Wikipedia Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations With Coinbase

Wikipedia, the decentralized community-powered encyclopedia, is now accepting donations in bitcoin, the decentralized community-powered cryptocurrency. The Wikimedia Foundation partnered with Coinbase

Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Accidentally Starts A Bitcoin Donation Campaign For Wikipedia

Is Jimmy Wales testing out Bitcoin donations for Wikipedia? He is certainly considering it, according to a thread on Reddit. It first started with a tweet — Wikipedia co-founder set up a persona

PediaPress Wants To Print The Complete English Wikipedia In 1,000 Books

This is not a joke. PediaPress launched an Indiegogo campaign to print the entire English Wikipedia encyclopedia on around 1,000 books, representing more than a million pages. The startup printed the

India’s Indigenous Languages Drive Wikipedia’s Growth

Despite accommodating the world's second largest English-speaking population behind the United States, India's dozens of indigenous languages are driving the adoption of Wikipedia on the subcontinent

One-Tap Storytelling: Qwiki Sheds Its Web And Search Roots, Goes Mobile-Only With Beta Launch Of New iPhone App

In 2010, <a href="">Qwiki captured the TechCrunch Disrupt cup</a>, thanks to an ambitious product that sought to transform the wa

$50 Android Smartphones Are Disrupting Africa Much Faster Than You Think, Says Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales

What phone does Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have in his pocket? An unlocked Android-powered 3G smartphone, made by Huawei – which was selling for $85 on the streets of Kenya last year and now goes

With 1B Pageviews Under Its Belt, UGC Giant Wikia Raises $10.8M From IVP, Bessemer & Amazon

User generated content company Wikia is breaking the news of its raise of over $10.8 million in Series C funding today in a press release soon to be sent out to tech media. The financing was led by In

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales On British Government Snooping: “Technologically Incompetent”

Don't mess with Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia when it comes to Internet freedom, because he will use harsh words to lash out at you. Today, according to the BBC, Wales had some choice words for the Britis

The Power Users Are Revolting

<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-610901"><img src="" alt="" title="

Hey, Wikipedia Spammers, Start Getting Worried — Datasift Has Built A Tool To Track You

<a target="_blank" href="">Datasift</a>, the social-data platform which specialises in realtime streams, has done something which is going to make PR people quiver in their boots an

Wikipedia’s Mobile Apps Drop Google Maps for OpenStreetMap

In the world of online mapping, it feels like things aren't quite going in Google's direction these days: Apple switched away from Google Maps to <a href="">OpenStree

Wikia Rolls Out Big Redesign To Bring Accessibility, Discovery To 20M Pages Of UGC

You may not be familiar with <a href="">Wikia</a>, but the collaborative media company has been quietly growing into a giant, <a href="

Wikipedia’s Next Big Thing: Wikidata, A Machine-Readable, User-Editable Database Funded By Google, Paul Allen And Others

<a href="">Wikidata</a>, the first new project to emerge from the <a href="">Wikimedia Foundation</a> since

Wikipedia Completes Transfer Of Sites Away From GoDaddy DNS

Part of the long-running (and far from over) <a href="">SOPA/PIPA battle</a> was the drawing of lines in the sand by Internet companies. While most recognized the

Essay Due? Here’s How To Access Wikipedia During The SOPA Blackout

As you can tell from the homepage, it's a sad, trying day for the internet. Many of our favorite sites like <a href="">Reddit</a> and <a href="">Wikiped

Wikipedia Will Go Dark On January 18 To Protest SOPA And PIPA

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales wanted to send a "big message" to the U.S. government regarding the two heinous internet censorship bills currently being considered, and after a brief period of debate the wor

Wikimedia Foundation Raises $20 Million From 1 Million+ Donors

<a href="">Wikimedia Foundation</a>, the non-profit organization that operates <a href="">Wikipedia</a> and

Wikipedia Programmer: We Do The Funny Portrait Placement Thing Because It Works

You know, I'm becoming something of a fan of Brandon Harris (the latest face of Wikipedia's fundraising efforts, <a href="

Now You’re Just Messing With Us Wikipedia

The good news is that Wikipedia has finally switched up that <a href="">image of Jimmy Wales begging for money</a> on its home

A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

So we meet again Wales ... Yes I know, another holiday season, <a href="">another reason</a> to poke fun at your silly, scopophobia-inducing banne
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