• Bug Labs gets wifi and Bluetooth

    Hacker enablers Bug Labs have been making customizable doodads for a long time, but wifi and Bluetooth support have been lacking, though we heard they were incoming back in January. The new Bugbase WiFi is pretty much what it sounds like: a new base module for your Bug creations, but with wireless capability baked right in. The upcoming 3G radio module should add even more to its connectivity… Read More

  • Me Too Mike, Me Too

    Yahoo Product Manager Michael McNeely leaves a cryptic Twitter message in response to my “Can We Please Have Jerry Back?” post earlier this evening that is critical of Yahoo leadership. He says “I wish I could fully respond to this…” Me too! Do you agree with me, Mike, and are venting your frustration? Or are you aware of exciting new Yahoo product plans that… Read More

  • I agree. Team Fortress 2 needs a guard dog class

    Right off the bat, I feel the need to stress that this is a fan-made concept and really isn’t coming to TF2 – at least not anytime soon. But Valve liked the idea so much that it sent a nice letter showing appeciation at the work that went into it. Still, I want me a guard dog class in TF2. Woof! [via kotaku] Read More

  • A Really Nasty Ad Slips Past Google

    Generally you can trust the ads on Google to at least be safe. But that’s not the case right now for the top ad being served on the query “Firefox.” The top ad says it is linking to “Firefox ® OfficiaI Sitе” at the URL http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/. And that is indeed the official Mozilla Firefox site. But the link actually goes to the much more sinister… Read More

  • Sony outs the chic MDR-770LP headphones

    Normally we don’t spend valuable Internet real estate on ordinary headphones, but this new pair from Sony is just so damn sexy. At ¥5,900 ($65 USD) I’m sure the MDR-770LP headphones sound good enough, but that’s not why I dig ’em. Read More

  • KAUST: Visualization beyond the CAVE

    Yesterday I introduced CORNEA, the CAVE system at KAUST. CAVEs are great, but they require a huge investment: you need to build a facility around it, or renovate a space to accommodate it. Then you need to spend enormous amounts of money to buy and install the gear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an immersive 3D environment without all that effort? Researchers at KAUST, in… Read More

  • MySpace Expands Twitter Syncing To Six New Countries

    Yesterday MySpace launched two-way syncing with Twitter for U.S. users, something Facebook has shied away from to date. This evening, they’ve extended the functionality to the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and India. You can sign up for the service at myspace.com/sync. MySpace says they’ve also got a bunch of celebrities, comedians and musicians to sync their MySpace… Read More

  • Microsoft Courier: the Apple tablet just got bumped into second place

    Well, that’s it, I guess. The CrunchPad and Apple Tablet had a good run (in their mysterious ways), but Microsoft has come out of left field to deliver what appears to be the coolest tablet-like computer we’ve ever seen. Those lucky ducks over at Gizmodo appear to have a pretty solid exclusive on it, though, but I’m burning through my little black book of Microsoft guys to… Read More

  • Audio researcher's "Fidelity Potential Index" pits mp3 against vinyl; science or pseudoscience?

    There really isn’t much debate to be had regarding sound quality: a poorly-encoded MP3 sounds the worst, and an audiophile system playing something on the medium for which it was mastered sounds the best. However, there is a whole continuum between those poles, and some people (audiophiles particularly) can’t resist using arbitrary numbers and unintelligible descriptors to… Read More

  • Pro Thumb Wrestling toy

    I don’t have much to do here but say the pic is self-explanatory and ask why any company would actually produce these things. But this Pro Thumb Wrestling (why “Pro”?) toy can be yours for $10 plus shipping over at Rinkya. Read More

  • Fallout Holocaust: Experiments in ultra-violence

    Sandbox games are nothing new, but in general, most players try to play the game in the way the designers intended: be good, complete quests, and reach the eventual end of the game in an orderly fashion. Sometimes though, you just have that urge to be bad. Gamer and writer Alexander Gambotto-Burke has written about his descent into madness, and how purely visceral and difficult it is to play… Read More

  • AT&T linked to GOP senators who have proposed anti-Net Neutrality bill in Congress. Pretend to be shocked, please.

    Nicholas “Net Neutrality” Deleon here with truly shocking news: six Republican senators have tacked on an amendment to an appropriations bill that would block the FCC’s attempt to make Net Neutrality a reality. So remember, kids: when you think of a free and open Internet, don’t think of the GOP. It’s not your friend here. Read More

  • Extraordinary rendition is still happening to Speak&Spells right now, write your Congressman

    What you are about to see will shock you. Our allies overseas are being given broken Speak&Spells for full interrogation and their techniques are as far from the Geneva Convention laws as you can imagine. After stripping out most of the lower part of the device, these interrogators are forcing the Speak&Spells to perform unnatural acts, some that turn the stomach. Touching the… Read More

  • Can We Please Have Jerry Back?

    Last November we all knew Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang would be stepping down after a disastrous tenure as CEO. He spurned Microsoft without realizing the consequences, and he had no ability to describe an alternate path for the company. We weren’t alone in calling for his dismissal, and the hope was that Yahoo would find the right leader to restore their former glory. They… Read More

  • Video: DirecTV's App Store leaves a lot to be desired

    I know the DirectTV app store has been out for a bit, but I watched this video and was shocked. It seems that DirecTV added these apps or widgets just to be cool and hip like everyone else. They seem like an afterthought and not a well-developed platform. Now, like Dave Zatz points out, it could be that the system has so much lag because of the crappy DirecTV house brand DVR, but don’t… Read More

  • Apple's Resource Center for iPhone developers: an empty gesture?

    App developers have been struggling for a while now, and Apple’s abusive nature has become pretty well known when it comes to the App store. Apple is making what looks to be an essentially hollow attempt to help developers get through their approval process and get published. Read More

  • James May's Lego House has been demolished, try not to cry

    What a shame. The LEGO house has been demolished just weeks after completion for James May’s other show, Toy Stories. (He’s known as Captain Slow on Top Gear, too) Read More

  • Europe to get more colour options for the DSi soon

    Europe is finally set to get a few more color options for its DSi. While gamers in the glorious United States of America have enjoyed the freedom to choose between pink, white, turquoise and black, European gamers had to suffer with just white and black. Sad clowns. Soon that will change. Read More

  • Magnify.net Expands Mobile Strategy With iPhone App

    Social video hosting and sharing site Magnify.net is launching an iPhone app to let users submit videos to a Magnify video channel from their 3GS. iPhone users can shoot, upload, store, and share their personal videos on any Magnify-hosted channel. The app, which is free, is currently available on the App Store. Last year, Magnify added social networking features to its video channels, which… Read More

  • Unorthodox stop-motion music video uses Canon 1D and 16,000 flashes

    Normally stop motion is a laborious process of setting up the scene, adjusting the lighting and focus, taking the shot, and then starting all over again. But this method, where they’re essentially subtracting frames from a motion video, while not properly stop-motion, certainly creates that effect. Instead of lighting the guys and asking them to move into each next position before they… Read More

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