• Sequel To COICA Bill, The PROTECT IP Act, May Be Even Worse

    The COICA bill, a piece of legislation that would eliminate a good deal of due process and free speech guarantees on the internet, is being succeeded by a new bill, the PROTECT IP Act. And yes, that’s an acronym. It stands for “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property” — the most transparent attempt to whitewash a bill… Read More

  • COICA Bill Postponed; It’s Time To Discuss Alternatives To Traditional DNS

    COICA, the bill that made waves last week as an affront to free speech and due process rights, was recently postponed, to the net’s great relief. While it seems to have been the kind of inflammatory election-year FUD bill we see very often in this country, it brought up several issues that are worth taking action on. The bill is ostensibly to “combat online infringement, and for… Read More

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