Retractable safety syringe gets FDA approval

Revolution Medical has just won FDA approval to market their Rev Vac Safety Syringe and Phelobotomy (blood drawing) device. The syringe operates the same as a standard syringe so no additional training is necessary. What’s unique about this syringe is its vacuum-like functionality. The Rev Vac syringe develops a vacuum inside the chamber as the plunger is depressed. When it reaches the bottom, the needle breaks through the plunger’s membrane and gets sucked into the chamber. The needle is retracted directly from the patient into the barrel of the of the syringe.

Advantages of the syringe include its ease of use, enhanced safety, low cost, no splatter or aerosol, no danger of tissue trauma, and requires fewer needle sticks. Head to the product page to see the vacuum-like suction of the needle in action.