In 8 hours, Windows 7 pre-orders overtake Vista pre-orders


Looks like Microsft may well have a hit on its hands in Windows 7. In just eight hours, Windows 7 pre-orders outpaced the total number of pre-orders for Vista on Amazon UK. Vista was available for pre-order for a full 17 weeks, so this is something of an accomplishment for Microsoft.

On sale October 22, Windows 7… how do I phrase this? The fact that it’s not Vista is reason enough to consider buying it, especially it you’re clunking along on Windows XP. (To think that people, myself included, prefer the nearly eight-year-old Windows XP to Vista says something about the quality of Vista. But let’s not beat that dead horse, for the zillion time.)

IDC analysts predict about 170 million copies of Windows 7 will be floating around Europe by the next of next year. How many of those installs will you be responsible for?

Of course, not that any of this matters. Once Google Chrome OS comes out, we’ll all be like, “Yuck, who stores their presentations on their hard drive? How 2008 of you!” /eye_roll

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