Ahead Of ITU Summit, Google Wants You To Help Preserve A Free And Open Internet With New Campaign

Today, Google announced a new initiative to support an open and free Internet called “Take Action.” The company has set up a website with materials to help educate you on what your rights are and what changes with laws could do to impact the freedoms you enjoy today on the Internet.

After we went through what we did with SOPA, it’s time to listen up so we don’t have to react like that so quickly. Education can help.

The difficulty with all of these things is that most people, including myself, don’t understand all of the nuances of laws that can be introduced. Most of the time, these laws don’t make it to “mainstream media” until the fight is at a fevered pitch. That’s tiring.

Here’s what the company had to say about it:

Starting December 3, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors to discuss the future of the Internet. This meeting of the International Telecommunication Union or #ITU will take place in Dubai. Some governments want to use this meeting in Dubai to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

Learn more about what’s at stake and how you can get involved: http://google.com/takeaction

A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. And a #freeandopen Internet depends on you.

You can “pledge” to support the cause here, and the site allows you to share the site on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Even the co-founder of reddit is on board, Alexis Ohanian, who was very outspoken during SOPA:

Whether you’re a journalist, activist or just someone who tweets a lot like I do, this is an important cause to get behind and understand. Here’s what Google says to hope to bring you on board:

The Internet empowers everyone — anyone can speak, create, learn, and share. It is controlled by no one — no single organization, individual, or government. It connects the world. Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet.

We’re all on the Internet, and we’re all in this together. Let’s keep it free and open. Your voice does make a difference.