• InsideView Now Crawls Twitter For Business Information And News

    InsideView, a service that mashes up social data for enterprises to increase sales productivity, is now integrating Twitter into its feed. The company’s flagship product, SalesView, crawls through more than 20,000 web sites, social networks and databases including Facebook, LinkedIn, Hoovers, Reuters, and SEC filings, to give businesses valuable information that will aid sales… Read More

  • Kyte Streams 50 Million Videos A Month. Rolls Out iPhone Apps For MTV, NBA, And Others.

    In an age when anyone with a video-capable cell phone can have their own TV channel on the Web, it is still the celebrities and rock stars who are getting all the views (just as on Twitter they get the most followers). Kyte CEO Daniel Graf knows this fact all too well. Of the 215,000 video channels on Kyte, nearly all are created by consumers, but only about 1,000 account for more than 90… Read More

  • NBC Invests In Video Search Startup EveryZing And Signs Up As Its Biggest Customer

    Video search startup EveryZing just landed its biggest fish yet: NBC Universal. Boston-based EveryZing signed a master service agreement with NBC to provide video search and search-optimization technologies across all of its online properties, which include NBC.com, iVillage, CNBC.com, and the websites for Bravo, Sci-Fi, and Telemundo. (The deal does not cover Hulu, which is a joint… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Sky Chase Edition

    Hands-on: Amazon Kindle DX
    Video: Hoover Scooter, a 60’s hybrid motorbike/hovercraft
    Penguin United to launch CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Wii at E3 Read More

  • Trailer for "Gamer" shows humans controlling other humans in action MMOGs

    Gerard Butler, the guy who played King Leonidas in 300, stars in Gamer, a new movie that is due out September 4 in the US and now gets its first trailer. The movie is set in a future world, in which humans can remotely control other humans in mass-scale MMOGs, making them kick each other’s butts. Trailer after the jump. Read More

  • Rumor: Palm "Real Reviewer" Pres shipping this week

    Good evening, fellow earthlings. Before you jump into bed and get ready for the new week, I wanted to fill you in on some hot and juicy Palm Pre news. A tipster has informed us that the Palm Pre “Real Reviewer” units are shipping out this week. To be more specific, we’re told that reviewers should be getting them towards the end of the week or as early as Wednesday. In… Read More

  • CubeTree Launches As A Facebook + FriendFeed + Twitter For Enterprise

    As they mature, social networks are increasingly becoming viable systems for information management. We’re seeing this with Facebook, and with FriendFeed and even to some extent with Twitter. The combination of social graph plus information is a powerful one. And that’s exactly why CubeTree wants to port that idea over to the enterprise world. CubeTree’s new enterprise… Read More

  • Jew Haters Welcome At Facebook, As Long As They Aren't Lactating

    Way more countries have laws against holocaust denial (11 or so) than breast feeding (0), but guess which one is banned on Facebook? That’s right. Pictures of breast feeding babies are indecent, so they’re a no go. But Holocaust denial is totally cool because it fosters open discussion. Facebook wants to “be a place where people can discuss all kinds of ideas, including… Read More

  • China: Where Patience Meets Speed

    As readers know, I’m working on a new book about global entrepreneurship that is taking me around the world at the pace of roughly one country per month for the next year and a half. The plan is to focus on several contrasting hot spots for entrepreneurship and revisit them throughout the next year or so to see how the entrepreneurs and economies evolve over that time. But since… Read More

  • Lois Whitman Now An Unwilling Case Study In How Not To Do PR

    The Lois Whitman how-not-to-do-PR saga continues. She was called out by us and others in December for verbally abusing bloggers and spamming Wall Street Journal and New York Times reporters. Things quieted down when she issued an apology, saying “Official Apology to Rich Brome And All Offended Bloggers -Just posted this on Twitter. Received over 100 emails, most of them angry. They… Read More

  • Motherlover: The Hilarious, Wildly Inappropriate Mother's Day Viral Video

    Today is Mother’s Day; have you called your mother yet? Judging from popular topics on Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, etc, you have. So what else is there to do on this fine Sunday? Perhaps watch the latest Lonely Island spoof music video, “Motherlover.” The video, which is the sequel to the viral hit “Dick In A Box,” aired last night on NBC in honor of… Read More

  • For your edification: More Terminator Salvation action

    Instead of hugging your mother, hug this TS trailer instead. The new one – apparently official – shows that this summer might be the golden age of shoot-em-ups and sci fi. Read More

  • May 10 2009: New Duke Nukem Forever video

    It’s a Sunday that saw Formula 1 new boys (in a sense) Brawn GP take the double again, this time in Spain. It’s also a Sunday that saw the release of new Duke Nukem Forever footage, courtesy of former 3D Realms animator Bryan Brewer Read More

  • Calling All Coders: Journalism Schools Want You To Save The News Industry

    As newspapers struggle for viability, and media managers attempt to shift presence to the web, a need has arisen for talent with the technical skills of a programmer and the creative skills of a journalist. Over at TechCrunch, we are fortunate to have talented developers who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into making the site what it is today. Northwestern University’s… Read More

  • Our Last Post About Twitter (Today — Maybe)

    If you’ve been reading some of the comments on TechCrunch recently, perhaps you’ve noticed some backlash against our coverage of Twitter. As is usually the case with comments, a small, but vocal minority get all worked up about something and air their grievances — over and over again. And that’s fine. More often than not, the comments are amusing, and sometimes… Read More

  • Layoffs Hit MySpace

    MySpace has let go of as many as 45 employees in the last week, we’ve confirmed. Sources close to the company say that the exact figure may be smaller, but that MySpace has definitely laid off a significant number of people. MySpace has refused to comment on the matter, so it isn’t clear if this was the result of a canceled project, general layoffs, or performance-based cuts. … Read More

  • Boeing told to stop developing high-tech Airborne Laser, Multiple Kill Vehicle

    Yup, we come to CrunchGear for the latest in Department of Defense news. Looks like the DoD (that’s fancy inside-the-beltway talk) is telling Boeing to stop researching its Airborne Laser and Multiple Kill Vehicle. The DoD would rather Boeing spend its time (and taxpayer money) on less Star Wars/Trek-like tech. In other words, build guns and bullets, sure, but try not to focus your… Read More

  • Carol Brady educates about the DTV switch

    Remember the DTV switch? Yeah, it got pushed back a few months but the new deadline of June 12, 2009 is quickly approaching. Have no fear Carol Brady is here! The perpetually positive mother on The Brady Bunch has some handy tips for aging baby boomers about the transition. One look at Florence Henderson and you can tell that she knows her DTV stuff. And she’s very excited to tell you… Read More

  • Rampant Piracy Will Be The Kindle DX’s Savior

    Earlier this week, we got our first glimpse of the Kindle DX, Amazon’s upcoming E-book reader that has taken the original Kindle’s nearly prohibitive $359 price tag and bumped it up to an even more exorbitant $489 for good measure. Granted, the DX has one major improvement: a bigger screen that makes it suitable for textbooks, professional journal articles, and even newspapers. Read More

  • Warning: Your SSD will slow down like a 3.5-inch floppy

    Did you know that solid state drives could suffer from fragmentation and slowdowns? SSDs are basically huge chunks of ultrafast flash memory designed for massive data storage. There are no moving parts but as you read and write to the disks, the quality and speed degrades over time. Read More

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