INTV is Showcasing the Israeli Startups Innovation (Web) TV

Having built a reputation over the past three decades as the ‘Startup Nation,’ in recent years Israel has also begun to establish a name for itself as a TV format exporting powerhouse.

The most notable shows with Israeli origin are ‘Homeland’ and ‘In Treatment,’ along with the likes of ‘Traffic Light,’ ‘The Ex-List’ and ‘Phenomenon’.

In an effort to encourage more innovation, the Keshet Media Group, the production house behind most of the format exports to the US, is hosting the INTV Conference where it’s showcasing some of the Israeli startups innovating Web-TV. Here they are:

AnyClip lets users relive their favorite moments from movies and TV by allowing them to search its extensive movie database for specific segments.

Playcast brings console-quality video games directly to TVs through a cloud gaming service it distributes through Cable, IPTV and Satellite operators.

Tvinci is a backend platform driving ‘Over The Top TV’ applications for a personalized¬†user experience across multiple devices.

Applicaster offers a host of multi-screen solutions that include live and on demand video and interactive overlays, for second screen and synchronized social experiences.

Flixwagon offers a live mobile video ‘Streaming as a Service’ platform for large scale events to be viewed on smartphones, tablets and Smart TV’s.

Stevie, which debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in 2012, turns social feeds like Facebook and Twitter into personal broadcast television experiences.

MyCode offers an app for real-time content, contests and promotions,

SterGen converts standard 2D sports feeds into high quality 3D in real time.

WSC‘s’Playmaker’ platform automatically generates highlights clips based on user-preferences.

Audish lets anyone make make video karaoke videos of themselves.

JoinTV brings collaborative viewing and purchasing of paid-TV content.