More sample images from a Fujifilm F200EXR emerge [Update]

Dpreview has just posted a batch of sample images from a pre-production and production F200EXR. They certainly look better than this original batch, but we’ll need more time to sift through them.

My initial impression is that picture quality is very sharp, but it gets a bit noisy at higher ISO settings. What do you photogs think?

Update: Here’s a little commentary from my brother based on comparisons to the F30.

The iso 1600 images beat the F30 images at 1600, hands down. Pretty sure the 800’s are better too, but it’s closer.

Some of the 800s look like crap at 100%. Very processed looking. And I had higher expectations for the 400’s.

The 100s and 200s look nice, but I see some noise in sky areas for instance.