Roi Carthy

Roi Carthy

I’ve helped market big ideas & the startups behind them. Noteworthy work in these realms: PHP & Ad Blocking.

Previously, the CMO of The Singulariteam Technology Group, where I supported a portfolio of 40+ companies.

Before that, I was CMO of Rainbow (formerly Shine), where I championed the right of individuals to block abusive ads, while helping the Advertising Industry embrace better online ad experiences.

In 2015 my work was recognized by ‘The Drum’ and their selecting of me as ‘CMO of the Year:

Before that, I was Managing Partner at Initial Capital (, a private investment firm focused on deals in Israel and Brazil.

I had the pleasure of working at companies such as Soluto and Zend Technologies.

I also covered the Israeli startup scene for TechCrunch from 2007 – 2012.

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