• Ustream May Be First To Broadcast Video From Unhacked iPhone

    Ustream is anticipating Apple’s approval of the first non-jailbroken iPhone application that will let users record and broadcast live video from the device. Last month MobileCrunch obtained a picture of the application running on a test phone. Yesterday, co-founder John Ham demo’d the product for me here at TechCrunch – see the video below. The application lets users… Read More

  • You know, for beekeepers

    In an attempt to expand our readership, today we are running a story for the beekeepers out there. Yes, you can now depend on us to provide you information on cutting edge tech for all kinds of different people. Today, it’s beekeepers. Read More

  • Why the DTV switchover might be pushed back to June

    Us American nerds have known for literally years that analog TV signals were eventually going to be shut off. Congress set the date of February 17, 2009 a few years ago and in true government fashion, that date *might* be pushed to June 12 with the digital coupon program to blame. You see, funding ran out for the $40 coupons weeks ago but procrastinating consumers are just now applying causing… Read More

  • Obama to KEEP his Blackberry

    The tech world has been on fire with speculation about if President-elect Obama will be able to keep his beloved Blackberry. According to ABC World News, he will be able to keep it only for personal use. Anything government related will have to be handled on a NSA-approved phone. The smartphone option, the Sectera Edge, is a NSA approved brickphone. (pics after the jump). Anyway, good for Barack. Read More

  • Circuit City liquidation shopping tips

    Circuit City may be bringing in liquidators to help clear our the remaining merchandise, but watch out for the first couple rounds of deals. You may find the prices, while bedazzled with huge sale signs, are not that great. Shoppers found this out during the first wave of store closings back in November. Eventually, most items should go cheap but beware the perceived sale. So here are couple… Read More

  • You'll be waiting a while for consumer-grade Core i7

    It looks like the planned “Lynnfield” mainstream versions of the Nehalem architecture chips won’t be arriving until August or possibly September. That’s bad! But Core2 Duo and Quad chips are expected to receive a price cut very soon. That’s good! If you’re in the market for a processor, wait a couple weeks and save yourself a few bucks. But what could be… Read More

  • Get Spoonfed local events rated by the crowd

    So it’s Friday afternoon and you’re looking forward to chilling out, broadening your horizons with new cultural experiences – or just plain beery fun. But where do you go to find trusted information about what’s on near you? If you’re in London, there’s a startup in London’s startup neighbourhood of Old Street that hopes your answer is Spoonfed. The… Read More

  • Retro NES video: Micro Machines!

    Screw Attack has highlighted one of my favorite games on the NES in this Video Game Vault. Micro Machines was an awesome top-down racer where you zoomed around various tiny arenas (I like the kitchen table) with a number of different machines. Totally awesome, totally unlicensed, and the NTSC/PAL switch on the back is just icing on the cake. Click on through for the video. Read More

  • Awesome "FamicomBox" arcade NES spotted on Yahoo auctions

    The things people will actually put up for sale! I think I remember hearing about this thing a long time ago, but I’ve never seen one before. Essentially a all-in-one system with 15 actual cartridges built right in, the FamicomBox was used in hotel rooms and arcades. It’s got a bunch of the classic games for the system, although I can’t read all of their titles. It’s… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Sqworl (One Link To Rule Them All)

    This week’s Elevator Pitch comes from Sqworl. I picked it because it looks like it was filmed in this guy’s college dorm room, yet he manages to get across what his site does succinctly: condense a collection of URLs into one URL. Points off, however, for not mentioning the business model (advertising, obviously). Sqworl lets you put together a collection of links and share… Read More

  • You're going to be waiting a *long* time for Final Fantasy XIII, America

    Hope you weren’t looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XIII any time soon, Americans, for Square Enix said late last night (time zone permitting) that the game won’t be released here till at least next April. It’s like the good old days when we had to wait two years of a localization to come out, if it ever did. Read More

  • Netbooks ate 20% of regular notebook sales last year

    BBG has an interesting bit about how netbooks nicked 20% off of standard laptop revenue even though there was a 1% increase in revenue. Why? Because foolish laptop manufacturers have been gunning for that sub-$999 price point for years now and now that they finally hit it they can’t bring it back up to sane levels thanks to sub-$500 netbooks. Read More

  • Computer systems aboard British Royal Navy warships get a virus

    A few weeks ago, we read about how the British Royal Navy would be installing Windows XP on some of its submarines. Oh boy, did we all share some laughs! “Control-Alt-Drown,” said one commenter; “Beware the blue cruise missile of death!” said another. We ROFL’d and LOL’d all the live-long day. Read More

  • Gentleman will enjoy Newman ManMan A1 OK?

    Sure it’s as big as an iPod Fat Nano and sure it’s pink, but this iPod knock-off is all male. After all, it’s called the ManMan A1 and that means it’s the best and it’s for men, right? The most interesting thing seems to be a Palm Pre-esque gesture bar under the screen that lets you scroll through tracks in a cover flow kind of way. Read More

  • Light Lane: The instant bicycle lane that would protect you from reckless drivers (if it were real)

    WHO LIKES BICYCLES?! (Whoops, sorry, caps lock.) This little design-thing caught my eye, and I figured I’d share it with y’all, because, let’s face it, it’s Friday and most of you, myself included, would rather be constructing an army of snowmen or tap dancing on a Brazilian beach than [whatever it is you’re currently doing]. Read More

  • Penny fer a heatsink, guv'nor?

    I’m no rocket therapist but isn’t using a potentially fally-offy penny as a heatsink a bit dangerous in the aggregate but this little test of weird heatsinks is actually pretty cool. They used a few permutations here: paperclip, bolted penny, glued penny, and four pennies in series. The results are startling. Read More

  • First Facebook, Now MySpace – Power.com Denied

    Social network aggregator Power.com was off to a hot start when it launched in late November. The service, which lets users access and share content among several social networking sites at once, raised $5 million in venture financing from Silicon Valley-based Draper Fisher Jurvetson and attracted a whopping 5 million users during its private beta period. Things were looking good. Then… Read More

  • If they made a ‘Dark Knight’ NES game…

    …the opening sequence might look something like the above video. It’s been on YouTube for almost four months now, but you know what they say: “Videos on YouTube get blogged about almost four months after they get uploaded.” Read More

  • Is It Time To Switch Ad Partners?

    I don’t make any advertising or revenue decisions around here, that’s left to our CEO Heather Harde. But I’m nervous about our ad partner Federated Media, which supplies about a third of our total revenue. They’re going through layoffs (I read this on their blog), and payments from them have dipped substantially in recent months (which isn’t a surprise given… Read More

  • Discipline – The Hentai Academy: Blu-ray owners get the first Hentai title

    Hentai and anime fans rejoice: Japanese home video distributor MediaBank has announced “Discipline – The Hentai Academy”, the first adult cartoon title to hit Blu-ray players. I can’t include a link since the content is really hardcore stuff. Read More

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