Creative X-Fi appearing in car audio

x-fiIt’s about time; we’ve had Creative sound cards in our PCs for decades. It was only natural they should move to cars. JC Hyun Systems has developed the RUNZ CI-700, the first automobile infotainment system to use Creative’s X-Fi technology. The RUNZ CI-7100 features a MMSP2 MPEG video hardware engine, SiRF III GPS chipset, and Creative’s X-Fi audio processor, all which are operated by an Intel Dual-core 360/300 MHz processor. The system also features a 7-inch digital LCD touch screen (800×480 resolution), two AV in/out ports, USB 2.0, SD memory card interfaces and Bluetooth 2.0 EDR support. Audio quality is digitally restored and improved using both Creative X-Fi Crystalizer and Creative X-Fi CMSS-3D processing.

The RUNZ CI-7100 is currently available in Singapore for $1,999, roughly US $1,300. No word yet on if it will even appear in the US, but for that price, I’ll decorate my home with X-Fi products first.