• In Soviet uTorrent, bandwidth throttles you!

    Apologies for the headline, but it was too appropriate to resist. It seems that there is a feature of uTorrent 2.0 now in beta that automatically detects network congestion and self-limits bandwidth to lessen it. This might provide some much-needed relief to ISPs that feel a disproportionate amount of traffic is P2P. I’m not sure whether to call this self-policing action capitulation… Read More

  • NSA to store yottabytes of surveillance data in Utah megarepository (update: not so much)

    There’s an interesting article in the current New York Review of books (predictably, a book review) detailing the history of the National Security Agency, that shadowy power-behind-the-power to which we surrender much of our privacy. That in itself is interesting, but I found the introduction a bit shocking: the NSA is constructing a datacenter in the Utah desert that they project will… Read More

  • How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro: An Insider's Confession

    Last night we wrote about the lead generation scams within social gaming networks. This is a guest post by Dennis Yu, the CEO of BlitzLocal, a privately held 50 person advertising agency in Denver, Colorado, specializing in local search engine marketing for franchises and professional service firms via Google and Facebook. BlitzLocal is no longer in the business of spam, but they do specialize… Read More

  • In The Fight Between Facebook And Twitter, Which One's The Mac And Which One's The PC?

    Facebook is much more than a social network. Twitter is much more than an information network or serendipity engine. Each represent a dashboard for your attention, a foundation for conversations and collaboration, and a matrix for your social graph and contextual relationships. In other words, Facebook and Twitter essentially represent the entrée to the future of the social Web as each strive… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Monster Mash Edition

    Here are some stories you might have missed this week on CrunchGear. All about the Motorola Droid
    Helmet radar: coming to a supersoldier near you
    Spooky Tesla Radio in a jar Read More

  • German social networks hacker commits suicide while in jail

    [Germany] You could say StudiVZ, the German Facebook clone has a few problems on its hands – and some unwelcome publicity. Back in August Facebook officially became Germany’s biggest social network, increasing reach by more than 50% from March to July 2009 taking it to 6.2 million unique users in Germany. By contrast StudiVZ had 4.28 million uniques (though it continues to claim… Read More

  • The Private Web

    For years we’ve been told the key to the future is the Open Web. And for years it’s been true that taking the open path eventually pays off. You can’t deny the power of open technologies to disrupt the incumbents, whether they are operating systems or carriers or the media in general. Arguing about what constitutes open can be entertaining, but in a world where realtime… Read More

  • NSFW: Halloween in San Francisco and the gathering clouds of a location-based privacy storm

    It’s Halloween, and nowhere more obviously so than in San Francisco. This is my first 31st October as a resident of the United States and I have to say, the effort you yanks go to in celebrating the ancient Celts’ holy evening is truly astounding. Every corner store, diner, dry cleaners, police station, library and undertakers has embraced the – uh – spirit… Read More

  • Want a TechCrunch spotlight on your European city? We need your help

    We interrupt normal programming to bring you an issue that’s affecting our ability to create a better tech ecosystem in Europe. At TechCrunch Europe we’ve been trying to help really energize the startup tech community across Europe – which suffers from the difficulty of being disparate and spread out – with a series of organised meetups. These are unlike casual… Read More

  • Texting and driving now banned in New York State

    Residents of New York State, beware: texting and driving is now 100 percent banned. No, it’s not the first state to enact such a ban—far from it, actually—but sometimes things don’t register till they happen in your backyard. The law goes into effect today, and infractions carry a maximum fine of $150. Read More

  • Think the Term “Supply Chain” Is Unsexy? Meet the Kinky King of Beijing

    I’ve met a lot of expats in my time in China. Some decided to move during an Asian studies class in college. Others decided to move when they saw Mandarin-speaking colleagues getting a promotion over them at work. Still others may have promised a Chinese parent on his or her deathbed to return to the homeland. For Chicago-native Brian Sloan, it was about the time he was being questioned… Read More

  • YouTube Down For Maintenance. Right.

    “YouTube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly,” says the site. The site first went down at around 9:30 California time. Or possibly earlier, we’re sorting through the Twitter barrage – “is down” is a trending topic right now. Most companies plan maintenance for short periods in the middle of the night, so our guess is this is maintenance of… Read More

  • Let's Kill "Viral": It's Time For a New Word

    This guest post is by Adam L. Penenberg, author of Viral Loop. Four months before my latest book hit store shelves, my publisher wanted to change the title. Viral Loop might be catchy, and reflect what the book is about—and isn’t that what a title is supposed to do?—but Hyperion worried that some readers would be put off by the word “viral.” Would they shrink away… Read More

  • Avoiding the Cargo Cult And Getting The Trans-Atlantic Startup Model Right

    This guest post was written by Roman Stanek, the founder and CEO of Good Data, a cloud-based business intelligence startup headquartered in San Francisco. Roman has been a tech entrepreneur for almost 20 years. He was founder and CEO of NetBeans (acquired by Sun Microsystems) and Systinet (acquired by Mercury Interactive and later Hewlett Packard). Read Roman’s blog here. When I met… Read More

  • Four Years After Founding, Kiva Hits $100 Million In Microloans

    Proving that microloans can help to change the world one little bit at a time, Kiva.org hit a major milestone today. Since it’s founding four years ago, it has now made possible $100 million in microloans between individual lenders and entrepreneurs all around the world. The company has brought together 573,000 lenders (people like you and me putting in $25 or more towards a… Read More

  • Sunday CrunchWord Puzzle!

    It’s back! Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Sunday, November 1st Read More

  • Hacker Of German Facebook Clones Commits Suicide In Jail

    You could say StudiVZ, the German Facebook clone, has a few problems on its hands – and some unwelcome publicity. Back in August Facebook officially became Germany’s biggest social network, increasing reach by more than 50% from March to July 2009 taking it to 6.2 million unique users in Germany. By contrast StudiVZ had 4.28 million uniques. Then StudiVZ became the subject of some… Read More

  • Two Companies That Said No To Social Media Scams

    Feedback is rolling in on our Scamville post last night. Even more people are coming forward to talk about their experiences getting ripped off by Offerpal and SuperRewards, or how they were pitched by these companies to add offers to their apps. We’ve got a lot more to say about this before we’re done. And we’re hoping that Facebook and MySpace make the right decisions for… Read More

  • Link as Link

    Inspired by this post back in August, I decided to learn how to knit just so I could make this costume of Link from The Legend of Zelda for our 3-month-old son, also named Link. My wife and I finished it just in time today to go to a party with some other new parents. Happy Halloween! Read More

  • Sad: Doom box artist passes away

    Sorry to put a damper on your night, but it looks like the artist who provided the amazing cover art for Doom has died. Don Ivan Punchatz provided illustrations for a number of publications, but perhaps no single piece of his is as widely recognized as the Space Marine gunning down that demonic horde, combined with the mechanized lettering we all know so well. The best we can do is say… Read More

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