Come play YC bingo with TechCrunch

We here at TechCrunch love a good demo day, replete with startups showing off their idea, traction and, at times, product. Sitting through dozens or hundreds of pitches, be it at Techstars or Y Combinator or one of the myriad other accelerators’ demo days out there, we notice trends. Sometimes these become small jokes internally, shared with the fate of eventually disappearing into the Slack archive.

To honor some language that we hearĀ often, we went ahead and created a bingo board for today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, day two. If you’re into niche startup humor, welcome. And if you’re not, can you try? Just this once?

Print it out (or screenshot it because we know no one owns printers anymore) and and fill it in as you will today. And for added fun, stay tuned for some discount codes we’ll be handing out later via TechCrunch’s Twitter. (Not sure on the rules of bingo, here you go!)

Image Credits: TechCrunch/Bryce Durbin