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Match Group inks deal with OpenAI, says press release written by ChatGPT

In a press release written with help from ChatGPT, Match Group announced an enterprise agreement with the AI chatbot’s maker, OpenAI. The new agreement includes over 1,000 enterprise licenses fo

Reddit’s upcoming IPO could reward its power users

On today's episode, we're talking about Reddit's upcoming IPO (again), along with some impressive raises for edtech startup Loora, Bioptimus and Dili.

This YC alum just raised $31M to build the ‘TurboTax for construction permitting’

Anyone who has ever tried to build or renovate a house knows the pain of obtaining construction permits. Challenges in receiving permits not only add frustration, but also time and expense to any proj

Faddom raises $12M to help companies map IT infrastructure wherever it lives

When IT was responsible for servers onsite, understanding what you owned and where it lived was not a big problem. For most, it was physical machines in a closet or server room, but as infrastructure

Google DeepMind forms a new org focused on AI safety

If you ask Gemini, Google’s flagship GenAI model, to write deceptive content about the upcoming U.S. presidential election, it will, given the right prompt. Ask about a future Super Bowl game an

Microservices orchestration platform Orkes raises $20M Series A

Back in 2016, Netflix open-sourced Conductor, its microservices orchestration platform, but last December, it announced that it would discontinue maintaining it. Thankfully, for the many companies tha

WhatsApp adds formatting support for lists, block quotes, and inline code

WhatsApp said today it is rolling out a number of new formatting options on the app, including bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code. The company said these formatting features

China’s Moonshot AI zooms to $2.5B valuation, raising $1B for an LLM focused on long context

The race to build the next big large language model is on, and now a contender out of China has reportedly banked a major round of funding to catapult it to the front of the pack. Moonshot AI, an arti

Apple launches a new app for tracking sports scores, stats

Apple today is continuing its investment in sports and subscriptions business with the launch of a new app for iPhone users, Apple Sports. The app will offer sports fans access to real-time scores, st

Apple readies iMessage for when quantum computers could break encryption

Apple announced today it is upgrading iMessage’s security layer to post-quantum cryptography, starting in iOS and iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, and watchOS 10.4. The technology giant said that in the

Goldman Sachs bets on Simetrik’s automation tech for CFOs

Simetrik created the Simetrik Building Blocks, scalable and adaptable concepts based on no-code development and generative AI technologies.

Clumio raises $75M to automate cloud data backup and recovery

Clumio, a data backup and recovery provider for companies using the public cloud, has raised $75 million in a Series D round of funding. The raise comes as the Santa Clara, California-based company cl

This startup is using AI to discover new materials

While the world fixates on text-, image- and movie-generating AI, a startup headed by a former DeepMind senior researcher is developing GenAI tech to support the manufacturing of new physical material

Carbon capture startup takes ‘good enough’ approach to slash costs

Clairity is one of the latest entrants into the direct air capture market, where companies compete to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the lowest cost.

Conservation Labs uses sound to diagnose plumbing issues

Sound can reveal a lot about water — and where it’s headed. Every washing machine cycle, dish rinse and toilet flush sends water rushing through the pipes in homes, apartments and commerci

Hadrian Automation’s CEO wants to defy history and revitalize American industry

Chris Power, founder and CEO of industrial automation startup Hadrian, is a student of history. And in his studies, he observed that history repeats itself: in particular, the cycle of empires ascendi

Interior design startup Havenly acquires home decor retailer The Citizenry

Online interior design startup Havenly is acquiring artisan home decor startup The Citizenry, the company announced today. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Havenly says the acquisit

Early Stage 2024 Audience Choice winner revealed

You voted and the results are finally in! We’re excited to announce that you chose Dana Louie, Hubspot’s Senior Manager of Corporate Development, as this year’s Audience Choice round

Qloo raises $25M to predict your favorite movies, TV shows and more

The buzziest AI today — GenAI — is an undoubted labor saver, generating images, emails, songs and more in record time. But one of AI’s more useful applications in the long run might

Samphire Neuroscience is building a brain stimulating wearable for period pain

It’s a horrible truth that many women simply endure period pain every month — perhaps relying on painkillers or a hot water bottle to relieve stomach cramps. For others, menstrual pain can
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