ReceiptFarm comes out of beta – offer for 50 lucky TechCrunch readers

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ReceiptFarm, effectively a UK clone of the US-based Shoeboxed startup which scans receipts and send it back to you in a file of your choosing, has come out of beta and now taken the site live. I’ve checked it out and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Although I think I’d prefer a service that did this with business cards…

They are offering 50 TechCrunch Europe readers a 20% discount on their new service if they plug in the word TECHCRUNCH when they register.

But that’s not the awesome bit. The awesome bit is that they are running a draw giving away a classic ZX Spectrum. Unfortunely people need to tweet using the hashtag #moonfarm. Queue howls of protest from Twitter users… That’s not a great idea is it?

  • nemo

    Cloudcontacts will do biz cards for you

  • Samuel Serra

    Thanks for the review Mike.

    Might do business cards at some point but for the minute are focussing on doing awesome suff with receipts. Let us know if you would find it really usefull and we can move it up the priority list –

  • RichSpalding

    At first look it looks like a bit of effort to post receipts, but I guess heavy business expenses would benefit from this.

    What I would like to see is that retailers offer the ability to email receipts directly to you, or perhaps directly to Receipt Farm. Thereby reducing the inane amount of paper used to print receipts for my 30p packet of chewing gum.

    Furthermore, if receipts were digitized as standard, someone clever could place them into a budgeting program perhaps like (though being based in the UK I don’t know the full capability of Mint).

    Full personal expenses management could ensue.

    • Samuel Serra

      Hi Rich,

      With regard to the hassle to post receipts, well… actually it’s probably less than what you think. We are indeed providing a prepaid envelope to send the receipts back to us and no need queuing at the post office as it has the right stamp on it. So just drop the envelope in the nearest mail box, job done. Also if you leave the envelope on your desk it provides a nice convenient place to put your receipts in.

      As far as digital receipts are concerned we have been looking into this area but there is a natural challenge to it such as the fact that for a lot of purchases people like to double check the receipt at the till to make sure no mistakes has been made, do in those cases paper is still needed . But I agree it would be awesome if there could be some sort of digital standard for receipts especially in our digital era.


  • Jamie Murray Wells

    Mike – get this device for your business cards:

  • Sally M

    You can also try a service called Keebo for receipts.

    It’s pretty neat and quite a bit cheaper than Receipt Farm.

    They also have some extra features that are really useful. I’ve been using it for a couple of months. No business cards though unfortunately.

  • Michael Wood

    Receipt Farm has undergone a huge number of improvements and is now called Receipt Bank!

    New features include:
    – integrations with your favourite online apps so that your receipt data ends up where you need it
    – new features that decrease the amount of time you spend with your receipts
    – new competitive pricing plans

    For more info –

    Receipt Bank

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