• And Now The FBI Has A Bone To Pick With Wikipedia

    More Wiki– news for your afternoon. It seems the FBI now has a problem with Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, specifically the site’s “unauthorised reproduction of the FBI Seal [that is] prohibited by US law.” That is, the FBI does not like the fact that its logo is available on Wikipedia. The world has run out of things to complain about, I’m thinking. Read More

  • New Market Research: Social Media Sites as Annoying to U.S. Customers as Cable Providers, Airlines

    A new study by ForeSee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index finds that U.S. consumers regard social media sites Facebook and Myspace as lowly as they regard cable providers, airlines and the I.R.S. The Annual E-Business Report for the A.C.S.I. study encompassed thirty online media brands in the categories of: portals and search engines, news and information sites and for the… Read More

  • Study: Wikipedia actually pretty accurate (so calm down)

    What’s the best site on the Web these days? Wikipedia, correct. Haters will hate, of course, pointing to this or that error, or highlighting high-profile compilations, but the spirit of the site endures: free and open information for all. Now a study has been published that says, you know what, on the whole, the information on Wikipedia isn’t any less accurate than you’ll… Read More

  • Jimmy Wales: Fox News Is Wrong, No Shake Up

    Contrary to several reports, Wikipedia’s Founder Jimmy Wales is not relinquishing his editorial control of Wikipedia and its related projects. On Friday, Fox News reported that “a shakeup is underway at the top levels of Wikipedia…Wales is no longer able to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content, sources say. Essentially, they say, he has… Read More

  • Wikipedia Gets A Revamp, Better Search And Navigation – And An Updated Logo

    Wikipedia is easily one of the most visited sites in the world, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. This morning, the Wikimedia Foundation announced a number of changes it has made to make the experience for visitors and contributors better. Most apparent is the new look and feel, which includes a refreshed puzzle globe logo, which was originally created… Read More

  • Wikipedia finds out first-hand that, in America, the naked human body is a terribly sinful thing

    We can observe some 170 billion galaxies in the known universe, and I’m thoroughly convinced that this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, is the dumbest one of them all. Quite an accomplishment! Wikipedia has come under fire, from complete dunderheads, for hosting “pornographic” content. What type of pornographic content? You know, things like the photo of a NAKED… Read More

  • Yes, YouTube Is Down (But You Can Still Watch Videos)

    The Wikipedia site doesn’t often go down, but yesterday it did. It’s also unusual for YouTube to suffer downtime, but since approximately 7:05 AM Eastern time visitors to the homepage have been greeted with an error message that simply reads “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” or a 500 Internal Server Error message. Seriously, what is the world coming to? Fortunately… Read More

  • Perseids, John Hughes, And G.I. Joe Are Trending Topics On Wikipedia

    Perseids, John Hughes, And G.I. Joe Are Trending Topics On Wikipedia

    Google has Google Trends, Twitter has trending topics, and now so does Wikipedia. Pete Skomoroch, a Senior Research Scientist at LinkedIn and blogger at Data Wrangling, built a trending topics page for Wikipedia. The homepage ranks the top-25 Wikipedia articles with the most pageviews over the past 30 days, as well as the fastest rising articles in the past 24 hours. Some of the most… Read More

  • Wikipedia Runs Ads Highlighting Their No-Ad Policy

    Moments after Craigslist founder Craig Newmark joins the Wikimedia/Wikipedia advisory board things start to go crazy. Way back in 2006 Jason Calacanis, then an executive at AOL, was trying to convince Wikipedia to puts ads on the site. It would generate $100 million a year in revenue, he said, which could fund the project and other charities: I sat next to Jimbo at a Wikipedia dinner over… Read More

  • Craigslist's Craig Newmark Joins Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board

    Craigslist founder Craig Newmark will join the advisory board of Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. The Wikimedia Foundation advisory board was created in January 2007. The main job of advisory board members is to attend a once a year meeting at the annual Wikimania conference. They also contribute in their specific areas of expertise. I guess that means… Read More

