iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology


Griffin Technology released a new iPhone app today called iFM Radio Browser that works like a search engine for radio stations. The essence of the app is that you can search for local radio stations (with the help of the iPhone’s built in GPS capability) and view what is currently spinning on any of the stations it finds in your area.

This is a new paradigm in station-flipping for sure.

It’s important to note that the app itself is NOT an FM receiver, but rather a browser to access a layer of extended information that supports your listening experience.

From Griffin

iFM Radio Browser, in the spirit of a cross-platform web browser, can work alongside any FM radio, whether in the car or in the home, and brings an interactive radio experience to iPhone and iPod touch. The application connects to real-time data, provided by Mediaguide Inc., to display a list of local FM radio stations within the US, as well as the artists currently playing on them, going beyond both RDS and satellite radio programming guides. Tapping a station in the list allows users to view song title, album art, artist biography, and upcoming concert events. iFM Radio Browser even allows the user to instantly purchase favorite music from the iTunes Music store or create a Wish List for future reference. A simple and attractive user interface allows easy navigation of the app, without compromising access to its numerous features.

The app will however seamlessly integrate with Griffin’s hardware radio product called the “Navigate“, which is essentially a small radio receiver, if that’s what you are into.

This kind of application is something we will undoubtedly see more of as mobile devices and services act as conduits to all the ephemeral data surrounding us.

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