• As Events Unfold In Iran, Facebook And Google Translate Quickly Add Persian Versions

    In response to the events surrounding the Iranian election last week, Google and Facebook have both added the Persian language Farsi to their capabilities. The Persian version of Facebook will be available starting tonight. The Facebook blog post announcing the new version is here. Facebook says the Persian version was already being developed but it decided to unveil it because of the… Read More

  • My Father's Day Gift Picks for 2009

    Every day should be Father’s Day, right? We should celebrate every single day all the wonderful things our dads did for us, like fixing our bikes, helping us buy our first car, and not kicking us out of the house when we got our girlfriend pregnant. But since we don’t say “Thanks, Dad!” every single day, we’ll use this Sunday to get him some gifts that… Read More

  • The Europas – Pitch competition

    On the evening of The Europas itself we will be holding quick-fire pitch competition for a handful of startups. To be considered for the pitch competition you need to email TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher, with a one side of A4 text-only pitch, and also include the URL of your company/project/startup etc on CrunchBase (you can add your company onto it if it is not already there). Read More

  • Useful Advices for Photographers

    These half-joking “tips” for photographers have been running in a Latvian weekly for over a year. Some are true, some are weird, and some are pretty funny. I’ve seen some photos that could use some of this extremely basic advice. Read More

  • Microsoft responds to Ballmer's Natal Xbox 360 announcement

    Straight from the horse’s mouth. As the Xbox team stated at E3 two weeks ago, we are not even halfway through the current console generation lifecycle and believe Xbox 360 will be the entertainment center in the home for long into the next decade. Project Natal will be an important part of this platform, but we have not confirmed a launch date at this time. Read More

  • The Story of the Littlest Drill

    Not much of a story, really. Once upon a time, a guy thought, “Couldn’t a ‘pager motor’ power a tiny drill?” And it could. The End. Read More

  • Pre-order Halo 3: ODST and get Sgt. Johnson later

    Attention Halo nerds- Pre-order Halo 3: ODST now and get a token to unlock UNSC Sgt. Johnson as a playable character in Firefight. ODST drops on September 22 for $60 or $100 for the Collector’s Pack that comes with a special edition wireless controller. Oh, you also get an exclusive beta invite to Halo: Reach when you pre-order ODST. Read More

  • Put your rodent on rails with the Hamtrack

    First, let us just acknowledge that “Hamtrack” is the best portmanteau of the year so far. Now, on to the products. I think you can see from the picture exactly how this utterly-genius pet toy works. Like a hamster ball but with wheels. I’m afraid the Critter Cruiser is unidirectional and thus a little limited, but the Hamtrack could be, and I don’t think I’m… Read More

  • Video: Just in case you need help with the Wii MotionPlus

    Hey, who are we to judge if you need help installing the Wii MotionPlus? Perhaps you grew up next to a GM factory in Flint, MI and breathed paint fumes for 10 years until the plant was shut down. It doesn’t matter. Go grab your Wii controllers, MotionPlus add-on, and watch the video after the jump closely. Remember, you can always play the video again if you didn’t get it the… Read More

  • Wizards of the Coast sue over pirated D&D Player's Handbook

    So here’s a tough one. Some kids posted a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook 2 on Scribd.com and it was viewed more than 4,000 times and potentially downloaded about 2,600 times. They also found that a nice Polish boy, Krysztof, who posted copies of some modules. The defendants are based in Florida, the Philipines, and Polska. Read More

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