Vizio Lampoons Curved TVs For Being Dumb


Curved TVs are silly – the result of an industry flailing for some new selling point, now that 1080p is pretty much a standard option and the market has proven that no one wants 3D TVs.

Vizio wants none of it. To highlight its resistance as Samsung, Sony, LG and the rest of the lot venture into questionable curvy territory, it pushed out a surprisingly chuckle-worthy phony infomercial (infaux-mercial?) mocking the concept.

For the curious: calling the number in the video plays back a message that points to this page, which in turn offers a $100 off coupon for Vizio’s 4K P-Series line. Because, in the end, getting you to buy their TVs instead of the other guy’s is what this is all about.

Of course, 4K TVs are a bit silly right now, too, given that there’s next to no content available for them right now. But unlike curved TVs, at least it’s something that gets less silly over time.