• Should Ad Networks Pay Publishers For Stolen Content? The Fair Syndication Consortium Thinks So.

    As newspapers and other publishers watch their revenues diminish, one common refrain among them is that maybe they should somehow go after Google or Yahoo for aiding and abetting the destruction of their businesses and sometimes the wholesale theft of their content. We’ve seen how the Associated Press wants to handle this: by aggressively going after anyone who even borrows a headline. Read More

  • FCC approves T-Mobile Sony Ericsson CS8 Cyber-shot handset

    If I was the FCC, I’d start my own gadget blog in light of the fact that I’d have first dibs to all the new gear. Er, wait…nevermind. Scratch that, stick to your federal duties and leave the blogging to us. Sony Ericsson’s newest (T-Mobile-bound) slider phone, the Cyber-shot CS8 (known elsewhere as the C905), has received approval by the FCC. Not only are there a bunch… Read More

  • Go To Google Similar Images, Hit "Similar," Find Live Search

    Yesterday, Google unveiled its new Google Similar Images search feature under Google Labs. The product is nice, and works very well. But, Microsoft was doing the same thing with Live Search — over 4 months ago. A lot of commenters pointed it out to us yesterday, and naturally, Microsoft reached out today to let us know the same thing with what might as well have been a big, loud… Read More

  • LEGO Rock Band officially announced, coming just in time for the holidays

    Does anyone else think that the Rock Band franchise has gone too far? I understand that Harmonix is going up against Red Octane, but Lego? Beatles, sure. Metallica, oh yeah. But Lego? I guess. Oh, I see how Harmonix, MTV, Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games are angling this version of RB by letting you “Build a Band and Rock the Universe.” Because you couldn’t do that with… Read More

  • Study: Illegal music downloaders buy 10 times as much legal music as non-illegal downloaders

    Stop the presses! New data suggests that people who illegally download music are more likely to buy music from legitimate sources (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Beatport, etc.) than are God-fearing, non-illegally downloading folks. Such is the claim from a recent Norwegian study. Of course, the music industry has rubbished the claims, as it so often does. Read More

  • Monster Cable: Good products, dick company

    I have never once questioned the quality of a Monster Cable cable. The cables and power products are top notch. They have never failed me and I’ve used their products for years. But I won’t spend any money supporting the company anymore. It’s a shame too, ’cause I really trust the products, but I refuse to support the company with my hard earned cash. That’s who… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: Mo money, mo affiliate marketing says Joe from Skimlinks

    Hardly anyone knows how to spell it, fewer people still know how to do it. But thanks to Joe Stepniewski, co-founder of Skimlinks, you too can learn the secrets of the dark arts of monetisation. Basically, stick to affiliate marketing rather than advertising; Joe showed some stats demonstrating CPM return slowdown; its dropped consistently over the last few quarters and doesn’t… Read More

  • Windows Live To Add More Social Network Partners (Digg, MySpace, Facebook, Last.fm And More)

    Microsoft’s social networking strategy around Windows Live gets a little more meat on the bone today. In November they announced a new strategy that brings in activity streams, FriendFeed/Plaxo style, into a Windows Live home page. The goal is to give users a view of what their friends are up to on various social networks around the Internet. A list of the current partners is in the… Read More

  • Cube H100D portable media player first to output video in 1080i

    In the interest of helping you kill time at work or school, we present this gadget from the Far East that you’ll never own. It’s the Cube H100HD, a portable media player that does something no other one can do: it outputs video at 1080i. Now, 1080i is about as impressive as an elephant wearing a tutu—it’ll make you say, “Hmm, interesting,” but it… Read More

  • SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Tweets His Way Into The Race For California Governor

    Remember when the hippest way to blaze onto the campaign trail was an appearance on The Daily Show? No more. This morning San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom announced his bid for California Governor via Twitter, instantly sending his new campaign video (embedded below) to his 270,000 followers. No doubt inspired by President Obama’s successful campaign over the last two years, Newsom… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: Building strong teams means falling in love and treating each other like family, says Andy from Huddle

    Andy McLoughlin, CEO at Huddle talks really fast about hiring a team of peers – illustrating the point with a slide full of pictures of Piers Morgan. Oh, the trauma. Other than that, this is great advice. When recruiting people, meeting the perfect candidate is like falling in love. You’ve got to be able to imagine yourself spending all day, every day with that person. He also… Read More

  • Verizon opens their catalog to user reviews, probably a bad move

    This ought to be interesting. Apparently never having felt the wrath of a dissatisfied buyer with access to the internet, someone over at Verizon has just decided to enable users to leave public reviews on any phone in their catalog. Users can rate their handsets on a scale of 1-5 for ease of use, display, features, and battery life, then manually add their own pros, cons, and… Read More

  • Full legal text from the latest Mac vs PC ads

    Didja watch the latest Mac vs PC ads? You know the one with the legal talk and whatnot? Well, a few people have taken the time to transcribe the entire thing for your enjoyment. How nice. Ironicly, if you read through the text, the issues and recommondations are common to computers in general and not neccessarly specific to just Windows machines. The second legal text displayed by PC: To… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: European startups need to move to the US

    Inma Martinez at Stradbroke Advisors is one of the world’s leading digital media strategists, described by FORTUNE and TIME as one of Europe’s top talents in Human Factors and Social Engagement through technology. Her advice for European startups: move to the US. The US market is where the ripple effect of the internet takes place. It can be hard, but you should still try… Read More

  • 4Chan Takes Over The Time 100

    Look closely at Time magazine’s online voting results so far for the Time 100 and you will see at the top someone called moot (aka 21-year-old Christopher Poole), the founder of 4chan, the notorious online bulletin board where hackers like to hang out. Not only did moot’s followers manage to get his name to the top of the Time 100 reader’s list, they also manipulated the next… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Seagate Barracude 1TB & 1.5TB

    Hard drive prices are dropping and dropping. It’s it grand?! We love it. Anyway, newegg has some killer deals on hard drives today. Yup, these are from the same line of drives that had issues last year, but the new firmware seemed to have fixed those problems. These prices are too good to pass up too. Read More

  • Live From London – GeeknRolla

    Here is the Ustream video from the day. Huge thanks to Hermione Way (@HermioneWay) and the TechFluffTV (@techfluffTV) team, including Josh March (@JoshuaMarch). Alternative link here GeeknRolla Live TV : Ustream EARLIER POST: Here you’ll find the live video stream from Geek’n Rolla, a day-long conference created by Mike Butcher for European early stage tech startups old and new… Read More

  • IRLConnect goes public with social networks map plus live video

    IRLConnect (as in, ‘in real life connect’) is one of those new social-networks-meets-maps startups, but what sets them apart is some pretty cool integration, a focus on live video and a tantalizing business model based on owning the virtual equivalent of real estate. Today they launch into a public beta after being invite-only since September last year. The site is bringing… Read More

  • New York Times Sees Intensifying Advertiser Pullback In First Quarter

    The advertising outlook for newspapers is going from awful to horrendous. The New York Times announced first quarter earnings today, revealing that total advertising revenues for its news media group (which includes the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and other regional newspapers) declined 28.4 percent, versus an 18.4 percent declinelast quarter. So the rate of decline for is… Read More

  • Sharp's Mebius PC-NJ70A netbook with LCD trackpad

    Someone in Sharp’s R&D department must have been paying attention when the Internet started mumbling about the MacBook Pro’s potential LCD trackpad. The new Mebius PC-NJ70A netbook comes packing with just that, along with standard, underwhelming netbook-type specs: 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, WiFi, & a multicard reader. The screen however, bumps this… Read More

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