• Verify Now Lets Designers Test More Of Their Ideas In More Places

    Verify Now Lets Designers Test More Of Their Ideas In More Places

    Interaction design and strategy firm ZURB has turned more and more of its internal apps into products for other designers over the last few years. Among these products is Verify, a handy little tool that allows design firms to quickly collect and analyze user feedback on screenshots and mockups. With Verify, for example, a startup could test multiple versions of its homepage or logo and see… Read More

  • Verify: Get Feedback On Your Site When It's Still Just A Mockup

    It isn’t uncommon for websites to ask users for feedback, but most of the time this involves them responding to sites and services that are already in the wild (see services like GetSatisfaction and UserVoice). What if you could poll users about a new design, before you’d done the legwork required to put together the images, HTML, CSS and underlying code of a new site? Meet Verify… Read More

  • Clue Tracks What People Remember About Your Website

    Design interaction firm ZURB today launches Clue, a tool which enables publishers to get concrete data on what exactly visitors remember seeing and find interesting about specific websites. Part of the multi-product (including Bounce and Verify) website analytics ZURB platform, Clue’s objectives are simple. Similar to, Clue wants to be a way for small… Read More