Founded in 2007, Zynga provides social game services and develops social games for the Internet through its website and for social networking sites, including Facebook, Google+, and Tencent.

Zynga’s games also work on mobile phone platforms like Apple iOS and Android. Created by Mark Pincus (along with founding team supporters Eric Schiermeyer, Michael Luxton, Justin Waldron, Kyle Stewart, Scott Dale, Andrew Trader, and Steve Schoettler), Zynga intends to “connect the world through games.”

Zynga’s first game, Texas Hold’Em Poker (now, Zynga Poker) was released on Facebook in July 2007. The company’s best-known game is FarmVille, which launched on Facebook in June 2009; it reached 10 million daily active users within six weeks. By January 2013, Zynga had over 265 million monthly active users and three of the five top Facebook games. Zynga’s shares reached $14.50 in March 2012, but fell steadily thereafter, dropping to $2.09 in 2012.

After Zynga’s Q2 2012 earnings report failed to meet analyst projections for revenue and earnings, analysts questioned the business’s long-term prospects. Zynga has taken steps to cut expenses and expand its business into licensed board games, online gambling, mobile game apps, and its gaming platform, Zynga.com.


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