  • The Internet balancing act between wasting time and striving for greatness

    Nicholas here, fresh off freaking out over Shogun Rua’s loss last night. (I hate to use the word “robbed,” but Mr. Rua was 100 percent robbed last night. Later today: watching Dream 12!) I just wanted to draw your attention to a New York Times essay I just stumbled upon. It’s about the Internet, and our increased dependence upon it. It’s pretty short, so it… Read More

  • WikiReader packs all of Wikipedia in a power-sipping portable

    The new WikiReader is a $99 portable device from the Openmoko group that stuffs every Wikipedia article into a pocket-friendly traveling companion. While those of us entrenched in technology day in and day out may scoff at the idea of having Wikipedia at the ready (we all have smartphones, remember?), this is something that might be able to make some waves with baby boomers and/or the… Read More

  • Facebook Is Now the Fourth Largest Site In The World

    The global rise of Facebook is nothing less than astounding. In the month of June alone it gained 24 million unique visitors worldwide, compared to the month before, for a total of 340 million unique visitors worldwide. It is now the fourth largest site in the world, trailing only Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo sites, according to comScore (see table below). Facebook itself only… Read More

  • Well-played, Mr. Wales. Well-played.

    Just got this email. It’s a bit presumptuous considering the common expectation is that you don’t author your own Wikipedia entry. Basically Jimmy is asking me to become a fan of his Facebook page but does Jimmy really need fans? And does he have to launch such a personal appeal? He’s a heck of a guy, I’m sure, but what’s in it for me? Read More

  • NYTimes and Wikipedia Save Reporter's Life By NOT Reporting On His Capture

    Earlier last week, New York Times reporter David Rohde escaped from a Taliban prison. He had been a Taliban hostage for the last seven months, but the general public had absolutely no clue. In a joint effort by The New York Times and Wikipedia, the story was kept quiet until his daring escape. In November 2008, Rohde was captured and held hostage by the Taliban, along with a local reporter… Read More

  • Top CEOs Leave Social Media To The Plebs

    It’s ‘official’; big shot CEOs are social media slackers. The hot news comes straight from ÜBERCEO, who says it conducted research on the topic for the past few weeks and has found that there’s little chance you’ll ever get to exchange pokes and tweets with Fortune 100 CEOs for the time being. Here’s the ‘miserable level of engagement’ ÜBERCEO… Read More

  • Navify Is An Interface For Viewing Wikipedia With Photo Galleries, Videos And Comments

    Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that Wikipedia has a wealth of textual information but no videos and hardly any pictures? Take the Wikipedia article for Sony’s Rolly, for example, where the device is depicted as “an egg-shaped digital robotic music player.” If you have never seen a Rolly before, this cryptic description won’t help much. After reading about it… Read More

  • The French Come Calling For Wikipedia (Orange Strikes Mobile Deal)

    France Telecom’s Orange, one of the biggest mobile phone operators in Europe, has partnered with Wikimedia to provide Wikipedia content through co-branded channels on Orange’s mobile phones and web sites. Through a revenue-sharing arrangement, the non-profit Wikimedia foundation will get a cut of some of the advertising dollars (or Euros) generated by its content. Orange will… Read More

  • WikiPock Will Put An Entire Copy Of Wikipedia In Your Pocket For $10

    Would you pay $10 for an entire offline copy of Wikipedia, the crowdsourced encyclopedia of information that you can get on the Web for free? WikiPock, a Paris-based startup, has compressed the entire English language version of Wikipedia to under 4 gigabytes (not including images), and is selling it for mobile phones. The other language versions are smaller (it also comes in German… Read More

  • Print Your Favorite Wikipedia Articles As Books, Courtesy Of PediaPress

    Did you know that you can assemble your own wiki pages from Wikipedia and print them out in book form? You can, for a while now, thanks to a partnership between Wikimedia Foundation and a German startup called PediaPress. Last week, the wiki-to-print feature was activated for six more languages besides German but as of yesterday the functionality is also being tested on the regular English… Read More

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