• LinkedIn Drills Down Into People Search With New Beta

    There is an IBM commercial that pokes fun of people who spend time on social networks in the workplace. It shows a young, hip guy who brags about having “826 friends” and explains to an older boss-lady type that he “can find anyone.” So she says she needs a team of international finance experts who know merger arbitrage, speak Cantonese and can start on Monday. … Read More

  • There will be some sort of PSN App Store for ‘snackable’ games

    Yup, there will be a PSN App Store of sorts. Sony admitted as much, saying that it will focus on “snackable” games. Presumably “snackable” means short, fun games that you’d play while on the elevator, waiting in line at the bank, etc. Think Brick Breaker for BlackBerry. That game is great in a pinch. Read More

  • From the "because you can" department: iPhone server farms

    Hey, the iPhone is a little computer! What do you do with little computers? You stick ’em in racks and make big logical computers! Imagine being able to harness the awesome computing power of five iPhones to … umm … do stuff. Read More

  • FIFA 10 on October 2 for every damn system ever

    EA Sports will release FIFA 10 on October 2 for every system ever created by man, including the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. (It’ll be the last FIFA game for the PS2.) Wayne Rooney will be on the cover of the UK version of the game, but I have no idea who will be on the American version. Lord knows MLS isn’t exactly a world-class league. Read More

  • Wii-enhanced CPR training gets American Heart Association blessing

    If you’ve ever been CPR certified, you know that it involves a lot of demonstration on a dummy that isn’t the best at giving feedback. But that’s the way it’s been done forever and it’s likely not going to change — although some undergrads at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are looking at a way to make the process a little more high-tech. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Gadget Club Contest with Peek and Radio Shack

    Remember the Radio Shack Battery Club? Back in the old days you’d go into Radio Shack with a card and they’d give you free battery once a month. It was heaven. I used to go in and grab a 9-volt – the best battery to have, by a long shot. Well, Radio Shack and Peek just teamed up with us to offer you the Peek/Radio Shack Free Gadget Club. For the next three weeks… Read More

  • F-Secure Pays €27.5 Million For French Storage Startup Steek

    Finnish computer security provider F-Secure has acquired venture-backed French startup Steek for €27.5M with the possibility of a further performance-based payment of up to €2.5M next year. Steek was backed by Innovacom, which financed the startup’s $4 million Series A round mid-2006 and later joined AGF Private Equity in a $8 million Series B round. Sleek offers integrated… Read More

  • Another Security Tip For Twitter: Don't Use "Password" As Your Server Password

    With all the chatter about the current security issues surrounding Twitter, its workforce and the cloud-based Google apps they use, a new security issue has popped up that makes it trivially easy for anyone to access the Twitter servers directly. The problem? The password to the servers was, literally, “password.” Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, responding to our email, said… Read More

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DLC inbound later this summer

    Activision and Luxoflux would announce new DLC for T:ROTF on the day my review goes live. D’oh! Over TEN new multiplayer characters including ultimate fan favorites such as G1 Starscream and movie favorites like Sideswipe.
    Three all-new multiplayer maps.
    Play new characters in both the Autobot and Decepticon single player campaigns.
    New Expert difficulty mode with a fresh set of… Read More

  • Thanko rolls out USB can cooler and heater

    Yet another USB gadget from Thanko: This time the Tokyo-based company surprises us with a USB can cooler and heater [JP]. That’s right, you basically get two practical devices for the price of one (a simple switch does the trick). Plug the gadget into a USB port and it will keep your beverage warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Thanko says this is usually the case for about 4… Read More

  • Google Reader Takes Another Social Step With People Search And "Likes"

    As we’ve noted for some time, Google Reader’s social features leave a lot to be desired. The search giant is slowly moving in the right direction towards making shared items more accessible between friends, but it’s still rather clunky. Today, the functionality receives yet another upgrade, including one that may finally spur social usage — “liking”… Read More

  • Samsung Comeback set to cost about $130 too much

    The Samsung Comeback might not have launched today as it was expected to, but the details continue to trickle in. We’ve got the product shots, we’ve got the specs, and now that last oh-so-important detail has come out: the price. Read More

  • The Price Of Success: Pay-To-Play Continues To Shape The Twitter Ecosystem

    As Twitter continues to see skyrocketing growth, desktop and mobile phone clients are becoming a big business. Last month we broke the news that TweetDeck was asking some services for around $50,000 to appear in the client. Now we’ve gotten word that TwitterBerry, one of the most popular Twitter clients for BlackBerry phones, is running an auction for the coveted spot of… Read More

  • Disclaimer: These are coasters not wormholes to other worlds

    I have a confession: I love me some Stargate. It’s my guilty pleasure. Star Trek is okay, Star Wars will always be a classic, I never got into BSG, but I can tell you almost anything about the Stargate universe. Now, I’m going to buy these coasters, but you have my word that they will never be used in public. I promise. [$29.99 @ Think Geek via Gearfuse] Read More

  • Nerd Jokes: Someone spelled 'Pittsburgh' wrong in Morse Code, ROFL!

