• Green: California getting closer to banning power-hungry TVs

    Uh oh, another vaguely political post on CrunchGear. As you already know, the Consumer Electronics Association, the trade group that organizes CES, is fighting tooth and nail against possible regulations that would see California essentially ban the sale of power-hungry HDTVs. This mostly affects plasmas because they consume the most electricity of the different types of TVs out there. Read More

  • Vizio's VBR100 Blu-ray player will be a Walmart exclusive

    Vizio just took the wraps off of its hot Internet-connected HDTVs the other day, but the company has a new Blu-ray player coming soon too. The $188 MSRP will probably get price cuts and sales to bring it down to a more “Walmart” level seeing as Blu-ray players have breached the $100 mark. But even around the starting price, this player might not disappoint. Read More

  • Vizio releasing Twitter-, Flickr-, Netflix-enabled TV

    Widgets and gadgets are the latest trend to hit HDTVs. Vizio is upping the game by equipping its soon-to-be-released HDTVs with an impressive suite of Internet applications and video streaming sites. So much so, that this portfolio will place them on top of many people’s wish list as these TVs will be better equipped than a TiVo or even Windows Media Server. Read More

  • VIZIO has new HDTVs, the XVT, M, and E series

    Ready for new VIZIO HDTVs? The bargain brand has some new sets that should appeal to shoppers looking for a deal and those seeking high-end features. Really, the new models seem to have a bit of both. Read More

  • Vizio 50-inch plasma TV for $799, free shipping

    Yama hama, here’s a pretty sweet deal on a gigantic plasma TV. Vizio is selling its 50-inch P50 model for $799 with free shipping until April 15th (or until they sell out). Read More

  • Video: Yahoo!'s Connected TV clutters your HDTV with widgets, but we're OK with that

    First announced at CES, Yahoo!’s widget engine, Connected TV, is now shipping with the Samsung 7000 series LED HDTV, which starts at $2500. The 7000 series Samsung LED HDTVs can either be wired into your home network or connected through a wireless router that costs an extra $80 from Samsung. The widgets essentially let you surf the Web while you’re catching up on some boob tube. Read More

  • Vizio is done with plasma TVs, has the world gone mad?

    Vizio, a long time favorite brand of bargain hunters and geeks alike, has stopped slapping their logo on plasma TVs. Plus, there is no plan to order more once the current inventory runs outs. The cut is, of course, due to plamsa’s poor sales in comparison to the companies LCD sales. Which is, of course, due to poor consumer information and as bright as the sun’s surface showrooms. Read More

  • Netflix streaming on new Vizio HDTVs

    After announcing viewers will be able to access Netflix movies directly from new LG HDTVs just two days ago, Netflix has done it again. This time, new owners of special Vizio TVs will be able to watch Netflix movies with no additional hardware necessary. Read More

  • Vizio makes more than televisions

    More products rolling off the CES 2009 assembly line, this time from Vizio – and they’re not super slim televisions! The VSB210WS is a soundbar with wireless subwoofer, and the VBR100 is a Blu-Ray player. Both are priced at $199, and should be appealing to budget-conscious consumers. Read More

  • New Vizio LCD TVs sport 120Hz and actually nice sound output

    The new 55″ VF550XVT1A (catchy) LCD TV from Vizio looks like it’s got all the features that make buying a new TV worthwhile. With the Smooth Motion Video 120Hz refresh rate feature, this TV should look like the business if it’s anything like similar models I’ve seen. It also has SRS TruSurround HD, an incorporated sound processor, which I’m told actually… Read More

  • Funai takes on 13 television importers, including Vizio, and wins

    Funai has been in the news a lot lately with taking over Philips home theater biz and developing new LCD technology, but the companies recent lawsuit is extremely notable. Apparently the company just won its lawsuit that claims 14 companies are infringing on a Funai patent. The court has yet to decide wether these TVs all going to be banned from entering the U.S. of A. So it’s hard… Read More

  • Vizio introduces coffee house themed flat-panel HDTVs

    Silver TVs are out, black TVs are everywhere, and so Vizio is breaking the mold with its JAVA-colored Evolution line of LCD TVs. These two sets are based on the VO lineup and adds the different color bezel option along with slightly upgrading some specs. The 37-inch VOF370F ups the brightness to 500 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio to 1300:1 from the previous generations 450 cd/m2 and 1100:1… Read More

  • Hey everyone! Vizio wants you to know they don't make cheap HDTVs anymore – m'kay?

    For years, Vizio has branded themselves as low-cost HDTVs. The sets were, and still are, bulked-out at Costco and making their way into a lot bargain hunters homes. In fact, I think of VIZIO as the Costco house brand and that’s image the company is trying to shed. ONE/x, Vizio’s marketing agency, has begun showing off ads touting high quality and precision engineering, not… Read More

  • VIZIO named the U.S. fastest growing computer and electronic company

    Someone is buying VIZIO HDTVs. They might be mid-tier products. but their generally great prices probably helped rocket the flat-panel maker to the top of Inc. 5000 list. The company reached the peak by having the greatest revenue per employee, with a whopping $1.9 billion total in ’07. VIZIO was also noted #4 for Gross Dollars of Growth and #9 for total revenue.  While I would never… Read More

  • Vizio's got some cheap 'n decent HDTVs for you

    If you’re like me, you’re extremely cheap. And that means you put off buying everything until it’s ridiculously low-priced or used. That means waiting a long time usually, but the payoff is that you get everything those other jokers got, plus more, for a quarter of the price. For instance: this Vizio 32-inch 720p plasma costs $600, exactly a quarter what my parents paid for… Read More

  • Vizio is not in the wrong over MPEG-2 patent, says Amtran

    Amtran, the Taiwan-based, majority shareholder of Vizio who happens to be the biggest manufacturer for the US-based brand is adamant that royalties for the compression technology had been paid for. In fact, the licensing fees had been paid to MPEG LA between Q4 of 2007 and Q1 of 2008, says Amtran. Read More

  • Vizio responds to MPEG-2 lawsuit

    I had no idea this had even happened. Anyone else? Irvine, CA – June 5, 2008 – VIZIO, the fastest growing brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America, announced today that it is aware of a suit filed June 2, 2008 in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan by several electronics company competitors alleging that VIZIO failed to enter into a licensing agreement for MPEG-2 video… Read More

  • Fire Sale: CompUSA clearing out HD DVD player, movies

    The above picture pretty much explains it all. CompUSA is clearing everything out and here’s your chance to cash in. It’s only the 720p player but when you factor in the seven movies it’s not too bad a deal at $90. But you want the 1080p player don’t you? Yeah, I thought so. There’s even a deal on a 1080p Vizio. Check it out after the jump. Thanks for sending this… Read More

  • Vizio announces 30 HDTV models

    I’m going to save you the shenenigans and snark by just pasting what Vizio sent us. Essentially, they’ve got 32-inch plasmas for $689 and 50-inchers for $1,399 — 1080p, naturally — and a few new surround sound systems and LCDs. They have a new LCD line called Envy which is a little sexier than the standard line. We’ll hit the booth tomorrow to see what is really… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wal*Mart secret in-store sale tomorrow

    I know most of you are doing or at least attempting to do your holiday shopping this week or next so here’s a little something to help you in your cause. Wal*Mart is having a secret in-store sale tomorrow at 8AM. Is there anything special in the secret sale? Of course there is. I’ve got my eye on a 50-inch Plasma from Vizio for $998 though, it’s only 720p. There’s a… Read More