• Anchors Away! Google Now Has Search Results Within Search Results

    It’s mildly annoying when I’m searching for something specific and Google returns results that are led by a huge overview page like the ones found on Wikipedia. I usually just use the Cached option to locate the information that I’m looking for, since that highlights the keywords in the resulting page. But now Google has a better option. A new feature in Google Search… Read More

  • AT&T offering $50 refurb iPhones again (!!!)

    Yay! Drink the Apple Kool-aid for only $50! Check your local AT&T store for availability or buy it online now. [AT&T Facebook page via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Erotic watches old and new

    Before the Internet, when a gentleman wanted to polish the brass knobs of his dear mum’s armoire he would depend on his internal spank bank which, potentially, included nudes he had seen in postcards and museums as well as racy lines about breasts he may have read in the Bible. However, barring a visit to the local establishment of vice, there was little way to view two people giving it… Read More

  • How should RIM react to increased competition from Apple, Palm?

    Poor RIM. One or two analysts lower your stock rating from “buy” to “neutral” (or the equivalent), and then your stock drops some 16 percent. You know who to blame, too: it’s those busybodies at Apple and Palm, what with their iPhones and Palm Pres eating into your bottom line. (Never mind that your own “iPhone killer” was sorta meh.) What is RIM to do? Read More

  • Don't try to steal Nintendo DS games from Wal-Mart

    Well this is the dumbest story I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them! Once upon a time, there was a fugitive in Lee County in Florida. His criminal background—his FourSquare achievements, if you will—included armed robbery and kidnapping. He’s thrown in jail in early September, but then breaks out using a fake ID. But then, only a little while later… Read More

  • Browser Plugin Shareaholic Passes 1 Million Downloads, Closes Seed Funding

    It is notoriously difficult for browser plugins to gain traction — getting users to download anything massively raises a service’s barrier to entry. But Shareaholic, a plugin that makes it easy to share content across a variety of social and bookmarking sites, has been doing quite well: the company has seen well over one million downloads since launching less than two years ago. Read More

  • Video Review: Case-Mate Barely There

    It’s $29.99, it’s thin, and it can hold two credit cards. It’s the Case-Mate Barely There ID case. I’ve always wanted to stop carrying a wallet and I’m not sure this is quite the solution I’m looking for but it may work for those who just need one credit card and driver’s license at all times. If only they added a big old money clip in there or maybe… Read More

  • Seedcamp announces its six winners for 2009

    Seedcamp, the European startups programme a little (though not entirely) like YCombinator, has announced the winners of its year-long programme to find the best startups in Europe, finally judged over an intense week of mentoring by a long line of fellow European entrepreneurs. Each startup has won €50,000 to develop their product, in return for Seedcamp taking a stake worth between 5-10% of… Read More

  • Don't show your parents: HTC Tattoo spotted on video

    HTC’s first foray into a cheap budget-friendly Android smartphone comes in the form of the previously revealed Tattoo (what are you trying to say, HTC, all us poor folks have tattoos?). And just like a real tattoo, HTC wants your Tat to be personal and unique, so the phone comes with removable/swappable front and back covers to provide for that extra level of personalization (or… Read More

  • Sony kills (for now, at least) UMD transfer program for PSP Go

    Oh, Sony. You’re so close to being back, and then this happens. As you all know, the PSP Go comes out next week, and judging by all the random unboxings I’ve seen on various message boards—maybe our PSP Go got lost in the mail? Oh, well.—it looks like a fine, fine piece of hardware. The kicker, though, is: what happens to all those UMD games we’ve bought over… Read More

  • How many iPhone apps has O2 banned from the App Store?

    Today, 0870, a fantastic free iPhone app from freelance mobile developer Simon Maddox is at last available in the UK App Store, after a whopping 429 days in the approval process. And it appears that O2 was largely to blame for the hold up. Read More

  • Apple to Greenpeace: Look, we're trying our best, ok!

    It looks like all of Greenpeace’s needling of Apple over the past few years has paid off, as the house that Jobs built is about to announce its successes in becoming a more green company. Think carbon emissions data,all that jazz. Even though Apple is trying plenty hard to assuage the Green Brigade, it thinks it’s being treated rather unfairly. Read More

  • Twitter Closes Its $100 Million Round

    The big news yesterday was that Twitter raised another $100 million. Today, Twitter CEO Evan Williams confirms in a blog post that the company did indeed close a new round of funding. The new investors in the round are Insight Venture Partners and T. Rowe Price. Existing investors Institutional Venture Partners, Spark Capital and Benchmark Capital also put in more money. Williams did… Read More

  • The AT&T iPhone MMS update is now live

    Welcome to the future, everyone! As we mentioned earlier this morning, AT&T is rolling out MMS for the iPhone today. If you’re one of those folks who couldn’t be bothered to sit in iTunes and click the “Update” button for hours on end, go check now. We just got hit by an onslaught of reports saying that it had gone live and, sure enough, we just got our update. To… Read More

  • Baby Name Finder finishes off the list; there really is an app for everything now

    Do you often find yourself thinking, “Oh, crap. We forgot to name this baby. We need a name, stat!”? I know I sure do. While most people tend to spend months toiling over their child’s name, digging through their family history and fretting over each potentially offensive rhyming variation, you’re a modern parent. This is 2009, after all – we have the power of… Read More

  • PSA: Don't buy Wii Sports Resort until October 12

    I know that you will probably wanna snag Wii Sports Resort on September 27 when the Wii drops to $199, but don’t. If you can wait until October 12 to get your MotionPlus on, you will be so very happy. Read More

  • Happy MMS on the iPhone day, AT&T customers!

    It’s time to go back, folks. Waaay back. Back to a simpler time; back when the government was busy with Enron and leaving No Child Behind. Back when the best Nintendo handheld the world knew had one screen and looked vaguely like a clam, and smart phones cost upwards of $600 – on contract. We’re talking, of course, about 2002. Why are we having this little time travel… Read More

  • Songkick Integrates Twitter To Make Gig Reviews Realtime

    Hot London-based live music startup Songkick launches a new feature today allowing users to share their experiences of gigs. Users can now connect their Songkick account to their Twitter account and auto-tweet any gigs they plan to go to. That’s not that big a deal. What is pretty interesting however is how they’ve integrated Twitter to bring a realtime stream to their service. When… Read More

  • TomTom releases the US pricing for the iPhone Car Kit

    The TomTom iPhone Car Kit has been getting a lot of media play the last few days. It briefly appeared on the UK’s iTunes Store and then TomTom announced that it will be available there for EUR99.99. But until now the company hasn’t said squat about the retail price here in the good ol’ States. Read More

  • Seedcamp Founder Saul Klein Talks European Entrepreneurship, Spotify and the Real-Time Web

    It’s been a big week for European entrepreneurship, what with 20+ startups emerging at Seedcamp and Dopplr getting picked up by Nokia (or does it just feel that way since I’m here with GeeksOnAPlane for the first time in four years?). In any case, Seedcamp’s six winners were announced earlier today. If you’re not familiar with Seedcamp, it’s a startup mentorship… Read More

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