Introducing 'The Quantum' — finally, a true iPhone killer


Can’t afford an iPhone? Don’t want to be locked into a two-year contract? Introducing “The Quantum” — just like the iPhone, except not at all like the iPhone.

3G data? Nope. But it does feature two SIM card slots and can work worldwide on most GSM networks and you can surf WAP sites. Starting capacities of 8GB? Not really, but you do get a 2GB microSD card. Wildly popular app store? No, but here’s a photo that makes it looks like there are a ton of apps available for whatever operating system runs on this device.


You also get a three-inch touchscreen with accelerometer functions, FM radio and TV tuner, and DUAL (!!!) cameras — front and back.

Yours, unlocked, for $94.03 plus shipping. Please don’t buy one thinking it’s actually an iPhone killer — I just said that as an internet joke. Hey, dual SIM card slots, though! And two cameras! That’s something!

The Quantum [Chinavasion]