    The Grant Building in downtown Pittsburgh has been spelling out the city’s name in Morse Code via a flashing red light on the top of the structure since 1929. Except that a local grad student recently decoded the message to spell out “PITETSBKRRH” instead. Read More

  • Colorado plan would give free cellphones to low income people

    Wow, you can totally tell when Drudge links to a news story. Take this one, which details a Colorado plan to give free cellphones to low income people. Similar programs, using landline telephones, have existed for some time, paid for by a federal tax on telephones. So it’s not like this is new money we’re talking about, you know, being used to help people. But check out these… Read More

  • Review: The Conduit (Wii)

    I now have a reason to ignore my PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii finally has a decent “next-gen” shooter thanks to High Voltage and Sega. I hate to backtrack, but let’s take a step back for a second before I dive into this review. Developers have typically taken a different route with the Wii since it launched many moons ago and for good reason. First party titles weren’t… Read More

  • Thirty-eight Wii accessories for $38? What's the catch?

    If you’ve just purchased the Nintendo Wii, let me be the first to tell you that you’re going to need to set aside at least as much as you spent on the console in an “accessory fund” — hopefully interest-bearing. Read More

  • Twitter's Financial Forecast Shows First Revenue In Q3, 1 billion users in 2013

    Our negotiations with Twitter (or rather Twitter’s lawyers) over our intention to publish a small subset of the 310 hacked confidential documents continue. We published the first document, a pitch for a reality television show called Final Tweet, earlier this morning. Far more interesting, though, is this internal Twitter financial forecast from February 2009. Twitter has told us that… Read More

  • Aircell now offers Gogo pricing for shorter flights

    Any in-flight Wi-Fi fans in the audience? Listen up, kids. Aircell announced new pricing for their Gogo service today and it applies to those flying extremely short distances, like 1.5 hours. If you’re on a flight that’s less than 1.5 hours you’ll be forking over $6 and those of you looking for a 24-hour pass will have to shell over $13. That is all. Read More

  • The official Kindle 2 case is cracking the Kindle 2, $5 million lawsuit filed

    It seems that the Kindle 2 has an issue when used with the official protective case: it cracks. Obviously everyone that spent $30 on the case that’s suppose to protect the Kindle from such damage isn’t too happy right now. Amazon previously stated that owners were kind of out of luck and had to spend an additional $200 for a replacement but recently started replacing cracked Kindles. Read More

  • Google Maps Markers Are Making Real World Appearances

    You know the Google Maps upside-down teardrop shaped markers? It looks like they’re starting to appear in the real world, at various locations around the globe. You can see the locations that have them on this Google Maps Favorite Places page. For example, there are apparently a bunch of these markers in San Francisco already. One (which happens to be in my neighborhood) has been caught… Read More

  • Apple Kills Everyone's Buzz At Once: Tethering On AT&T Is Dead, Pre Blocked In iTunes

    And yet another game of cat and mouse begins. Over the past 24 hours, Apple has released updates for both iTunes and the iPhone beta SDK. While both are seemingly minor on the feature front, each packs a bit of disappointment for those who had been using loopholes to their advantage. First off the bat was a new beta release of the iPhone 3.1 SDK. Within minutes of the news breaking… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Ultimate Guide to Netbooks

    Ah, the netbook. Back in 1999 or so I remember one of my co-workers spent over $3,000 for a mini Sony Vaio PCG-C1, the kind with the tiny keyboard and woefully underpowered processor. Fast forward a decade and we’ve come full circle with the netbook. These still woefully underpowered laptops still have tiny keyboards but they cost a pittance and, for a certain subset of users… Read More

  • Premium Guitar Hero drum controller from Logitech

    Logitech has announced a premium Guitar Hero drumset for the PS2 and PS3, priced at $229 and available soon. The kit features a stainless steel bass pedal and the drumheads and cymbals can be repositioned “to fit your reach and suit your style, helping you play faster and better.” Read More

  • Spending $4,500 on an OQO model 2+ is awesome

    Man, I wish I had crazy money like the OQO fanboy that spend $4,500 on a used, but still unreleased, OQO model 2+. I mean, it only makes sense to spend that kind of money on a device that is only marginally better than a Viliv X70 thanks to the physical keyboard and double the RAM. Read More

  • Google Books Is Trying To Get People To Read By Tweeting Out Literary Quotes

    Google Books has had a big month. The user interface got an overhaul with new tools and features, including a new search capacity, and the U.S. Department of Justice formally announced the investigation of the settlement Google made with the Author’s Guild to make books available on the web. Now Google is using Twitter as a vehicle to help you learn what books are available. Under… Read More

  • Uh Oh: The Toshiba TG01 is diseased

    If you’re part of the very, very, very small segment of Crunch readers who happens to live in Germany, and you’re an O2 customer, and you bought a TG01 – look out! Your new toy might make your computer feel a bit woozy inside. Read More

  • Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360)

    Movie licensed games have generally sucked something fierce. Very rarely are any of them ever any good, and the same goes for movies based on videogames. Something gets lost in translation. Development is typically rushed to coincide with simultaneous launches, and gamers are the ones who suffer the most. There are a few diamonds in the rough (X-Men Origins: Wolverine was pretty good), but… Read More

  • AT&T finally launches the Sony Ericsson C905a

    Okay AT&T, lets talk. If you’re not ready to launch a phone 3 months after it’s announced, no one will really notice. If, at 6 months, the company still hasn’t prepped the handset for compatibility with your 3G network, you might want to start yelling. But a year? One whole friggin’ year to jam in some extra bands? Around the 9 month point, you probably should have… Read More