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  • An iPhone Lover's Take On Windows Phone

    An iPhone Lover's Take On Windows Phone

    Back in October, after the official launch of Windows Phone 7, I wrote up some initial thoughts after having played with a few prototype devices in the months leading up to the launch. Many seemed surprised by my mostly positive reactions. It seemed to me at the time that Microsoft may have actually brought a gun to a gun fight with Windows Phone — as opposed to a sword, or a knife, or… Read More

  • Microsoft: 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets "sold" in first six weeks

    Achim Berg, Microsoft’s VP of business and marketing for Windows Phones has revealed in a faux-interview with Microsoft News Center that partner phone manufacturers have sold over 1.5 million Windows 7 Phone devices to carriers and retailers in its first six weeks on the market. Windows Phone 7 launched in Europe and the Asia Pacific region on October 21 and in the United States and… Read More

  • Microsoft's WP7 Platform Guy Won't Talk Sales Numbers Either (Le Web)

    We’re here at Le Web 2010 in Paris, where organizer Loic Le Meur is doing an on-stage Q&A with Charlie Kindel, General Manager for the Windows Phone Developer Ecosystem at Microsoft. Asked how many phones Microsoft has sold to date, Kindel declined to answer the question (sound familiar?). He only said they “plan to sell a lot in 2011″, referring to it as a… Read More

  • Microsoft not paying WP7 developers before Feb 2011

    Oh no, Microsoft! This is not a good move. It appears that developers selling apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace won’t get paid for peddling their wares until February 2011. Now, given that the smartphone wars are largely decided by the available apps on any one platform, it isn’t a great move to defer payments to those developers that will define your platform —… Read More

  • Chevron releases custom ringtone manager for WP7

    If you can’t wait until January to add custom ringtones to your new Windows Phone 7 handset, and aren’t afraid of a little hackery (and warranty-void-ery), then listen up: the same folks behind the WP7 unlock and side-load tool have just released their custom ringtone manager for WP7. Now, this isn’t as simple as loading up a ringtone Android stylee, so check out the… Read More

  • Acer working on a Windows Phone 7 handset

    In an interview with Mobilized today, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci mentioned that they are working to create a Windows Phone 7 powered handset. Gianfranco also talked about why they originally turned to Android (over Windows Mobile 6.5), and why Windows Phone 7 has them interested again. Jump on past the break for the quote, and an unrelated video. Read More

  • Angry Birds not coming to WP7 till 2011

    If, over Thanksgiving, you were jealously watching your snotty cousin playing Angry Birds on his iPhone/Android phone, and lamenting the game’s absence on your new Windows Phone 7 device, then I should probably warn you that you’re going to have to go through the whole thing again at Christmas time… Read More

  • A Look At Windows Phone 7 Marketplace's Catalog, App Prices (Distimo Report)

    A Look At Windows Phone 7 Marketplace's Catalog, App Prices (Distimo Report)

    App store analytics provider Distimo took its monthly look at the world of mobile application stores, and this time zoomed in on the differences between Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Windows Marketplace for Mobile (6.x). For you information, Distimo gathered data on all major app stores, but the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace data specifically was collected from 1 November… Read More

  • Dell Venue Pro rebelling against honest SIM cards

    Bad Venue Pro! Bad! Naughty! It looks like Dell’s rebellious son, the WinPho7 powered Venue Pro, has again decided to turn against those that only want to bring it love; this time, its issue is with the humble SIM card. Jump on past the break for the full, sordid tale. Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 "Genuine Software" checker found, Custom ROM-makers cry a little

    If you were hoping to run a custom ROM on your shiny new WinPho7 device, then you should probably take a seat; I have some bad news for you. Ex-WinMo hacker guru, Conflipper, told WP Central today that Windows Phone 7 ships with a “Genuine Software” checker, much like Windows 7 or Office. Read More

  • Microsoft Flashes A Nice Big Middle Finger At Android's Fragmentation

    A month ago, in my initial piece about Windows Phone 7, I was cautiously optimistic about the platform but had some questions about Microsoft’s ultimate intentions. Namely: “will they use their power to try and bend the carriers to their will? Or will they take the Google approach and let them walk all over the place dictating features and bloatware?“ I’m happy to… Read More