• Founders At Work: Uncovering The Truth Behind A Hotmail Founder's Claims

    In 2007 Jessica Livingston, a founding partner at Y Combinator, released a book called Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days in which she transcribed over thirty extensive interviews with some of Silicon Valleys most notable successes. Included in the book was an interview with Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia, who detailed the experiences he had raising money for the… Read More

  • Hack an extra core into your Phenom II

    It’s an improvement worthy of the greatest trick of all time, the 9800 Pro pencil mod — and probably just as boneheaded of an idea to try. This little hack enables the latent fourth core on certain Phenom processors, assuming you’ve got a certain type of Biostar mobo. Of course, there’s probably a little more to it than that, so I’d hold off on this unless… Read More

  • Hitatchi buys Fabrik web sharing service

    Fabrik.com offers cloud storage for a number of hard drive manufacturers including a few we’ve reviewed in the past. They’ve just been bought by Hitachi who is adding the service as well as Fabrik’s own hard drives to their mix of goodies. As a 20 year storage veteran, Mike Cordano, Fabrik CEO and co-founder, will join Hitachi GST as a key member of the executive… Read More

  • Nvidia pulling dirty tricks on the press?

    Nvidia, not known for being forthcoming (but perhaps no more than any other tech company), is apparently doing a few sites pretty dirty in relation to its upcoming line of graphics cards. Evidence has been published that shows Nvidia is rebranding some seriously old cards for new sales, which is pretty disingenuous. Unfortunately, sites who have made a stink about it are finding themselves SOL… Read More

  • Cameras and mics inside DTV converters? Sorry, no

    There’s a bit of a flurry going on about a DTV converter box that supposedly has a camera and microphone hidden inside it. The usual conspiracy theories have come up, which probably should come up if a camera is found in something like this — but a hot truth injection should quiet things down. Like if, for instance, the camera isn’t a camera and the mic isn’t a mic. As… Read More

  • Creative X-Fi appearing in car audio

    It’s about time; we’ve had Creative sound cards in our PCs for decades. It was only natural they should move to cars. JC Hyun Systems has developed the RUNZ CI-700, the first automobile infotainment system to use Creative’s X-Fi technology. The RUNZ CI-7100 features a MMSP2 MPEG video hardware engine, SiRF III GPS chipset, and Creative’s X-Fi audio processor, all which… Read More

  • Snow Leopard shots reveal few changes but QT pro included

    It’s been a matter of speculation for some time whether Quicktime Pro would be included with Snow Leopard, and now it appears to be a solid yes. This has been a long time coming, especially with the video editing push by Apple over the last couple years. Other UI changes are minor, but it’s always been said that Snow Leopard is an under-the-hood update. I’m really pumped for… Read More

  • Retractable safety syringe gets FDA approval

    Revolution Medical has just won FDA approval to market their Rev Vac Safety Syringe and Phelobotomy (blood drawing) device. What’s unique about this syringe is its vacuum-like functionality. The needle is retracted directly from the patient into the barrel of the of the syringe. Read More

  • "I Am Rich" clone comes to Android – at last!

    It was only a matter of time. The controversial, and idiotic, iPhone app now has a brother from another mother on Android. That is to say, from a different developer looking for a little notoriety. The “I am Richer” app is now available, with a more reasonable price tag (a paltry $200) and a slightly Zelda-ish blue crystal. Read More

  • Luck ran out: Irish ISP agrees to music industry demands to selectively block access to Web sites

    An Irish ISP has apparently buckled under the pressure of The Man, and will now block access to any and every site The Man asks it to. Think The Pirate Bay and related sites. Let’s put on our outrage hats, everyone. Read More

  • Select Comfort’s ‘Sleep Number Pet Bed’

    If you’ve ever worried that you waste too much time on the internet, let me put those fears to rest with the following factoid: Did you know that Select Comfort makes a Sleep Number bed for your dog? For your DOG. It costs $132.99 (on sale, down from $189.99). Read More

  • More sample images from a Fujifilm F200EXR emerge [Update]

    Dpreview has just posted a batch of sample images from a pre-production and production F200EXR. They certainly look better than this original batch, but we’ll need more time to sift through them. My initial impression is that picture quality is very sharp, but it gets a bit noisy at higher ISO settings. What do you photogs think? Update: Here’s a little commentary from my brother… Read More

  • Microsoft Quells Severance Firestorm, Lets Ex-Employees Keep Their Cash

    On Saturday we published a letter sent out to some recently laid-off Microsoft employees explaining that they had been overpaid in severance – and that Microsoft wanted some of its money back. Something had clearly gone wrong during Microsoft’s first mass layoffs, as we began to receive more reports that ex-employees had gotten similar letters, and that some had actually been… Read More

  • Attention East Coast Star Trek fans

    We have some good news, Trekkies. We’ve got the inside scoop that the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia will be hosting one of two traveling conventions in May. If you recall, the Franklin Institute was home to the kick ass Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit we covered last year. Hit the jump for details on Stark Trek: The Exhibition, nerd. Read More

