ReceiptFarm comes out of beta – offer for 50 lucky TechCrunch readers

ReceiptFarm, effectively a UK clone of the US-based Shoeboxed startup which scans receipts and send it back to you in a file of your choosing, has come out of beta and now taken the site live. I’ve checked it out and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Although I think I’d prefer a service that did this with business cards…

They are offering 50 TechCrunch Europe readers a 20% discount on their new service if they plug in the word TECHCRUNCH when they register.

But that’s not the awesome bit. The awesome bit is that they are running a draw giving away a classic ZX Spectrum. Unfortunely people need to tweet using the hashtag #moonfarm. Queue howls of protest from Twitter users… That’s not a great idea is it?