• Why Facebook Isn't Poised to Steal Twitter's Thunder

    Last night, Facebook announced a set of changes to its platform that make it easier for third-party applications to exchange data about users’ status messages, notes, shared links, and videos. The more open Facebook’s platform gets, the more powerful it becomes for developers to build fun and useful applications with Facebook’s data, either onsite or off. However, several… Read More

  • Hopstop Jumps Onto iPhone App Bandwagon That Is Driven By Google Maps

    Transit planner HopStop launched its free iPhone application last week to rival the mobile version of Google Map’s Transit option. The application, with support from iPhone’s GPS functionality, offers all the same services as the website. This includes trip customization, maps marked with nearby subways and bus stops, a taxi mode that estimates time and cost of travel and… Read More

  • Four reasons why public Facebook status updates won't kill Twitter

    Here’s a short post on why I think Facebook allowing you to make your status updates public won’t affect Twitter as much as some might think. (In order to get Facebook statuses, you no longer need to use a session ID to access statuses). 1. Twitter totally changed the model in social networks. Previously the model had been “friend” someone. Facebook requires consent… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: CC's last gasp

    It is over, friends. Here’s what they have to offer us in their last hours: 30% off camcorders, DSLRs, point & shoots, CDs DVDs, photo frames, and GPS units. 25% off plasmas, home audio, software, and office gear 40% off furniture. Good luck and godspeed. Read More

  • Free Keynote iPhone/iPod Touch app coming February 13th

    A lot of the companies that came to our Tokyo meet-up earlier this week were generally online service oriented folk, so I mostly drank in the corner, but a few gems stood out in the crowd of Japanese nerds. One of those companies was Conit whom you might know from their wildly popular Samurai Chess and Melody Bell apps that currently occupy Apple’s App Store. Oh, who am I kidding? Those… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Virgin America flights from NYC for $109

    I don’t know about you guys, but $109 for a flight from NYC to the west coast is dirt-cheap. Sure, airline flights are neither gadget-y nor gear-y, but VA has Wi-Fi-enabled flights and Doom on-board. Just book your transcon flight by February 17th and fly by April 1st. Virgin America flies from NYC’s JFK to Las Vegas, San Diego, Las Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. For those… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pentax slashes prices on DSLR kits

    For a short period of time this month Pentax is offering an in-store rebate of $100 towards the purchase of various kits. This promotion actually started on the 1st of the month and runs till the 22nd, so you better act quickly. Based on the press release it only looks like this offer applies to the K2000, which happens to be a fine entry-level and backup SLR. I’ve been using one for… Read More

  • Free Stuff Saturday: Max Payne, Office Space, Sideways?

    I’ve got a bunch of Blu-ray disks just hanging out here waiting for someone with a Blu-ray player and a dream. There are two copies of Max Payne and three three-packs of Napolean Dynamite,Sideways, and Office Space. Aren’t you glad you’re stuck at work filling out TPS Reports on a Saturday and reading CrunchGear? Read More

  • Pioneer shutting down TV business forever

    There’s nothing much to say here other than what I’ve stated in the headline, folks. Pioneer has announced that they are officially getting out of the plasma HDTV business. Despite the quality of their plasma HDTVs, the TV division hasn’t been doing so well. Another factor is Panasonic’s recent announcement that their new plasma factory would not be ready to roll… Read More

  • Purported Kindle 2 images and price leaked

    It goes without saying that this could be a complete sham and that a chunk of salt should be consumed with it, but a batch of purported images and price for the Amazon Kindle 2 have leaked onto the Web. While the Mobile Read fellas claim these to be official we’re going to wait until Monday for whatever it is that Amazon plans to announce to the universe. Read More

  • Apple Rejects Obama Trampoline iPhone App, Leaves Us Puzzled

    Video game developer Swamiware was surprised to see its latest iPhone app rejected by Apple, and so are we. The application was a harmless game that let you select a known U.S. politician (both republicans and democrats) and have him/her jump a virtual trampoline. You could use the head to pop some balloons with the White House or the Oval Office in the background, do some acrobatic flips or… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: The Forgotten Arm Edition

    Oh man, does DesktopGaming.com have some great wallpapers
    Six awesome ASCII games you need to play
    Creepy ‘Hug Me Pillow’ is on sale! Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Zumeo Tries To Be Gen-Y's LinkedIn

    This week’s elevator pitch comes from Zumeo.com. The pitch gets points for being concise and presenting a clever idea: a social networking and job site for the Generation Y. Zumeo.com is a social networking and online recruiting site for college students, recent college grads and first year hires. Users first take a “self-discovery” test that highlights strengths and weaknesses. Read More

  • What was in that AT&T iPhone carrier update?

    If you’ve got an AT&T-locked iPhone and have plugged it into iTunes anytime in the past few hours, you may have noticed a dialog box pop up with the following: “An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now?” .. And that’s it. No patch notes, no sign of what said update would actually do. Always inquisitive, we… Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard

    The rebirth of the Sidewinder brand is, I think a good thing for Microsoft. Their flashy, chunky game gear is functional and actually different — witness the X5 mouse, big enough for a Kodiak, and its upcoming big brother the X8, which looks even bigger. I was pumped to check out their new keyboard, and while it’s not exactly suited to my style of play, I can see it being very… Read More

  • One Lawsuit Later, SGN Releases Its Mafia Game For The iPhone

    SGN, the company behind many of the popular Wii-like games on the iPhone, has just released a new game to the App Store. Dubbed “Mafia: Respect and Retaliation“, the game joins a growing number of mob-based games on the App Store, some of which are growing to become immensely popular. Among the features that differentiate Mafia:R&R from its competitors are the ability to play… Read More

  • Nvidia to try its hand at x86 chips, then get its pants sued off

    While Intel is working on taking on the GPU sector (and may just have a deal with Sony to do it), its main rival, Nvidia, is looking to get into the x86 processor business. The video hardware giant is assembling a team from scratch to make a competitor to the Intel and AMD’s CPUs — but doesn’t seem to care that the technology is proprietary and must be licensed from the… Read More

  • Updated: And then there was one – Shiny Media cuts staff and co-founder departs

    I just got this from Shiny Media. Of the three main founders only one now remains, Chris Price. Katie Lee leaves today, as do staff on several of their blog titles. I’m trying to confirm numbers and which titles will suffer. Meanwhile former co-founder Ashley Norris left last year, leaving behind a hotly debated parting shot about why the company did not mirror the success of other… Read More

  • Oh man, does DesktopGaming.com have some great wallpapers

    Prepare to commence nostalgiavating. DesktopGaming.com has various resolutions of breathtaking levels, backdrops, title screens, and more from a bunch of games across various systems: Arcade, Gameboy, Genesis, NES, Sega Master System, and SNES, to name a few. Read More

  • Six awesome ASCII games you need to play

    I’ve always admired ASCII graphics, mainly due to my predilection towards retro gaming and large pixels in general. Just as a game like Portal twists your ideas of space and makes you think differently, games with sufficiently poor visuals stretch your imagination and make you adopt a new headspace entirely. In fact, many games these days in the independent scene deliberately minimize… Read More

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