• LVP-HC3800: Mitsubishi's new full HD DLP projector

    Mitsubishi Electric has announced [JP] the LPV-HC3800 for the Japanese market today, a full HD DLP projector that features a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, 1,200 lumens brightness and a DDP3021 full 10-bit panel driver. The device comes with a 230W lamp that has a lifespan of 5,000 hours and depending on the operating mode, it can be as quiet as 25dB. Read More

  • Update On Microsoft/Sidekick Debacle: "Most, If Not All" Data Will Get Recovered

    Turns out our source had it right: Microsoft engineers who worked on the Danger/Sidekick meltdown have been able to recover “most if not all” of the data that was lost during last weekend’s catastrophic server failure. In a statement, Roz Ho, Corporate VP of Premium Mobile Experiences addresses the unfortunate T-Mobile Sidekick customers and apologizes for the massive… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Manipulation Edition

    Apple performance update weighs in at around 300… kilobytes? That can’t be right
    Self-Cleaning Monitor
    Hey, Google: Check out this ultra-fast book scanner Read More

  • About That Chrome OS Event

    We’ve been reporting a lot about Chrome OS the past few days. Possible features, screenshots, early builds — lots of good stuff. And tomorrow was promising to bring even more as yes, there’s an event partially dealing with Chrome OS scheduled to take place on Google’s Mountain View campus. But sadly, we’ve been banned from the event. Truth be told, all press is… Read More

  • Put.io Is An Interesting New Cloud Storage Service

    So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB account. Or forget about Rapidshare, maybe it collects files from Bittorrent automatically. Or lets you watch a DivX video online, without downloading it to your computer, in high quality, and listen to your music files inside your browser. Put.io will be launched as a paid service. The service is… Read More

  • GridIron Live: A Rich, 3D Football Game On Facebook Platform

    It’s fall, and that means it’s football season. And while Madden has long been the dominant force in Football video games, he’s getting some new competition this year that’s looking to tap into the same market that has made fantasy football and coaching sims incredibly popular. One of these games, which we covered last week, is called Quick Hit. And today sees the… Read More

  • Source: Microsoft May Be Able To Restore All Of The Lost Sidekick Data, After All

    Take this with a grain of salt, because we haven’t been able to confirm it with Microsoft, but we’ve heard from a source that employees inside Microsoft who are working on the Danger/Sidekick meltdown are optimistic that they’ll be able to recover all of the data that was lost during last weekend’s catastrophic server failure. That’s a big change from what we… Read More

  • MySpace, YourSpace, Whatever. Ali Partovi Is Win.

    One thing about MySpace – they’ve always had far more colorful executives than the more buttoned up Facebook exec team. Of course, those partying and committing federal crimes days are history with the new team in place. Or so we thought… A new group of execs were brought in today. And among them are the cofounders of music startup iLike, Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi. As… Read More

  • Meet the men and women behind the drones

    So everyone knows now that the military uses UAVs for actions in the Middle East. What isn’t as commonly known, is that the men and women who pilot the remote controlled aircraft do so from the relative comfort of a top secret facility in the Nevada desert. In some ways, it’s the ultimate video game. Read More

  • Apple performance update weighs in at around 300… kilobytes? That can't be right

    Oh Snow Leopard, you have made my day. Remember when updates used to be in the hundreds of megabytes? Your unified architecture has slimmed down apps and updates so much that they are only a thousandth the size now. Or it could be that it’s just a tiny patch to fix an uncommon but problematic hard drive error (since it’s only 22KB more for Leopard). Either way, the update is there. Read More

  • Google Unwraps Android's Giant Eclair

    The Android robot that graces Google’s front lawn got a new dessert friend today: a giant Eclair, drizzled with some chocolate syrup. The Eclair now sits alongside two other over-sized confections: an enormous cupcake and an intimidatingly large donut. You can see a video of the upwrapping of the new treat below, taken by Android engineer Dan Morrill according to Androidandme. The… Read More

  • Review: Motorola CLIQ

    The Short Version Motorola has released the phone it should have released a few years ago to compete with phones like the Helio Ocean and feature phones from LG and Samsung. Android brings this phone into the 21st century and the QWERTY keyboard and BLUR UI tweaks will please those looking for a keyboard Android phone with social networking features. The Long Version
    This last half-decade… Read More

  • This is why Apple's iFrame is a bad idea

    Yesterday, word got out of Apple’s new iFrame standard, which purports to expedite video editing by keeping the video in “the same format used on a computer.” Really, it’s nothing but a resolution and wrapper. So why am I losing my mind over it? Because the way iFrame is being positioned and propagated is misleading and harmful to consumers. Oh I know, what an… Read More

  • Augmented reality telescreen harasses onlookers

    This “demonstration” by artist Chris O’Shea has an enormous hand alternately crushing, picking up, and tickling passersby. It certainly is reminiscent of the Kids in the Hall sketch with the head crusher (which I have embedded below for your convenience). It appears to work more or less automatically, effacing people it picks up or shrinking them. Not the hardest thing to… Read More

  • MySpace Fills Out Executive Roster With New Hires, iLike Execs

    MySpace has just announced the appointment of four new members to its executive team, which saw a major shakeup last April. The new hires include Nada Stirratt, who will serve as Chief Revenue Officer and Dustin Finer, who is now Chief People Officer. Joining them will be iLike founders (and brothers) Ali Partovi, who is now SVP of Business Development based in San Francisco, and Hadi Partovi… Read More

  • Man builds Vespa rocking horse for grandchild, jealousy for everyone else

    Here is a photo of the luckiest kid in the world. Look at that cute little face. He seems to be saying “I have a Vespa rocking horse. Do you have a Vespa rocking horse? Where do you keep your Vespa rocking horse? I’m but a small child so I can only assume that all other children have a Vespa rocking horse just like mine.” Read More

  • TVCatchup launches live streaming TV to the iPhone

    [Apologies for the brevity, I’m posting via the WiFi on a train in the UK] It looks UK-based TVCatchup has launched a new service which has the Twittersphere chattering today. Accessing iphone.tvcatchup.com on an iPhone (or iPod Touch) lets the user tap into live UK TV channels, with a delay of about one minute. Quite some feat to pull off. And the Brighton-based outfit is claiming… Read More

  • Sanyo's new camcorders are iFrame-compatible, and I say again, DO NOT WANT iFrame

    Yesterday I lamented Apple’s decision to establish its own video standard, which, while little more than a suggested resolution and bitrate, does not fit will with any devices anywhere. The steady progression of VGA or WVGA, 720p, and 1080p are perfectly fine for the moment. That’s why every camera in the world shoots to one of them. 1080p is too much for most people to work with… Read More

  • Today on the CrunchGear Live Podcast

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/BTRPlayer.swf?file=http://www.blogtalkradio.com%2fCrunchGear%2fplay_list.xml&autostart=false&shuffle=false&callback=http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FlashPlayerCallback.aspx&width=630&height=105&volume=80&corner=rounded Here are some of the topics from today’s podcast… Devin hates Apple’s new iFrame video… Read More

  • AT&T Continues Its Attack Against Google Voice With A Second Letter To The FCC

    The back-and-forth between AT&T, Google, and the FCC over Google Voice’s blocking of some rural telephone numbers continues, and it’s getting even nastier. AT&T’s latest letter to the FCC attempts to undermine Google’s recent argument that it’s blocking exorbitantly expensive calls to some numbers in part because they are associated with sex lines. In… Read More

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