• IBM’s Watson Wants To Help Pick A Therapist For You

    IBM’s Watson Wants To Help Pick A Therapist For You

    Gone are the days of physically taking yourself to a new therapist and hoping it’s a good match. IBM is working with text therapy startup Talkspace to help find the best therapist for you within its list of online counseling specialists. But it could also help the IBM Watson computer to make clinical decisions in the future. Talkspace is a text-based therapy platform that aims to… Read More

  • SoftBank Will Help IBM’s Watson Learn Japanese

    SoftBank Will Help IBM’s Watson Learn Japanese

    Watson, the IBM-developed artificial intelligence computer system, isn’t content with just being a Jeopardy winner, powering healthcare analytics, or making big data easier to understand. Now the overachiever is also studying Japanese. Read More

  • IBM Sees Salvation In Watson’s New York Home

    IBM Sees Salvation In Watson’s New York Home

    Armed with $1 billion in financing, an unprecedented degree of autonomy within IBM, and an entire Manhattan city block, IBM launched its media blitz to show the world its vision of a future enhanced and enabled by Watson, its artificial intelligence technology. Read More

  • IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

    IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

    IBM today announced a new product called Watson Analytics, one they claim will bring sophisticated big data analysis to the average business user. Watson Analytics is a cloud application that does all of the the heavy lifting related to big data processing by retrieving the data, analyzing it, cleaning it, building sophisticated visualizations and offering an environment for communicating… Read More

  • Google Is Making A Land Grab For The Internet Of Things

    Google Is Making A Land Grab For The Internet Of Things

    Before this past December, when Google acquired seven robotics companies back-to-back, the company’s ambitions in the “Internet of Things” space looked as detailed as a freshly started jigsaw puzzle. But with its last three acquisitions — Boston Dynamics, Nest and DeepMind — it seems like Google is rapidly collecting the individual pieces to put together ‘a… Read More

  • Where Does Watson Go From Here? First Stop: Healthcare

    We all saw what Watson did last night, but now the question becomes: what now? So what that IBM created an artificial intelligence that was able to answer a few trivia questions? (That’s a massively simplistic way of looking at Watson, and discounts the incredible capabilities of the human brain and discounts the complexity of having to interpret human language with off-the-shelf… Read More

  • The Final Night Of IBM's Jeopardy Challenge: How Did Watson Do?

    There we have it. The IBM Jeopardy Challenge has concluded, so what follows is a brief review of what happened tonight. Once again, West Coasties (and anyone else who didn’t get to see the final episode live) should probably click away for now—there will be spoilers. You have been warned. Read More

  • Does Watson Prove We've Reached The Singularity? [Video]

    “We will soon create intelligences greater than our own. When this happens, human history will have reached a kind of singularity, an intellectual transition as impenetrable as the knotted space-time at the center of a black hole, and the world will pass far beyond our understanding.”
    — Vernor Vinge Jeopardy has never been so exciting. The world has watched rapt for the past… Read More

  • IBM Jeopardy Challenge Day Two Report: Spoiler Alert!

    OK, let’s try this again. What we have here is a quick summary of night two of the IBM Jeopardy Challenge, starring Watson and two other past Jeopardy champions. There will be spoilers, so West Coasties are encouraged to watch funny YouTube videos for the time being. Read More