  • UK's Park Let launches a free parking space price-guide tool

    Now this is something that I’d like to see in the US considering that so many of us are paying ridiculous prices for our parking spaces. Park Let, the UK’s largest parking space letting agent, launched an online parking space price-guide tool today. It is the first real-time, location-specific tool available in the UK. Read More

  • G19-watch continues: Now available for pre-order

    More news on the G19: Amazon is now taking pre-orders. No more news on the release date, other than that it’s supposed to be in May. I just hope Logitech doesn’t have to slip it again. I’m really looking forward to this sexy thing. Read More

  • Amazon Kindle 2 to ship on February 24th

    Psyche!!! Originally slated to ship on the 24th, Amazon has officially said that the Kindle 2 is shipping a day earlier to meet demand. Read More

  • LG's watchphone to cost over a grand?

    Rumor has it that the belle of the ball at CES, LG’s videophonewatch, is going to be carried by Orange for a cool £1000, or almost $1500 in your American ducats. I’d like our readers to join me in a collective daaaaamn. Read More

  • Google and Amazon's control of the book digitization industry: good or bad?

    What’s so bad about Amazon and Google Books having a duopolistic stranglehold on the online book-reading industry? That’s what I’d like to know, after the chairman of the Association of American Publishers, speaking at Princeton, said that a recent court ruling between publishers and Google would effectively create a duopoly in the market—Google Books and that… Read More

  • Roller Bears!

    Unlike most of the other writers here at CrunchGear, I’m not a 20-something. I have a kid, and that means that I get to give the parent perspective on things. Things like Roller Bears. Read More

  • Review: BlackRapid RS-4

    A camera strap is just one of those things; you have to have the “right one” that works for you, or you’ll go crazy. I bought a new Nikon not too long ago, and during a trip to the San Francisco Zoo discovered that what was a minor irritation, turned into a major pain in the neck with extended wear (pun intended). By the end of the 2 hour walk-through the strap had rubbed my… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Universal laptop dock for $23

    While the concept of a “universal” dock for your portable computer is certainly a welcome idea, the actual execution has been limited to what are essentially glorified USB hubs with so-so external video capabilities. Still, these docks shave seconds off of hooking up a regular USB hub, plugging a VGA cable and an Ethernet cable into your laptop, and connecting an external… Read More

  • Glove-like ping pong paddle for improved accuracy, superior backhand

    Oh man, I would really like to once again be able to play some ping pong on a regular basis. My kingdom for a larger apartment, money for a ping pong table, and at least one friend in real life! On a somewhat related note, this weird-ass ping pong paddle is intriguing. You wear the entire thing on your hand, which I’d assume makes it an almost spiritual extension of your body. Read More

  • With Chernin Out At News Corp, What Happens To FIM?

    Peter Chernin, the long-time president and COO of News Corp, is leaving the company after protracted negotiations over his contract could not be resolved. Chernin’s salary was $28.8 million in the last fiscal year, which was $1.3 million more than even Rupert Murdoch’s take-home pay. Chernin helped Murdoch build and oversee his vast media empire over the past 20 years, and… Read More

  • Pentax bargainizes the K20D, lowers price by $200

    If you were vacillating over which entry-level DSLR to get this year, your decision was just made a little more difficult by Pentax. Their K20D, which is by all accounts an excellent camera, has had its price dropped by two bills. Those are some serious savings, kemosabe. $800 recommended means you can get it for a song once the big e-tailers start undercutting each other. They did this… Read More

  • Software *sorta* lets you cut through SSL encryption like nobody's business

    Break out the siren.gif! One of those security research types demonstrated last week how he was able to get around SSL authentication, enabling him to collect private information—Gmail login/passwords, credit card numbers, and the like—with very little trouble at all. It’s not a flaw in SSL itself, but a flaw in the way people use the Web. Read More

  • There goes Ritz Camera

    And so the economic crisis hit America’s largest digital camera retailer: Ritz Camera. The retailer just filed for Chapter 11 thanks to lower than expected sales during the ’08 Holiday season. Thankfully for everyone involved, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is simply a reorganization which means they will probably stick around for a bit. That is if a judge approves $85 million in financing. Read More

  • Kodak has no friends in Korea: LG sues on cameraphone tech

    First, Kodak sues Samsung and LG for some patent infringement, then Samsung sued Kodak. Now LG is suing Kodak. Bloops! Read More

  • AT-AT boombox rocks out with its Hoth out

    This evil-looking boombox is definitely what Vader would have had in his room as an surly teenager — which is to say, during Attack of the Clones. The best part about this AT-AT stereo is that it’s pretty much cassette-only. After all, that was the business in 1980 when the AT-AT was at the height of chic. Read More

  • Go!Messenger VoIP app for Sony PSP goes bye bye next month

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that it plans to shut down Go!Messanger, a VoIP application that was technically only available in Europe. (Hence, the SCEE confirmation.) There’s a silver lining, though: no jobs will be lost as a result of the shutdown. Read More

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