• LaCie's LaCinema Rugged plays 1080p video for $350

    If money is no issue, and you’re looking to play 1080p content—alt.binaries.hdtv.h264 says hi—on your big screen TV, you really ought to look into getting a proper PC, one with one of those fancy nVidia GPU that you can use to hardware accelerate said Blu-ray rips. That being said, it looks like LaCie just came out with a stand-alone device that should play most of the HD… Read More

  • Best idea of all time: a key that is also a keyring

    I favor simplicity in all things, and while sometimes combining devices results in greater complexity, in this case it seems to simplify things. It’s possible, however, that the reason nobody has made one of these before is that something about it doesn’t work. Even if that’s true, however, this thing also doublestriples as a weapon. That’s three devices in one! Read More

  • Explore Stargate Universe's Destiny with Photosynth

    Who’s excited about Stargate Universe? Everyone! I knew I wasn’t alone. Anyway, the story is suppose to take place aboard an Ancient ship that’s locked in autopilot so you’ll probably end up seeing a lot of the ship. If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, head over to the just launched SG-U website for two Photosynths showing the Destiny’s gate room and a… Read More

  • Y Combinator Endorses Bump Technologies In The Quest To Destroy The Business Card

    Last summer, I wrote a lengthy rant against business cards, calling them “virtually useless as one of the last bits of information that we pass non-digitally”. Ten months later, I couldn’t agree with myself more. Just like the handshake, the business card is an annoying relic of the past. Each card I get joins a ridiculously large pile on my dresser that has become… Read More

  • Let's slow down with the scary-sounding cyberwar stuff

    Matt Drudge is running two big stories right now: The Google Chrome OS, and the apparent cyberattack that took down a few U.S. government Web sites. Several outlets, including the AP, are already going with the scary-sounding “It was the North Koreans!” angle, but let’s slow down for a minute. Read More

  • Scoble, Newmark and Foremski talk about the Traveling Geeks trip in London

    Robert Scoble, Craig Newmark and Tom Foremski discuss what they have learned so far on the Traveling Geeks tour in London and what differences they see between Silicon Valley and the London tech scene. Read More

  • Rumor: Nikon's 2009-2010 roadmap

    Nikon Rumors may or may not have Nikon’s 2009-2010 product roadmap, but we kind of hope what it’s the real thing. It’s loaded with six upcoming DSLRs and tons of lens, including the D3000 and D300s being announced on August 4th just like we thought. Then next year we should see the rumored D4 with the D4x coming later in the year, along with the D400 and a Coolpix model… Read More

  • WSOP Update: Calacanis Out, Sacks Still In (And Bails On TechCrunch Event)

    Update on the tech gurus at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. We were tracking four players: Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya, Mahalo CEO Jason Calcanis, Geni/Yammer CEO David Sacks and former Yahoo exec David Goldberg. At least two are now out of the game. Jason Calacanis and Chamath Palihapitiya busted out on day 2 (apparently Calacanis’ ridiculous gangster costumer only took… Read More

  • Cc:Betty Shows Some Twitter Love, Integrates Twitter Into Email Organization Platform

    Cc:Betty, a free service that helps organize group email threads, is the latest startup to catch the Twitter bug. The email collaboration service is integrating with Twitter, so that users of the service can tweet in and out of a of the collaboration platform, as well as see each other’s latest tweets. Cc:Betty routes, parses, and organizes email conversations in a simple at-a-glance… Read More

  • Image Licensing Network GumGum Grabs $2.6 Million And Is Growing Fast

    Image licensing network GumGum has raised $2.6 million in and extended Series A funding round led by GRP Venture Partners with First Round Capital participating. This brings GumGum’s total funding to close to $4 million. GumGum has been seeing fast growth since its launch last year. Measured as an advertising network (but for images), GumGum became a Quantcast Top 100 site, reaching… Read More

  • Video: Optimus Prime does Letterman's Top Ten List

    Optimus Prime goes on Letterman and reads the top ten things that sound cool when spoken by a giant robot. I liked number nine: “Do you have these khakis in a size 114?” [via Topless Robot] Read More

  • Review: Nokia N79 Active Edition

    A few months ago I was touring Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo when I espied the Nokia N79 Active Edition. Announced around CES time, this phone combo included a heart-rate monitor and sports armband along with special software to record your distance, heart-rate, and route for each workout. The software includes a full complement of statistics and maps for your pleasure and is quite… Read More

  • Pre-order Your .CM Domain Now, Start Making Money Off Domain Typos Soon!

    I distinctly remember reading this Business 2.0 Magazine piece published back in May 2007 about Kevin Ham, ‘the most powerful dotcom mogul you’ve never heard of’. If you’re interested in the domain name business (lovingly called the nasty cybersquatter rat nest by some), I suggest you read it in full. Here’s an interesting passage just in case you’re a… Read More

  • Video: Controlling a 15-ton hydraulic grapple with a Wii remote

    No day is complete without a silly video that’s only tangentially related to CG’s modus operandi. Thus, presenting this: a video that shows a man controlling a really big grapple with a Wii controller. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Ghostbusters

    This week, Yahtzee takes a look at a game we’ve actually been looking forward to: Ghostbusters. I don’t think he liked it. Read More

  • Review: Leica D-LUX 4

    Leica has a stranglehold on the the hearts and minds of photographers everywhere. Even if the professionals call it a “dentist’s camera,” as in a camera that is popular with folks with too much money and not many photography chops, there’s something about that little red dot that is as iconic as the black and white of a Speedmaster or the clean lines of a Ferrari GTO. Read More

  • Chrome OS Partners: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments

    Google is starting to respond to questions about the just announced Chrome operating system. In a short FAQ today they talked about cost and initial partners. First of all, the software will be free, which was an easy assumption to make since it will be open source. Like Android, Google will not charge users or device manufacturers to use the Chrome OS. Yesterday Google said they were… Read More

  • Someone has seen the Samsung NX-10!

    This is something special. Someone has allegedly seen a mock-up of the Samsung NX10, a digital camera of some sort, at a Korean trade show. There’s not photos to speak of, and no real specs. Just a forum post saying, essentially: Hey, I saw it. Believe me. Read More

  • Today on the CrunchGear Live Podcast

    Here are some of the topics from today’s podcast… Google announces Chrome OS Sony Ericsson’s Rachel UI T-Mobile MyTouch Amazon files patents for ads in Kindle books Tips for wiring your home Our early internet experiences, old-timey copy protection for games LISTEN: Show Link | RSS Feed | iTunes Link Read More

  • Layar launches API and first developer keys

    SprxMobile, the company behind the mobile augmented reality browser Layar (which has been making waves across the technoverse) today announced that Layar will become an open platform. The first 50 developer keys for the API are available now and can be applied for here. Layar is currently only supported by Android phones and uses a combination of the camera, GPS and compass to calculate… Read More

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