• Where do all those Oscar screeners come from?

    The Oscars are in just a few short weeks, and plenty of movie buffs—I’m the furthest thing from a movie buff you’ll find in the West—are excited for some reason. Good for them. Pertinent to us here at CG is the phenomenon of movie piracy, specifically: how do screeners of these Academy Award nominated films wind up available for download on BitTorrent, Usenet, etc.? Read More

  • Calling All Socially-Minded Techies; Kiva Launches API Platform

    Kiva.org, the non-profit people-to-people microlending organization, is rolling out an open-source API platform for techies interested in building tools and new applications for the microfinance/microlending community. Kiva wants ‘build.kiva.org’ to become a hub for socially-minded developers who want a make a difference in the world (and create cool applications). Here’s a… Read More

  • The Internet during a recession: Welcome distraction or ruiner of dreams?

    In the late 1990s, when I used to watch Fox Sports News in the morning before school, there used to me a commercial for the Wall Street Journal. Something about two kids, both alike in dignity, but one who was raised by a Wall Street Journal-reading family, and the other, ostensibly, by a pack of wolves; wolves don’t read too well. Naturally, the kid from the WSJ-reading family went on… Read More

  • Tiny Wiimote mod is a Wee-mote

    If you are a tiny, tiny person and the Wiimote is just too chunky for your tiny, tiny hands, then maybe you should attempt this miniaturization mod to turn your Wiimote into… a Weemote. More inside from the maker of the hempmote. Read More

  • Fight! LinkedIn Launches German Site Against Local Player Xing

    LinkedIn is launching a dedicated site for Germany where local – and already IPO’d – business network Xing predominates. The US business networking site has an existing 500,000 users in Germany which can populate the new country site. LinkedIn now has 9 million European users. Given that 30% are in IT, marketing, advertising and finance – all sectors hit hard by… Read More

  • FriendFeed Cuts Through The Noise With Advanced Search Features

    FriendFeed has just released a set of new advanced search options, including the ability to filter results by the number of comments and ‘Likes’ each submission has received – a feature that will make it far easier to figure out where “the conversation” is occurring for a given news story. While the new search operators may not seem particularly exciting to… Read More

  • Spray-on solar panels coming soonish

    One of the major issues with solar panels is the cost. Since they require some pretty advanced technology to manufacture, it’s not so easy to make them cost-effective. So when you consider that in some cases it can take literally years to pay back the investment, justifying the purchase can be a bit problematic. Read More

  • CVSDude Hopes To Continue Its Success in Silicon Valley

    CVSDude’s 2009 is off to a promising start. The Australian-based provider of hosting software environment development just reported that January was the company’s biggest month of revenue in its six-year history, despite the worldwide economic downturn. And CVSDude recently acquired an Australian competitor, SharpForge, a project management SaaS company. Now, the company is trying… Read More

  • Windows 7 to come in many delicious flavors

    One of the most widely-criticized (and easily mockable) points of Windows Vista was the great variety of editions it came in. You’d think they’d want to avoid that same debacle this time around, and keep the avalanche of good grassroots PR about Windows 7 rolling. But no, they had to go and let it be known that they’re going to have six different versions of the… Read More

  • MoshiMonsters Get More Backing And More Content

    UK-based Mindcandy, best known for its MoshiMonsters educational virtual world for kids, has pulled off a number of moves in a short space of time. IN the last few months it’s raised a round of Convertible Loan Notes with existing VC investors Accel, Index and Spark plus one new investor, though details remain undisclosed. It’s also launched its subscription service, hit a… Read More

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