Verify: Get Feedback On Your Site When It's Still Just A Mockup

It isn’t uncommon for websites to ask users for feedback, but most of the time this involves them responding to sites and services that are already in the wild (see services like GetSatisfaction and UserVoice). What if you could poll users about a new design, before you’d done the legwork required to put together the images, HTML, CSS and underlying code of a new site? Meet Verify, a user feedback platform that’s based on screenshots.

The new service, which was created by Zurb, offers a suite of screenshot-based tests that you can put in front of users to see what they think. There’s the Click Test, which shows users a screenshot and asks them to click the spot that looks most interesting. It takes users all of five seconds to complete this visual survey (you can try a sample Click Test here), but it can result in some invaluable data.

Other tests are similarly straightforward: there’s a Memory Test to see how much users remember after five seconds of looking at your webpage (is your slogan working?), a preference test that lets users pick between two versions of a site, and more — a total of eight test types available now, with more on the way.

Once users have completed these tests, Verify sends the site creators the relevant data, often with heatmaps and other visualizations that demonstrate which designs and features are most effective. For now Verify requires you to bring your own crowd of testers — you can tweet, write Facebook updates, and publish blog posts inviting your users to share their thoughts. In the future the company intends to offer a pool of testers that you’ll be able to tap into.

The service costs $9 a month for access to a basic set of feedback, or for $29 a month you get access to demographic information as well.