• Google Voice Alternative Line2 Is Now Live On The App Store

    The Apple/Google Voice fiasco just got more interesting. Toktumi, a startup that lets small businesses build office-caliber phone systems with their mobile phones and computers, just had its application Line2 approved by Apple — nearly three months after it was originally submitted. The powerful service allows business employees to assign two phone numbers to their iPhone: one that… Read More

  • Beta Test: AVC LiveLine IP Camera

    Advanced Video Communications may have a winner on its hands with the internet-connected LiveLine video camera. Simple setup, a low $10-per-month access fee, and a fairly straightforward user experience make the LiveLine worth a closer look. Early beta testers got a free camera, which AVC claims to be a $299 value. And while the company has sold out of all its initial freebies, it’s… Read More

  • Event Ticketing Startup Amiando Shows Impressive Early Growth

    Event ticketing and management site amiando is reporting some impressive growth in revenues. In a company update the private German startup is circulating, it is reporting 200 percent annual revenue growth in the second quarter, and 65 percent growth over the first quarter of 2009. The report doesn’t give absolute numbers, but I’ve learned that it is in the range of a few… Read More

  • Star Trek to return to IMAX theaters this Friday!!!

    Did you see Star Trek. You had to see Star Trek. It was tits. But if you missed it the first time around or you need something to do for your anniversary, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek will be re-released in 85 IMAX theaters this Friday. Read More

  • Mint is Worth A Mint: $140 Million Valuation

    More information is coming in about that $14 million third round of financing that personal finance service Mint closed last month. That financing, we’ve heard from two sources close to the company, valued Mint at a whopping $140 million post-money valuation. That’s not bad for a company that launched just two years ago – Mint won the top prize at TechCrunch50 2007. In a… Read More

  • The Lum-Tec C3

    CG favorite Lum Tec just came out with the C series of heavy lume watches. The C3, shown here, has a PVD case, tinted crystal, black dial with GX lume, and sells for $395. The best part? LUM-TEC is using a restored vintage automatic movement in these, essentially recycling old movements for placement into a new case. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that and it… Read More

  • Creative heats up the race for second with the the ZEN X-Fi2

    Creative is back with another PMP. The ZEN X-Fi2 is rocking everything we like to see in a player too: 3-inch touchscreen, built-in mic, TV-out, FM radio, RSS reader, and a microSD card slot for further storage above the 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB SSD options. Plus, at $130, $180, and $230, they aren’t priced too bad either. We just wish that Android was loaded onto this player like in the… Read More

  • Rumor: You might be able to turn off SurePress on the BlackBerry Storm 2

    RIM made an interesting decision in introducing the SurePress screen (which allows them to kinda-sorta-simulate the feeling of pressing an actual button, rather than a touchscreen) on the original BlackBerry Storm. The idea of a touchscreen BlackBerry alone would have been enough to fuel the flamewars – throw in some crazy clicky mechanism, and it’s sure to see some… Read More

  • Why is The Beatles on iTunes such a big deal?

    If we assume that next week’s Apple event will have something to do with The Beatles—and we have to assume that, otherwise this post has no value (not to say that it does, mind you)—then I have to ask: what’s the big deal? Obviously, being the first (and only?) online music store that has The Beatles will be something of a coup, for at least the first day. You can… Read More

  • Snow Leopard's much bigger virtual keyboard makes it a great touchscreen operating system, right?

    How awesome is Snow Leopard? Like, so awesome, right? Hold onto your hats, friends, because it just got awesomer[not a word, I know]: check out that virtual keyboard! Read More

  • Hands on with the Sony Vaio X

    [PSGallery=av31g2qcp7] Now this is a Vaio I can get behind. Considerably more usable than the P series this tiny little laptop is clad in carbon fiber and looks amazingly cute and functional. The units they were showing were running Windows 7 and Atom chips. Read More

  • Popjam suffering while we share jokes on Twitter — not Popjam

    Back in February we were excited to see a sort of “Humorous Twitter” appear in the form of Popjam. Except it wasn’t – it was more a microblogging-meets-Digg-meets-CollegeHumour. But as we said at the time, getting Twitter integration fast would really help. Aiming at College Humour and eBaumsworld or Icanhascheezburger with something Twitter-like seemed like a… Read More

  • Producteev Now Lets You Crowdsource Your Tasks On Twitter

    There are plenty of Web-based task management tools that let you track the progress of your work projects and collaborate with co-workers. Producteev founder Ilan Abehassera wants to go one better and help you “complete your task” by making it easy to ask your contacts and followers on Twitter for assistance. Producteev shows you a dashboard of different tasks you’ve set… Read More

  • Picture frame does motion-activated snow flurries

    This here is a photo frame that contains a proximity sensor. When you walk past the frame, it’ll activate a flurry of swirling snowflakes. So whichever 4×6 photo is housed inside the frame will take on the appearance of a wintery wonderland. All for just $25. Read More

  • Clearwire's WiMAX continues to spread its wings, enters 10 new markets

    Yesterday, Clearwire announced the expansion of its CLEAR 4G WiMAX Internet Service to 10 new markets, bringing the total number of markets served up to 14 with coverage for over 10 million users. This is good news for all the WiMAX fanboys and girls out there, and especially for those who reside in the Lone Star state. The newly serviced areas include: Boise, Idaho; Bellingham, Wash.; and… Read More

  • Yelp Is Growing 80 Percent A Year, While Citysearch Remains Flat

    Say what you will about the quality of the reviews on Yelp or the lengths it will go to get verboten features into its iPhone app, it has made the jump from Web 2.0 darling to a mainstream service. Over the past year, Yelp has nearly doubled its U.S. audience, while incumbent CitySearch has remained flat. In July, Yelp had 8.6 million unique U.S. visitors, up 80 percent from a year ago. … Read More

  • Android Now Plays Foursquare Too

    Foursquare has been all the rage in the early adopter mobile space the past several months. And it has been peeking outside of the early adopter crowd with things such as local bars offering promotions for Foursquare usage. But it has still been held back a bit by the fact that it has only had an iPhone app and a somewhat clunky mobile web interface. And Foursquare understood that, so it… Read More

  • MindMeister releases iPhone App for those eureka mind-mapping moments

    MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that allows you to  create, share and collaborate on mind maps. The MindMeister iPhone app that’s today available in the App Store was originally developed by Ultravague for the Mindmaker iPhone app and was then acquired by MindMeister in January of this year for an undisclosed sum. Read More

  • Live from the Sony IFA press conference

    Sir Howard Stringer is in the house for Sony’s IFA press conference. Please refresh this post to read new comments. 11:06 Talking about how Sony is changing. 11:08 The 3d train is on the track. Focus on cinema 3d. 4k digital projectors. Up to 1300 3d projectors in Regal Cinemas. Read More

  • Don't worry, Blizzard is trying to defeat the Door Boss once and for all. At least we think it's trying.

    The Door Boss is a new phenomenon in World of Warcraft. You face him when you try to enter an Instance, only to find the error message, “Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.” It’s quite annoying when all you want to do is run through, say, BFD once before you go to bed. Read More

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