• Now You’re Just Messing With Us Wikipedia

    Now You’re Just Messing With Us Wikipedia

    The good news is that Wikipedia has finally switched up that image of Jimmy Wales begging for money on its homepage. The bad news is that they’ve replaced it with another unfortunately left aligned image of some random guy (Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris to be precise) who, according to my email inbox, looks like everything from Jesus, to Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroger to a… Read More

  • A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

    A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

    So we meet again Wales … Yes I know, another holiday season, another reason to poke fun at your silly, scopophobia-inducing banner ads belying the very noble cause of raising $29.5 million for an unlimited supply of constantly updated knowledge — FOR WHICH WE ARE ALL VERY THANKFUL JIMMY, I PROMISE. Read More

  • Italian Wikipedia Shuts Down In Protest Of Proposed Law

    Italian Wikipedia Shuts Down In Protest Of Proposed Law

    In the true spirit of online activism, the entire Italian Wikipedia website has voluntarily taken itself down in order to protest a bill being proposed to Parliament. The law (“DDL intercettazioni,” roughly translated as Wiretapping Act) would require every website to publish within 48 hours a correction or comment relating to any content an applicant has deemed “detrimental… Read More

  • Greplin Wants You To Redesign Wikipedia Search

    Greplin Wants You To Redesign Wikipedia Search

    Personal search engine Greplin is announcing the launch of its Wikipedia Search Design Contest today, with the ultimate objective of conceptualizing a better way to search Wikipedia. Read More

  • Wikipedia Is Giving Away Its Older, But Still Working, Servers To Deserving Non-Profits

    Wikipedia, the good-doers of the Internet, has a bunch of servers that need a new home. Now these aren’t new servers; they’re pre-loved and housebroken. The systems are over three years old, but have at least 3GB of RAM, 2.5GHz dual core CPUs, and at least an 80GB hard drive. The official posting notes that some servers have up to 32GB of RAM and 320GB hard drives. Wikipedia just… Read More

  • Please Read: A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

    Please Read: A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Hunter Walk who spends way too much time researching 1980s hair metal bands on Wikipedia. His obsession with Wikipedia is unrelated to his day job leading the consumer product team at YouTube. Wikipedia is the world’s 5th largest website, runs no ads and, depressingly, seems to be perpetually on the fringe of solvency. Google for… Read More

  • The State Of Wikipedia (Video + Infographic)

    Wikipedia just celebrated its tenth birthday. As a self-proclaimed fan of the site, I wanted to share with you this video, made for the occasion as Wikipedia enters its second decade. The ‘State Of Wikipedia’ video is part of the ‘State Of’ series made by interactive agency from JESS3, and is narrated by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. Read More

  • Wikipedia Still $1M Short Of Fundraising Goal For 2010 (And Why I Donated)

    It’s the last day of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar at least, which prompted me to do some research on how well Wikipedia’s fundraising efforts for 2010 were going. As you may have heard, the Wikimedia Foundation is trying to scrape together $16 million from user and supporter donations to fund its strategic plans for 2011 (PDF). The contribution campaign… Read More

  • The Modern Version Of The Nativity Story, Featuring Facebook, Twitter And More

    Here’s a funny video that is bound to make the rounds in the next couple of days and weeks in many a Western country, considering the season: THE DIGITAL STORY OF THE NATIVITY (though I think this portuguese version was actually online first). Behold, the Nativity of Jesus 2.0, featuring Internet sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and yes, iPhone… Read More

  • Chrome Extension Lets You Just Add Jimmy Wales

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Christmas has come early again this year with the release of Jimmy Wales’ annual appeal for Wikimedia Foundation donations. Wales’ ubiquitous banner ad is now in its seventh year now and the company is shooting for $16 million dollars to keep their collaborative encyclopedia afloat ad free. Read More

  • Jimmy Wales on Charlie Rose

    Jimmy Wales: "If I Had Some Information, The Last Thing I Would Do Is Send It To Wikileaks"

    There is definitely some bad blood between Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Wikileaks, the controversial organization which posted thousands of pages of classified Iraqi War documents. On the Charlie Rose Show last night, towards the end of his interview, Wales says, “If I had some information, the last thing I would ever do with it is send it to Wiikileaks.” He prefaced that… Read More