• 70,000% Increase In Beta Testing For Upcoming Microsoft Exchange Release

    A little over three years ago, Ray Ozzie wrote his famous memo re-focusing Microsoft from software to services. We started seeing results of that memo last October, when Microsoft announced Windows Azure. The SaaS emphasis is also hitting mainstream products like Microsoft Exchange. This morning Steve Gillmor and I talked with Rajesh Jha, the VP of Development overseeing Microsoft Exchange… Read More

  • No More Free Jott For You

    In August voice-to-text service Jott moved out of beta and added a premium feature for $4/month. Since then, the company says, about 30% of Jott’s active users have opted for the premium, no-ads version of the service. People use it to send voice-to-text emails and sms messages, send Twitter messages, add calendar items, etc. Voice messages are transcribed into text via software with… Read More

  • Cafe.com Offloads Boonty Distribution Platform To Nexway

    New York-based Cafe.com has sold its global games distribution platform Boonty to French content distribution provider Nexway for an undisclosed sum in an all-cash deal. As CEO Roman Nouzareth explains on the blog post announcing the sale, Boonty was the initial company when it was founded in 2001, and aimed to use the large Web portals to sell online games directly, while social gaming… Read More

  • Social Networking: Will Facebook Overtake MySpace In The U.S. In 2009?

    Year end Comscore numbers for the U.S. audience are out. The first thing we checked? How the major social networks are doing. Facebook, which became the largest worldwide social network in mid 2008, is still playing catch up to MySpace in the U.S. They have 54.5 million monthly unique visitors, says Comscore, compared to nearly 76 million for MySpace. But Facebook’s growth rate in the U.S. Read More

  • The Case Of The Missing Burrito

    This morning the iPhone App Store was graced with what amounted to the Holy Grail for some burrito lovers: Chipotle on the iPhone. Using the new application, users were able to customize their orders to spec, checking off their favorite beans, meats, and toppings, all to be sent instantly to a nearby restaurant for pickup. The story has been covered by dozens of blogs, and is currently on… Read More

  • Uh oh – AMD's new processors are no match for last year's Intels

    While it has been a sort of unspoken truth that AMD has ceded the performance cup to Intel over the last couple years, they’ve instead provided an extremely compelling value option, with their processors doing nearly the work of the more expensive Intels for far less money. The new Phenom II processor was to be the keystone in AMD’s new Dragon platform, and while the other features… Read More

  • iFrogz contest winner

    Thanks for your opinions in the comments at the contest. It looks like the biggest winners of CES, according to you guys, are the Palm Pre, the LG Watchphone, and the Asus Keeeboard, or whatever you guys felt like calling it. But there can be only one, and his name was Bobert. This was determined by Random.org, you guys weren’t being graded or anything. I’m going to start a new… Read More

  • Novint Falcon controller coming to consoles, maybe

    Jealous of your PC gaming friends who have the rather awesome Falcon controller? Well, the CEO of Novint hears your cries. And market share. You’ll just have to wait until probably the end of 2009 before it’s actually available. Read More

  • HAVA: Remotely watch TV together and record to iTunes

    We’ve covered the HAVA set-top box from Monsoon Multimedia before. Their SlingBox-like device does… uh… what a SlingBox does. It lets you remotely watch your home TV channels from anywhere with an internet connection. Now, they’ve got some more tricks up their sleeve. Read More

  • Video: BFG Tech's on-case LCD screen

    Dang, I knew there was something I’d forgotten. Actually there were about a billion things I’d like to have gotten to or played with more at CES, but this is one of the big ones. After I saw the setup in high res (it was leaked early), I wanted to make a point of dropping by on the show floor. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to, but PC Perspective dropped by and got… Read More

  • Revealed: How The Times Got Confused About Google and The Tea Kettle

    Update: See below for an explanation as to how this happened. Yesterday an article in The Sunday Times (UK) set the web abuzz over new findings that every Google search contributed 7 grams of CO2 to the atmosphere – half the amount produced when heating a tea kettle (heaven forbid!). I criticized the article for being overly alarmist, with a lack of perspective and possible bias. … Read More

  • Australia Offers Best Blogging/Snorkeling Job In The World

    It’s an attention-seeking gimmick, but it’s a good one. Australia’s Tourism Queensland is looking for a caretaker to live on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. Job duties include fish feeding, snorkeling and blogging about your experience. Pay? AU$150,000 for six months (about $100,000). Plus “return airfares from your nearest capital city (in your home… Read More

  • Exactly what would a Presidential mobile look like?

    Apropos of the ongoing ruckus about President-elect Obama’s BlackBerry — the so-called “BarackBerry” — an interesting question is coming to the fore: why is the President, or even a prominent Senator for that matter, using a civilian mobile phone? With matters of national security, policy, and locations of our most powerful citizens being beamed through the air… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8900 availability dates leaked?

    He said, she said. Will the 8900 launch on the 11th, 18th or end of February? Can we got our mitts on it sometime this month? The Berry Reporter seems to know. Read More

  • Why is finding a Jasper Xbox 360 such a pain in the neck?

    What’s the easiest way to ensure that the Xbox 360 you’re buying is one of those Jasper ones, one with a 65nm CPU that runs cooler and shouldn’t be as susceptible to the red ring of death? On the little cutout on the back of the Xbox 360, you need to maneuver the system so that you can see the power rating. Spot a “12,1A” and the Jasper is yours. But, why… Read More

  • Help us, help you: Suggestions for improving Western Digital's WD TV HD Media Player

    Like many of our readers, we’re big fans of Western Digital’s WD TV HD Media Player ’round these parts. The thing is, the WD TV is still far from perfect, even after you install the recent 1.01.01 firmware update (and subsequent 1.01.02 release). Read More

  • JVC announces new line up of products in car audio

    The theme of this years CES seems to have been connectivity. Between Netflix being in everything, and the Palm Pre, it seems like the major focus is connecting your gadgets together, and doing it well. Along that vein, JVC has announced several new products with integrated connectivity options. Read More

  • PogoPlug NAS Adapter takes it to the next level

    I enjoyed using the Addonics USB NAS adapter: it was easy to use, and did a few simple things quite well. Now PogoPlug is entering the NAS fray, and takes things to the next level of simplicity. More details inside. Read More

  • The Photo Marketplace That Never Launched: Flickr Stock

    In late 2007 Flickr was strongly considering creating a marketplace where users could buy and sell photographs hosted on the service. It was to be called Flickr Stock. Then-employee Sarah Cooper worked on the project and describes (Update: it has now been removed) it as “The concept of Flickr Stock was to create an online marketplace where existing Flickr users could offer photos for sale… Read More

  • Real multi-touch (and limitations) demo'd on the G1

    We saw a Pink Floyd-themed G1 multi-touch video a little while back, but it wasn’t very illuminating. This one is much more in-depth, and the (Canadian?) narrator reminds me of myself, so it was relaxing as well. Plus, his page explains in minute detail what’s going on and what we can expect from the device. Read More

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