• Twitter reacts to Kindle DX news: Price is an issue

    Yes, Amazon announced the Kindle DX today, and it’s just what we thought it’d be. What interests us here, though, is what does Twitter think about the news. (And as we all know, Twitter created Heaven and Earth, such is its importance.) Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MacBook Air for $999 after rebate

    MacMall.com has a $200 rebate on Apple’s netbook, the MacBook Air, bringing the price down to $999 if you’re diligent enough to fill out and send in those rebate forms. Read More

  • Facebook Connect Now Live On Digg

    Digg has done a lot of talking about integrating Facebook Connect, but not much in the way of actual implementing. That changes today, we’ve heard from a source close to the company, and Digg will go live with the service some time today. Facebook gets another big name partner on its increasingly popular Facebook Connect platform. Digg CEO Jay Adelson has suggested that Facebook Connect… Read More

  • Guess Who Owns Kindledx.com? Amazon. Guess Who Forgot To Set It Up? Amazon.

    On January 23, Amazon secured the domain kindledx.com, anticipating the launch of its new product today, the Kindle DX. Given all the hoopla surrounding today’s event, you’d think Amazon would have thought to point the domain to the Kindle DX pre-order page — or at the very least, to the Kindle page, or even any page whatsoever. Instead, it’s a dead link. Amazon, which… Read More

  • Hands-on: Amazon Kindle DX [UPDATE]

    It’s a madhouse here at Pace U., but I managed to grab a couple photos. Not my hands, but you can see how big this new DX really is. South Paws might feel like they’re being left out with only right-hand side controls, but you can flip the Kindle DX upside and it auto-rotates so the controls are on your left (upside down though). Oh, and Pace U. has been confirmed as the sixth… Read More

  • Prediction: What Kindle DX stories will appear today?

    We were just going a little meta in the chatroom and Carlos Deleon pointed out that there would be a series of articles all appearing about the Kindle DX. They include, but are not limited to: 1. How the kindle will save print
    2. How it won’t save print
    3. Will students flock to kindle?
    4. Something about the price – What is Amazon thinking! Read More

  • Kindle DX video demo

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/grEx_8Z6AA%5D Here’s Amazon’s demo video of the Kindle DX in action for those of you who prefer a more passive ingestion of features and information than traditional reading provides. Amazon Kindle DX [Product Page] Read More

  • Ning Apps Bring A New Dimension Of Flexibility And Power To The Social Network Platform

    Ning‘s social network-building platform is getting a huge boost today, with the private beta launch of Ning Apps, a new suite of applications and features that Network Creators will be able to deploy across their networks with only a few clicks. The news has been a long time coming – network administrators have long been asking for features that could enhance their networks. … Read More

  • Sprint employee spills more details on the Palm Pre

    Sprint employees may be getting fired for piping up about the Pre, but that hasn’t stopped this guy. Blasting away at a keyboard “deep within customer care”, InsideSprintNow has a few previously unearthed details to share about the Pre. Don’t have time to read all that? Here’s everything in one neat little package: Read More

  • Next09 Video Interview: What Would Jeff Jarvis Do?

    So I finally managed to sit down with Jeff Jarvis here at the Next09 conference in Hamburg, Germany, and we had a chat about his recently published book – What Would Google Do? -, his views on the traditional media industry and their current struggles as well as his profound love for TechCrunch (aye, captain). Jarvis, for those of you who don’t know the man, is a published… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle DX: 9.7-inch screen and $489

    Amazon’s third incarnation of the Kindle is here, folks. All 9.7-inches of it. Specs and info leaked about the now official Kindle over the last week and they seemed pretty much dead on. It comes packing with the larger screen, auto-rotating screen, and finally supports PDF files fully with a native PDF reader. This larger Kindle also ups the storage capacity from 1,500 books on the Kindle… Read More

  • HamCrunch – TechCrunch Meetup in Hamburg tonight

    We’re here at the Next09 conference in Hamburg, a two-day conference about the future of the web, so we figured we’d organise an impromptu TechDrunk… sorry, TechCrunch Meetup this evening. Thanks to Neuhaus Partners, eVenture Capital Partners, Cribb and BV Capital we have a little venture capital to buy you your first drink at the 3freunde bar tonight from 8pm in downtown… Read More

  • The Amazon DX Liveblog

    UPDATE – There is a Live Kyte stream of the proceedings. Thrilling. 10:36am – In position and ready to rock.
    10:40am – Bezos just stepped on stage. The Kindle vision is every book ever printed available in 60 seconds. 18 montsh ago launched with 90K books, 200K books with launch of Kindle 2, added another 45K books. 10:41am – Where we have Kindle editions, Kindle is… Read More

  • WiMAX now an option on three Dell notebooks

    Even though WiMAX is only available in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Portland, Dell is now offering up the wireless broadband as an option on select notebooks. The upgrade only costs $60 for the Studio 15, Studio 17, and Studio XPS line, but don’t forget that there will be a monthly cost from Sprint too. Read More

  • Co-Founder of iStockphoto Joins Rival Fotolia As North American President

    Patrick Lor, co-founder of iStockphoto, a Getty owned-online marketplace for microstock photography and video, has joined rival Fotolia as the President of Fotolia North America. iStockphoto and and Fotolia, which were both launched around the same time and serve the same purpose, have a long standing competition in the microstock photography space for the best images, the most talented… Read More

  • Happy Kindle DX Day: Liveblog at 10:30 ET

    The Kindle DX will be launched today to an eager and excited cohort of folks who read the newspaper or enjoy textbooks. That’s right: Amazon’s 9.7-inch bigscreen Kindle drops today and our own Peter Ha will be on hand to relay all the goodness. Stay tuned. Read More

  • T-Mobile + Samsung = One big leak

    Samsung tends to have a hard time keeping things secret, and T-Mobile’s pipes have been pretty leaky lately as well. Put the two together and the best plumber in the world couldn’t plug the holes. Such is the case here. For some reason, an unnamed camera carrying employee got some time with T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung lineup and was able to document the whole thing. Read More

  • Chinese internet tablet touts 7-inch screen, 48-hour battery

    The “Smart Q7” internet tablet represents a somewhat-intriguing step forward in coffee table internet devices in that it features a relatively large 7-inch screen and the promise of a full 48 hours of battery life before needing to be recharged. Read More

  • Next09: Video Interview With Jyri Engeström (Jaiku / Google)

    I just finished moderating a panel with Chris Messina and Jyri Engeström about emerging social behavior on the web at the Next09 conference in Hamburg, and I got the chance to speak with both of them separately afterwards and recorded part of the conversations on video. The first one I’m featuring is the short talk I had with Engeström, the Finnish entrepreneur who left his senior… Read More

  • LaCie intros the Big Disk & d2 Network NAS (both are Time Machine compatable)

    LaCie has a rather nice selection of NAS units to choose from, but the latest should get some attention from Mac users. Both the Big Disk Network (left) and the d2 Network (right) sport the classic LaCie design, which is obviously inspired by H.A.L 9000, and are compatible with Apple’s Time Machine. Read More

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