UK's Park Let launches a free parking space price-guide tool


Now this is something that I’d like to see in the US, considering that so many of us are paying ridiculous prices for our parking spaces. Park Let, the UK’s largest parking space letting agent, launched an online parking space price-guide tool today. It is the first real-time, location-specific tool available in the UK.

The tool is based on both current contracts and advertised spaces. Landlords can use this to get an estimate of the value of their parking spaces and tenants will be able to calculate the true market value of how much parking spaces and garages are renting for today in their area. You enter a location by postcode or city, and results are shown as monthly amounts for all spaces (pictured). The site is free to use and does not require any registration. Somebody please do this for the US. It would probably force landlords to decrease their rates once their competition’s pricing was revealed, plus it’d be nice to have this to see what the neighbors are paying. Of course, it may also just make price fixing that much easier.

If you live in the UK or just want to see how this works, here’s the link.