• How long until Facebook Frames?

    How long until Facebook Frames?

    Snapchat’s Spectacles are already causing huge lineups and mild millennial frenzy in LA now that they’re on sale via super-exclusive Snapbot vending machines. It’s almost inevitable that Facebook copies this, too, so gird your nose bridge for Facebook Frames. Here’s our exclusive (and very fake) early preview of their promo site copy, which unsurprisingly looks a lot… Read More

  • Top tech investors turned into emoji

    What do Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and Naval Ravikant look like as emojis? For the launch of emoji marketplace MojiLaLa, the startup made a set inspired by tech’s best-known venture capitalists. The list could have included more of the great female and minority VCs like Mary Meeker, Charles Hudson and Aileen Lee. But here’s a look at caricatures of the 20 they chose. If… Read More

  • How our Founding Fathers raised a Series A

    How our Founding Fathers raised a Series A

    For some of us, hot dogs, patriotic songs and fireworks are enough. We here at TechCrunch expect more of our readers. Why be satisfied with fireworks when you could literally launch a Kickstarter into the sky. If you’re like me, you were likely quite disappointed to find out that Hamilton wasn’t about an epic duel, I mean “syndicate,” between Backstage… Read More

  • “Let me see your phone”

    “Let me see your phone”

    Here’s one for your Friday. An older video, unearthed by Twitter user @iamjamajesty a few days ago has been blowing up on the network. This group poem, performed by Morgan “MoMo” Butler and Malachi Byrd, is one of the best expressions I’ve seen of love and trust in the digital age. “Settings>Privacy Settings>System Services>Location… Read More

  • Watch this short Sci-Fi movie with a script written by an AI

    Watch this short Sci-Fi movie with a script written by an AI

    You know when you just keep pressing the predictive text button on your mobile phone and the sentence just starts making less and less sense? The team behind Sunspring used the same technology to write a screenplay. Then they found some actors — including Thomas Middleditch, who plays Pied Piper’s Richard Hendricks in Silicon Valley — and turned it into a real short film. Read More

  • 7 of the Internet’s best animated 404 pages

    Gone are the days where a humorous picture or phrase will get your site’s 404 page noticed. In a version of the Internet where GIFs are the new text and videos are the new photos, it’s going to take a lot more than a witty phrase to stand out amongst the crowd. But, we were surprised to see that most sites still aren’t taking advantage of that valuable real estate. Read More

  • How to get a show on TechCrunch

    How to get a show on TechCrunch

    I’m pretty excited and happy to announce that today I’m taking over Crunch Report. “I am the captain now.” I edited over 150 episodes of Crunch Report back when Sarah Lane hosted the show and I learned a lot: how to be super efficient at editing, learning what I personally liked and disliked about Crunch Report and basically eating, breathing and living this… Read More

  • The Europas — It’s time for a different kind of tech conference

    The Europas — It’s time for a different kind of tech conference

    Let’s face it. Some tech conferences have lost their way. While TechCrunch Disrupt remains a firmly curated, media-driven, event, with hundreds of journalists attending, a couple of other conferences have really gone for scale. A minimum of 15,000 people, thousands of companies, echoing halls — and a lot of investors (and journalists) turning their badges around so they don’t… Read More

  • The science of funny Crunch Network

    The science of funny

    Psychologists in Canada have developed a mathematical formula for quantifying the humor of nonsense. Most of us would be forgiven for thinking math and humor are mutually exclusive. One is perceived as logical while the other is considered an intangible, uniquely human trait. Still, science knows no limits and, as The Cat in the Hat once declared, “It is fun to have fun but you have to… Read More

  • Phil Schiller takes to Twitter to remind everyone not to pluralize Apple products

    Phil Schiller takes to Twitter to remind everyone not to pluralize Apple products

    Last night a single tweet on everyone’s favorite news platform was heard ’round the world. No, I’m not talking about the tweet that cost an NFL draft prospect $14 million dollars. Or Drake’s tweet dropping his new album, Views. I’m talking about Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller taking to Twitter to finally answer the age-old question of how to correctly refer… Read More

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