More Nikon D300s pics appear, lets just call this thing real

Nikon runs a leaky ship, that’s for sure. The D300s is following the same path that the D5000 blazed. The upcoming DSLR is set to launch shorty according to a leaked release schedule, but here s

Google Brings Location To The Mobile Web On The iPhone

<img src="" width="200" height="200" />Google's updates surrounding location are now coming fast and furious. Just a few days ago it

AMEE boosts its war chest and board with a Yahoo! emigre

AMEE, the startup producing an all-encompassing platform for measuring energy and thus the world’s carbon footprint, is boosting its board today with the appointment of Toby Coppel, former chief

Amazon working hard to get Kindle to the UK before Christmas

<img src="" alt="amazon-kindle-2-uk2" title="amazon-kindle-2-uk2" width="291" height="386" class="alignright size-full wp-im

Chris Anderson's Free Is Now Available For Free On The Kindle

<img src="" width="200" height="200" />I put this <a href="

Gates: Natal coming to Windows

<img src="" alt="xbox-360-project-natal_1" title="xbox-360-project-natal_1" width="575" height="323" class="aligncenter

EA announces micro-studio 8lb. Gorilla with iPhone game, 'Zombies & Me.' Doesn't live up to EA standards.

8lb. Gorilla? More like 5lb. Chimpanzee. The 800lb. Gorilla in the gaming development world, Electronic Arts, recently announced on Touch Arcade that it has opened a new “micro-studio” to

Review: Take a trip to hell and back with Doom: Resurrection for iPhone

I’ve never knew hell would be so much fun. Well, it is, and you can enjoy a visit to hell yourself with Doom: Resurrection (iTunes Link) for the iPhone. As soon as I picked up my iPhone, I was b

Russians waste more money, lock 6 men away for 105 days in the name of science

<img src="">Maybe someday a human will walk on Mars. The last couple of generations has always told their children that they will be th

Woot! Refurbished 80GB Zune + home AV dock for $150

<img src="" alt="zune" />Forget media-streaming set-top boxes and plunk down $150 on this 80GB Zune with free Home AV Pack deal that Woot! has

LinkedIn Drills Down Into People Search With New Beta

<img src="" width="200" height="92" /> There is an IBM commercial that pokes fun of people who spend time on social networks in

There will be some sort of PSN App Store for ‘snackable’ games

<img src="" />Yup, there will be a PSN App Store of sorts. Sony admitted as much, saying that it will focus on “snackable” games.

From the "because you can" department: iPhone server farms

<img src="" alt="iphone-server-farm" title="iphone-server-farm" />Hey, the iPhone is a little computer! What do you do with l

FIFA 10 on October 2 for every damn system ever

<img src="" />EA Sports will release <i>FIFA 10</i> on October 2 for every system ever created by man, including the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360,

Wii-enhanced CPR training gets American Heart Association blessing

<img src="" />If you've ever been CPR certified, you know that it involves a lot of demonstration on a dummy that isn't the best at giving

CrunchGear's Gadget Club Contest with Peek and Radio Shack

Remember the Radio Shack Battery Club? Back in the old days you’d go into Radio Shack with a card and they’d give you free battery once a month. It was heaven. I used to go in and grab a 9

F-Secure Pays €27.5 Million For French Storage Startup Steek

<img src="" />Finnish computer security provider <a href="">F-Secure</a> has acquired venture-backed French st

Another Security Tip For Twitter: Don't Use "Password" As Your Server Password

<img src="" width="215" height="141" />With <a href="">all the chatter<

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DLC inbound later this summer

Activision and Luxoflux would announce new DLC for T:ROTF on the day my review goes live. D’oh! Over TEN new multiplayer characters including ultimate fan favorites such as G1 Starscream and mov

Thanko rolls out USB can cooler and heater

<img src="" /> Yet another USB gadget from <a href="">Thanko</a>: Th
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