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Spot AI raises $40M to build smarter CCTV security camera tech

CCTV and other kinds of security cameras have a strong Big Brother vibe, but for many of us that may be because we don’t really understand or know how the footage they pick up ever gets used. To

OnlyFans partners with Spring to add shopping features

Merch is coming to OnlyFans. In a partnership with Spring — the merch company formerly known as TeeSpring that just got acquired by Amaze — OnlyFans creators can sell physical products to

Maybe FTX was the real poster child for 2021’s startup excess

FTX's bankruptcy filing speaks volumes about how quickly venture capitalists dropped their own advice to secure a seat on a rocket they were hoping would only go up. It did not.

Speak lands investment from OpenAI to expand its language learning platform

Speak, an English language learning platform with AI-powered features, today announced that it raised $27 million in a Series B funding round led by the OpenAI Startup Fund, with participation from La

Binance’s CZ on FTX: ‘We were the last straw that broke the camel’s back’

Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, commented on the collapse of FTX at TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto 2022. He played down his personal role in the series of events that ultimat

TikTok begins testing an early version of its platform research API

Earlier this year, TikTok announced that it’s developing a research API to improve access to public and anonymized data about content and activity on its app. Now, the company says it’s re

Binance chief says crypto exchange doesn’t see viable business in India

Scores of crypto-focused venture capital firms have raced to India in the past two years, hoping to turn the world’s second largest internet market’s large developer community into a key w

Roku lays off 200 US employees, citing economic conditions

Roku wrote in a new SEC filing that it plans to cut 200 jobs in the U.S. as it braces for economic headwinds. Thanks to the workforce reduction, the company expects to incur a non-recurring charge of

Sources: Palo Alto Networks is buying Cider Security for up to $300M

Update: Palo Alto confirmed the acquisition earlier today and will merge Cider into its Prisma stack, both as we predicted in the original article. The deal is “approximately $195 million in cas

OpsHelm emerges from stealth to automatically correct your security blunders

There are so many preventable cybersecurity incidents each year, if only you were aware of the problem. It could be the classic exposed Amazon S3 bucket or a firewall vulnerability. These are what man

Corporate comms for the startup soul

 Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Today we have something a bit different for you, i

Is web3 really the new phase of the internet?

Investors and startup founders are desperately trying to convince us that web3 is the next logical phase of the web. Is it?

Google rolls out new features across Maps, Search and Shopping

Google announced today that it’s introducing a slew of new Maps, Search and Shopping features. The company revealed a majority of the new features during its Search On event in September and is

Mozilla looks to its next chapter

Mozilla today released its annual “State of Mozilla” report and for the most part, the news here is positive. Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit side of the overall Mozilla organization,

Namecoach raises cash to teach users how to correctly pronounce names

We’ve all been faced with a name that’s difficult to pronounce. But not everyone considers the consequences of their mispronunciations. In a piece for Fast Company, Madhumita Mallick, the

Terzo lands $16M to extract key data from contracts

Contract governance is the steps taken to make sure agreed-upon terms between a company and its suppliers are met. It’s an essential part of doing business, and the consequences for getting it w

ReadySpaces, which offers co-warehousing spaces to corporate customers, secures $20M in debt

Jon Zimmerman — the co-founder of ReadySpaces, a warehouse storage provider for small businesses — was working in the self-storage market when he had the idea for a product with the flexib

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing were better off this year

New data from Capchase found that startups that cut sales and marketing were in worse financial shape in 2022 than those that didn't.

PR software giant Cision acquires Factmata, the fake news startup that pivoted to monitoring all kinds of online narratives

Fake news, and the identification and eradication of it, has long been thought of as the purview of social media platforms, where a lot of that tends to be shared. Today, one of the more ambitious tec

TAM takedown: Investors are looking for market opportunity, not just size

Entrepreneurs should show investors that they truly understand the market opportunity from the bottom up, customer by customer.
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