Reddit Co-Founder Takes To The Open Road To Support The Open Web

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and GM Erik Martin are running a $40,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund a bus trip across part of the country (from Kentucky to Denver) in order to talk about the Open Web this political season. The trip aims to “host meetups, highlight candidates who support free and open Internet, get people to sign up to vote, [and] feature local tech jobs.”

The trip is from Denver, CO to Danville, KY AKA “from the site of the First Presidential Debate to the site of the First VP Debate.”

The group is asking Redditors to recommend stops and the company is putting up some of the costs including bus rental and gas.

Writes Ohanian:

Now we want to meet you — the awesome Americans using the Internet to start businesses, sell your crafts on Etsy, build manufacturing studios in your garage, launch political campaigns, raise money for teachers. We want to tell your stories and find out what you think about these questions that will shape our country for generations to come:How will people use the open Internet to fundamentally improve everything — from manufacturing to education, from civic engagement to news?What can we do to protect and encourage the “permissionless innovation” that has characterized the last two decades?

Donations start at $5 and for $404 you can have your name printed on the bus. The effort will run for 27 more days and has already raised $625.