• Video gallery: Japan gets five new gourmet robots

    We already covered the sushi and pancake making robots showcased at a machinery and technology in Tokyo last week. But there were more robots poised to make our future lives better, namely a kebab robot, a drink-serving robot (my favorite) and a tissue distribution robot that makes sure you can wipe your mouth after eating and drinking. Read More

  • SugarSync Makes File Syncing More Social

    Sharpcast’s SugarSync, an application that synchronizes data across desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and even televisions, is rolling out a a few features designed to make the service more interactive and social. The idea behind SugarSync is that it allows you to back-up any kind of digital file, including videos, spreadsheets, photos and documents, in the cloud and access it… Read More

  • Adgregate Markets Snaps Up Widget Maker Gydget

    Transactional advertising network provider Adgregate Markets, a finalist at the most recent TechCrunch50 conference, has announced that it has recently acquired Gydget, a venture-backed startup in the widget business. Gydget, which powers a platform for fan-driven, viral widgets primarily centered around entertainment and consumer brands, will be folded into Adgregate’s ShopAds, a… Read More

  • Garmin announces new Foretrex wrist GPS units

    Garmin announced a new wrist wearable GPS today, which I think looks remarkably like military tech seeping into the civilian sector. Considering that GPS technology itself was originally military, this doesn’t come as a great shock. And while there have been other wrist wearable GPS options available, the Foretrex line seems to be hitting that sweet spot of functionality and features. Read More

  • Socialcast Offers New Freemium Version Of Its FriendFeed For The Enterprise

    True Ventures backed Socialcast is launching adopting the freemium model for its FriendFeed-like collaboration and social network SaaS for businesses. A finalist for the 2009 Crunchies Award for “Best Bootstrapped Startup,” Socialcast is a communication tool businesses can use to incorporate social networking with real-time messaging to share knowledge across… Read More

  • New Funding For A New World: eRepublik Raises €2 Million

    Madrid, Spain-based eRepublik, makers of what the startup refers to as a ‘massive online social strategy game’ (MOSS), has just raised €2 million – approx. $2.8 million – in Series A funding from AGF Private Equity. The company had previously raised up to €750,000 in seed funding from the VC firm and a host of angel investors, bringing the total invested to… Read More

  • OpenAmplify Opens Up To The Semantic Web Community

    The semantic web platform, OpenAmplify, is today launching its new community area to encourage more collaboration in developing semantic tools for the web. And alongside the launch, it has a new promotion to hopefully improve Gmail. The community area is exactly what you’d think it would be: An area for people with like-minded thoughts about the semantic web to gather and hash out ideas. Read More

  • Yeah, What Is A Browser Anyway?

    My esteemed colleague MG Siegler just posted about an admittedly quite in-your-face campaign from Microsoft down under, criticizing Redmond for a ‘pathetic’ attempt at trying to make people switch from using whatever browser other than IE they’re using at the moment in exchange for a chance to win $10,000. I don’t necessarily disagree – it’s fair to say… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bug Attack Edition

    Captain America returns!
    Flint, MI will hopefully soon get its own biogas facility
    Remote-controlled flying cockroach is fun for some, nightmare for others Read More

  • If Only The Hungry Used IE8, They Could Get $10,000 Rather Than $0.14 From Microsoft

    I love the range of Microsoft’s campaigns to get people to use Internet Explorer 8. They spread from offering to feed the homeless if you download it, to offering you the chance at $10,000 dollars. It’s quite impressive, really. I think we all know my feelings about Microsoft using charity in a misleading way to drive IE8 downloads, but this latest promotion is just kind of pathetic. Read More

  • Phase 4 Of Facebook's Systematic Attack On Twitter: The Everyone Button

    If you were to distill Facebook down to its core magic, you’d have Twitter’s real time news stream with a really expensive-to-maintain photo site bolted on. And while Twitter isn’t exactly posing much of a current threat, Facebook isn’t taking any chances. Just as Friendster and MySpace tried to buy Facebook in the early days (and nearly did), Facebook is now trying to… Read More

  • Apple UK shows off MMS functionality, forgets to edit out the error alerts

    Apple is really, really excited about iPhone OS 3.0’s ability to send and receive MMS messages. So excited, in fact, that they didn’t even notice the glaring red error icons lingering in their promotional screenshots. See, when you’re sending a text or picture message on iPhone OS 3.0 and something goes awry, a little red icon pops up next to the failed message. Its… Read More

  • Turn your iPhone into an art gallery, for cheap

    Up until now, if you wanted to have artwork as a background on your iPhone, it was necessary to buy clipart, which was generally pretty amateur and expensive. It was convenient to get them via the iTunes store, of course, but not very economical. Mobile art site “Start Mobile” is changing all this. Read More

  • TweetDeck's iPhone app marks new shift to platform service

    Tweetdeck has released a new version, with the big statement of becoming “a new browser for the real-time Web,” according to founder Iain Dodsworth. He’s also launching TweetDeck for the iPhone (just as soon as Apple approves it in the app store, apparently soon). You can flick through columns a little like changing screens in Safari on the iPhone. This will sync with… Read More

  • Your iPhone 3G S Is Here. But You Can't Get It Until Friday.

    Following up on our earlier story, it looks like Apple is holding back delivery of the iPhone 3G S units that we pre-ordered over the web, until Friday. This, despite the fact that they’re already in the United States, and many had been scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Earlier, several reports came in of disappearing delivery dates from online shipping trackers. That missing date has… Read More

  • Apparently Apple users hate our freedom

    There’s an interesting poll going on over at 9to5mac right now. “Should Apple let 3rd party devices like the Palm Pre sync with your music collection via iTunes?” A good question, but, I think, a misleading one. Should Apple let? If we rephrase the question in a more positive way, we get “Should Apple actively block other hardware from syncing with iTunes?” As of… Read More

  • Fear Not, U.S. iPhone Fans, The 3.0 Update IS Coming Today

    Well, that was a close call. I’ll admit, I was tricked too at first by a link going around on Twitter right now stating that the iPhone 3.0 software’s launch was pushed to tomorrow. It’s an Apple site that lists the launch date for the update as June 18, tomorrow. The only problem is that the site is Apple’s Singapore website, where the update was always scheduled to… Read More

  • ZuneHD rocks the Teg-ra, rocks the Teg-ra

    I thought we already knew this, since it was included in all those other details that were confirmed shortly after, but everybody else seems surprised so we should probably at least act like we didn’t know (we’re very polite here at CG). Yes, the ZuneHD does officially use Nvidia’s Tegra chipset — its hardware decoder and low power draw made it a natural choice. I… Read More

  • MySpace Isn't Done Yet: Big International Layoffs Come Next

    MySpace announced 30% layoffs today and showed more than 400 employees the door. Near the end of the day the company stopped doing terminations individually, say employees, and called 10 or more of them to a conference room at a time for a quick firing. One good thing – every employee got at least 60 days pay. It wasn’t generosity, though. The WARN Act in California requires 60… Read More

  • Is Twitter The CNN Of The New Media Generation?

    This past weekend the Twitterverse spoke-out in exasperation and opposition against traditional media networks (CNN specifically) and the absence of instantaneous coverage of the Iranian election and the resulting fallout. “We the people” wanted real-time information regarding the violent protests that erupted on the streets of Iran and the stories probing potential foul play in… Read More

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