Verify Now Lets Designers Test More Of Their Ideas In More Places

Interaction design and strategy firm ZURB has turned more and more of its internal apps into products for other designers over the last few years. Among these products is Verify, a handy little tool that allows design firms to quickly collect and analyze user feedback on screenshots and mockups. With Verify, for example, a startup could test multiple versions of its homepage or logo and see which one people like best, where they click and even what they remember about the site. Today, ZURB launched the latest version of this tool, which includes two major new features: multivirate testing and multi-device support, allowing developers and designers to test their designs on the actual devices they are intended for.

Verify already allowed its users to test new designs with the help of a battery of different tests, including basic preference tests, a mood test (what feelings does this screenshot evoke?) and a memory test (what do your users remember about your site after looking at it for 5 seconds?). Once a test is completed, the designers get access to a detailed report with all the necessary statistics.

Until now, these tests only allowed ZURB’s users to pitch two different designs against each other. With this new version, users can now try out multiple variations of their designs and see how their testers react to them. These mulitvariate tests are now available for all the currently available tests on Verify.

ZURB offers a free 30-day trial for Verify and its paid plans start at $19/month. It’s worth noting that multivariate testing is only available with a $99/month premium plan.