Select Comfort’s ‘Sleep Number Pet Bed’

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petbed If you’ve ever worried that you waste too much time on the internet, let me put those fears to rest with the following factoid: Did you know that Select Comfort makes a Sleep Number bed for your dog? For your DOG. It costs $132.99 (on sale, down from $189.99).

The little lady and I just got our first dog a week ago and the mind-numbing amount of ridiculous, overpriced pet merchandise is already staggering. Silly me, I figured, “Hey, it’s a dog. Food, check. Water, check. Kennel, check.” Anything else and he’s living better than I am.

We’ll let Select Comfort try to convince you:

“Give your pet the ultimate luxury of a bed with adjustable firmness for the customized comfort. It’s easy to adjust to the ideal firmness with a handheld remote, and the soft microsuede cover is waterproof and machine washable. A plush layer of foam provides additional comfort.”

Ideal firmness? For a dog? Microsuede? What? Our dog’s sleep number bed has just one setting: “crumpled up towel.” Sometimes we wash it for the ultimate luxury of a clean towel.

Sleep Number Pet Bed [Select Comfort via InventorSpot]

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