Web browsers

  • Let's celebrate Firefox's 1 billionth download!

    Where were you when Firefox passed 1 billion downloads? It happened sometime yesterday, some five years after its first release, in 2004. Read More

  • Safari 4 final available today: Now ‘crash resistant’ à la Google Chrome

    And what else did Apple unveil today, hmm? How about the final version of Safari 4! Yup, it should be available to download today at some point. Read More

  • Will Google Chrome supplant Firefox as the power user's browser of choice?

    Will Google Chrome signal the end of Firefox’s “geek” domination? That is, will Chrome one day replace Firefox as the computer savvy user’s browser of choice? Maybe, friends. Maybe. Reasons? Chrome is faster, it’s newer (who doesn’t love a shiny, new toy?) and it’s architecturally better—a YouTube tab crash doesn’t bring down the entire… Read More

  • Internet Explorer 8 available today

    You’ll be able to download Microsoft’s newest web browser, Internet Explorer 8, at 12PM Eastern time today (link here). Microsoft promises that IE8 “is one of the fastest browsers on the market today” and features new goodies like Web Slices, Instant search, and Accelerators – basically right-clicking on highlighted text to bring up a list of routine tasks… Read More

  • Now there are third-party Web browsers for iPhone

    Hey, iPhone owners! You can now download third-party Web browsers from iTunes. So, if you’re not too keen on Mobile Safari, well, why not give these browsers a shot? Read More

  • Apple blocking Opera for iPhone

    The Bits blog is running a small profile of Opera right now. For the most part it’s fairly boring: Opera is a bit player (we know) that is making inroads in the mobile space with Opera Mini (again, we know). Here’s something you may not know: Apple is blocking Opera from releasing the iPhone version of Opera Mini. So claims Opera’s CEO, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. While that… Read More

  • Usage of Google Chrome drops ‘like whoa’ in recent weeks

    Using Google Chrome? Pat yourself on the back, since you’re one of the few. There here chart shows the downward trend of Chrome usage. As you might guess, the browser peaked within a few days of its launch; it’s been steady to slightly downhill ever since then in early September. As I said before, for many of the benefits of Google Chrome, save multi-threading, you may want to pick… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile to be tested first on Nokia N810

    Next week should mark the alpha release of Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile web browser. Interestingly, it’ll first be available on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, according to PC Advisor. The alpha will be available for Windows Mobile devices over the next few months, as well. Mozilla’s interested in testing out the touchscreen interface and the plugin development, so it’s a… Read More

  • Want a faster-than-Google Chrome Web browser? Try the nightly WebKit builds

    Are you a Mac user with Google Chrome envy? You really shouldn’t be, especially now that the latest builds of WebKit use a ridiculously fast Javascript engine called SquirrelFish Extreme. The new engine, conveniently shortened to SFE, is actually faster than Chrome Javascript engine, V8. (It’s actually faster than the version of V8 currently floating around SVN, which is faster… Read More

  • Google Chrome: It’s really, really fast

    Just fired up Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser. I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet, but I’ve noticed that it feels really, really fast. Almost like I’m loading up cached pages offline. Google Reader, especially, feels super quick. I’ve noticed a couple of little CSS oddities here and there (YouTube videos are centered in our posts when… Read More

  • Chrome: Google's new Web browser

    While not totally a surprise, Google announced (somewhat accidentally) not too long ago that it will launch an open source Web browser later today, named Chrome. (Screenshots have also leaked.) Quite literally, every site on the Web is talking about it, because when Google jumps, we all need to say “how high?” Google’s rationale for launching a new Web browser is that… Read More