looking for an inexpensive TV for your den or rumpus room? Target’s selling a 19-inch 720p LCD TV for $149 this week — that’s just over $50 off the regular price. Read More

  • Cute bokeh filter for cute bokeh

    Awww, how sweet. You know that fuzzy effect that everyone loves where you have a figure in focus in the foreground and the background is all blurry? That’s called bokeh. Well, this lets you turn lights in the background into odd shapes using what is essentially a lens cap with a shape cut out of it (Hint: you can probably do this yourself). Read More

  • TechCrunch Japan's Tokyo Camp: 12 Startups Demo Their Wares

    Following last week’s startup contest WISH 2009, Japan just got another event that gave twelve selected tech companies the chance to demo their web services, apps and tools (almost all of which are thankfully available in English). This Friday, around 130 guests attended Tokyo Camp [JP], a demo event organized by TechCrunch Japan. The occasion: The blog, which is one of Japan’s… Read More

  • Is the Tyranny of the Mac Fan Boy Waning?

    Here at TechCrunch there’s a daily argument in the office, on Yammer and even on the blog about the supremacy of the iPhone versus the Google-Voice-goodness of Android phones. I chalked it up to the usual get-off-my-lawn-style ranting of Michael Arrington, and assumed the average techie was still like MG Siegler— a total Mac-head who will love the iPhone no matter how bad the… Read More

  • Will the real Rummble please stand up?

    We’ve been covering Rummble, a mobile-oriented social network “about finding and sharing stuff you’ll like” for several years now. CEO Andrew Scott is enthusiastic, smart and persistent. I’d be hard pressed to think of a more ‘full on’ entrepreneur to be honest. And I know he may punch me for asking this (Andrew, please don’t, I’m way out… Read More

  • Free the H-1Bs, Free the Economy

    This is a guest post by Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur turned academic. He is a Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School and Executive in Residence at Duke University. I have a suggestion for our President on how to boost economic growth without spending a penny: Free the H-1B’s. More than a million doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera

    Pocket video cameras might eventually be killed off by the iPod horde, but that doesn’t mean that the current crop aren’t worth your time. The Kodak Zi6 HD is a nice little camera and Woot has a nice deal one ’em today. Read More

  • The long lost formula for start-up success. No, really

    This is a guest post by Nigel Eccles, co-founder and CEO of Hubdub Ltd, the company behind Hubdub, the news prediction game, and Fanduel, the daily draft fantasy sports game. Over his last three start-ups he admits he has made every mistake outlined below. Throughout the summer TechCrunch Europe is running guest posts written by people on the tech scene in Europe. If you’d like to… Read More

  • Why Don't Teens Tweet? We Asked Over 10,000 of Them.

    Over the last few months everyone has weighed in on the question of “Why Don’t Teens Tweet” — except, it would appear, teens. We recently ran a survey of 10,000+ US teens aged 13 – 17 to see if we could add anything new to the question. As it turns out, the question itself is flawed. To date, reasons given for the alleged aversion of teens to Twitter have ranged… Read More

  • Songbeat Gets A Second Life As Excellent Music App With Uncertain Future

    I liked Songbeat the minute I started using it. First released as a desktop app for Seeqpod back in January 2008, the upgraded version that was introduced nearly 12 months after that not only made searching for music extremely simple but also offered an excellent way to download tracks to your computer. And like Seeqpod, it was also an easy way to obtain copyrighted material from the many… Read More

  • Google Voice Warms Up For iPhone, Cuts Off Calls After 15 Minutes

    Google Voice users have been complaining the last couple of days that calls using the service are unceremoniously terminated after 15 minutes. The service is still in beta, but as we’ve written before, users expect perfection when it comes to voice calls. Problems like this make it hard for people to trust the service. From one user: “almost every call I make now dropping at… Read More

  • The Lost Formula For Start-up Success. No, Really

    This is a guest post by Nigel Eccles, co-founder and CEO of Hubdub Ltd, the company behind Hubdub, the news prediction game, and Fanduel, the daily draft fantasy sports game. Over his last three start-ups he admits he has made every mistake outlined below. Throughout the summer TechCrunch Europe is running guest posts written by people on the tech scene in Europe. If you’d like to… Read More

  • IM+ 3.4 to support Speech Recognition for Twitter and IM (for a price)

    Unlike some people around these parts, I loves me some Twitter (psst, follow me.) Thing is, just about every time I get a chance to tweet, I can’t. Maybe my hands are covered in grease as I’m stuffing my face with a delicious burger; maybe I just don’t want to come home from a long day of blogging and have to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters with my iPhone’s… Read More

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