• Flat keyboard for medical environments features faux-3D keys

    I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for one of these flat, easily washable keyboards to be clearly aimed at the medical establishment, not just in marketing but in design. The Medigenic Infection-control keyboard (catchy) is totally flat, and only appears to have a three-dimensional surface. This means it’s super easy to wipe down after some patient yaks all over it, or… Read More

  • Snapple reinvents itself, now made from better stuff?

    Snapple has claimed for years that it is made from “the best stuff on earth”. Pretty tough act to follow. I mean, “best stuff” doesn’t exactly leave much room for improvement. Where do you from there? “Mo’ better stuff?” “Stuff so good we need a new descriptor”? Well luckily, I’m not doing the marketing for Snapple, because… Read More

  • Google Profiles Take An Important Social Step With Vanity URLs

    The problem with Google’s movement towards becoming more of a social entity is that it lacks one cohesive place to tie everything together. YouTube has social elements, Picasa has social elements, even Google Maps has social elements, but Google lacks this singular area — like a Facebook profile page — where all of this information can reside and be easily seen. But actually… Read More

  • SoundCloud Raises €2.5 Million For Professional Music Collaboration Hub

    SoundCloud, an audio sharing site geared towards music professionals, has closed a €2.5 million (around $3.3 million) funding round led by Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. As part of the deal, Stefan Tirtey of Doughty Hanson will join the company’s board of directors. We last covered SoundCloud in October, when the site launched in a private beta. Since then it has opened to… Read More

  • Twitter Fight! Larry King To Kutcher: CNN Will Bury You

    “Do you know how big we are? Do you know what CNN is?!” Them fightin’ words — from longtime CNN host Larry King to Ashton Kutcher. King sent out the YouTube video (below) responding to the challenge Kutcher laid out yesterday to beat CNN to become the first Twitter user with a million followers. So far, it’s not working all that well for Kutcher. He is gaining… Read More

  • March ComScore Search Numbers Offer A Sign Of Hope For Google

    ComScore released its search market share numbers tonight for March, 2009 and the first quarter. After a dip in February, the number of searches done in the U.S. on Google and the other top search engines recovered in March. ComScore estimates there were 9.125 billion searches done on Google last month, up 11 percent from February. That growth outpaced the growth at the other search… Read More

  • An Embarrassed Warner Music Regrets MySpace Music Deal

    One thing is for certain – the six month old MySpace Music project is throwing off a lot of cash to the labels. That’s because MySpace’s 75 million or so U.S. users are streaming literally billions of songs a month. And they have to pay for every song streamed. Labels are known to give streaming rates for on demand music of around half a cent per song play, but they are… Read More

  • Shocker: AT&T Wants To Keep Sitting On Its Golden Egg (The iPhone)

    When Apple was looking for a mobile partner for the iPhone, it originally went to Verizon. When Verizon turned down the device due to some of Apple’s demands, Apple turned to AT&T, which worked out an exclusive deal with Apple to provide service for the device. Smart move. Over 17 million iPhones have been sold since the device debuted less than two year ago — the majority of… Read More

  • The Realtime Genie

    The realtime lashback has been surprisingly tame given the emotional challenges it presents. FriendFeed’s decision to double down on realtime streaming of text has had several primary effects: increased usage, swarming behavior around live events, and pushback from some who fled Twitter to FriendFeed in search of more contemplative dialogue. What happens when a realtime conversation… Read More

  • Review: Nexto DI eXtreme portable media storage

    Portable media storage? What does that even mean, you ask? Don’t worry, all will be revealed. It’s not really that extreme, but it is pretty handy. The Nexto DI eXtreme is a good way to back up all your media on the go without really even thinking about it. Read More

  • Why Amazon Didn't Just Have a Glitch

    This a Guest Post by Mary Hodder, founder of Dabble.com, a social video search site and blogger for Napsterization. Hodder is a veteran Silicon Valley technologist and was most recently VP of Products at Apisiphere, a geolocation mobile company building an enterprise platform for mobile developers. This post is in response to the Amazon’s removal of sales rankings on a number of gay… Read More

  • Test Drive: Honda Stride Management Assist, Bodyweight Support Assist [Update]

    As I mentioned earlier, Honda is in town to demo their two walking assist devices for the first time in the US. I was given the opportunity to test both models out in midtown Manhattan this afternoon. The applications for both models are pretty obvious and Honda has been testing the Bodyweight Support Assist at their Saitama factory since November of last year. Update: The entire… Read More

  • Steel Cake chrono line, back in stock

    If you tried to order a Steel Cake chrono lately, you might have noticed a slight problem, they’ve been out of stock. The good news is that we got an email from them today, and they have them back in stock again. Read More

  • Everything old is new again: Wireless headphones

    You kids with your fancy Bluetooth headsets and your fancy satellite radio and your portable music players magically transmitting stuff to other devices without any wires. You think you’re all so special. Well I got news for you, bub: wireless headphones were available on a Sony Walkman — you know, the kind that used cassette tapes — in 1988! Stick that in your pipe and smoke… Read More

  • Medialets beats Apple to a billion when it comes to the iPhone

    Mobile analytics and advertising company Medialets is announcing a big milestone tomorrow with regards to the number one billion and the iPhone. Okay, not that billion milestone — but it’s pretty impressive none the less. Medialets has now processed over a billion events on the iPhone and iPod touch by way of its analytics product, Medialytics. What this means is that the… Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 is out

    If you’re a developer dabbling away with the latest builds (or one of those clever dastardly gents who managed to get access to the beta firmware through other means), you’ve got an update waiting for you. Apple has just pushed iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 out the door. The changes seem minor, but here’s whats been noticed so far: Obligatory performance improvements MMS now works… Read More

  • Cheap Zalman surround-sound headset looks like it would make you top-heavy

    Not all of us have room for surround sound setups in our tiny studio apartments, which we’re thinking about moving out of because they’re going to raise the rent again. And some of us just don’t want the tangle of wires to deal with. Enter the growing market of surround-sound headsets, of which it appears the first bargain bin sets are hitting the streets. Zalman is a… Read More

  • London. 21 April. 2009. Are you a real Geek 'n Rolla?

    So far this year I’ve has run roundtable meetup events for startups in Barcelona, Paris, Prague and coming up we’ll be in Stockholm in 27 May, Berlin on 10 June and throwing a huge summer party in London on 9 July (come meet The Travelling Geeks). But next week I will be putting together a day-long conference in London as a personal project which I think is needed for the eco-system. Read More

  • New Microsoft Sidewinder mouse looks sluglike, comfortable

    Microsoft mice are coming out like machine gun bullets! Well, not really, but we reviewed the chunky X5 back in September, the sweet and wireless but cloth-mouse-pad-intolerant X8 last month, and in between them we had the X6 keyboard. The newest gear from Microsoft’s new lineup is the X3, a smaller and less expensive version of their other Sidewinder mice. Read More

  • Live Stream That Intense World Of Warcraft Session With Mogulus Procaster

    Live streaming is hardly new on the web. And a lot of startups are focused on it. One of them, Mogulus, now hopes to simplify the process, while upping the quality and adding new options. Mogulus’ is launching a new desktop application tonight called Procaster. On the front end, it’s a simple app that offer one-button streaming of video out to the web. But behind its simple… Read More

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