• One million PS3 Slims sold worldwide since its launch

    Finally, actual PS3 Slim sales numbers. Before all we had were percentages—sales up 300 percent over last week, that type of thing. Anyhow, Sony sold one million PS3 Slims since its launch back on September 1. That’s worldwide, mind you. Read More

  • Bing Comes To The iPhone Via Robotvision

    Bing is beginning to find its way onto the iPhone through apps that build on top of its APIs. One that just hit the iTunes Store is an augmented reality app called Robotvision (iTunes link). Like other AR apps, it uses the video camera on the iPhone 3GS, as well as the GPS and the compass to bring up data about nearby restaurants and shops, including reviews. It gets this local business… Read More

  • It Took A Year, But Fitness Gadget Fitbit Will Finally Launch

    Fitness gadget Fitbit was a hit at last year’s TechCrunch50, where it created a ton of buzz and was a runner-up for the top prize. Of course, we all know that it takes hardware companies longer to launch than software startups and since last September, Fitbit has been working tirelessly to refine the product, establish distributions channels and tweak its online platform. Now we… Read More

  • No, Microsoft will not buy EA. Just sayin'.

    Where did this rumor that Microsoft wanted to buy EA start? You know what, it doesn’t matter where it started, because it’s not true. No, Microsoft has no plans to buy EA, so don’t sweat the technique ($1 if you get that reference). Read More

  • iMacs to be refreshed as soon as next week?

    There’s nothing solid on this, but the usual mysterious sources are whispering about an iMac refresh coming next week. We knew this was forthcoming, but the changes themselves are anybody’s guess. We expect upgraded CPU and GPU, possibly a slimmer design, and some people even suggest Blu-ray is in the cards. Those people aren’t right, though. If Apple was changing its mind… Read More

  • So at Least Pierre Omidyar Is Trying to Change the World

    Given my recent rants about Silicon Valley’s ratio of stinginess-to-wealth and the current trend against “changing the world,” it’s not a huge surprise that more blog posts and tweets were coming from Demo or the B-list-celebrity-studded 140-The Twitter Conference than at the Clinton Global Initiative summit that was also held this week in New York. Techies who did… Read More

  • Don't look now, but the Fonera2n router is now available

    The Fonera name doesn’t really mean much here in the U S of A, but it’s a little more popular in Europe. (I know I occasionally ran into Fonera Wi-Fi networks in Barcelona last year, and I had never seen one in Manhattan or Queens in New York.) In any event, Fon has, indeed, released the Fonera 2n router here in the U.S.. The big thing is that it works with 802.11n. I guess… Read More

  • Verizon: No Pre for us, thank you

    In a rather surprising move considering Verizon’s lack of compelling handsets, the nation’s biggest wireless carrier has decided it’s going to pass on the Palm Pre, if reports are to be believed. This is a serious blow to Palm’s aspirations, and their stock took a 5% hit as if to rubber-stamp it. Although the team here is divided over Palm’s new efforts (and… Read More

  • Google Sites Get Liberated By New API

    For the last 18 months Google Sites has given businesses a way to quickly build their own websites with no HTML knowledge required, making for an easy way to help coordinate efforts internally and to also build consumer facing sites. But there’s been one fairly major complaint about the service: there was no easy way to export your data if you wanted to take it elsewhere. Today… Read More

  • Roasted Marshmallow Shooter: Yes, it shoots flaming marshmallows

    You put a marshmallow into it. It catches on fire. You shoot it. This, in a nutshell explains how the mazing Roasted Marshmallow Shooter works. As far as I tell it uses a a toilet paper tube to light the marshmallows which then blow out of the the tube. Also, don’t try this at home. Read More

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