• Shots Raises Another $4M As It Strives To Reclaim The Selfie

    Shots Raises Another $4M As It Strives To Reclaim The Selfie

    Selfies might be the social currency of our generation, but the companies based around them still kind of need cash. Shots, a selfie app made famous by high-profile celebrity supporters like Justin Bieber, just raised another $4 million in funding led by DCM Ventures, adding on to its $8.5 million Series A from this past April. The company has raised $15.2 million to date. For how simple… Read More

  • These Selfie Apps Refuse To Die

    These Selfie Apps Refuse To Die

    Anyone can create a self-portrait. Hell, we’ve been painting them since the stone age. But it’s the way you share them that can be special. Are selfies narcissistic? Sure. Can they be annoying? Yes, if done with too much arrogance, vanity, or frequency. But they’re not pointless. Selfies fill a void in face-to-face communication and context left by our shift away from… Read More

  • Another iPhone (red) pic?

    Reader Georges says he found this shot inside Apple’s servers today. We shall soon see, regardless. UPDATE – Georges says he dug through the Apple server, trying image name after image name. look :
    10:01 AM
    10:01 AM I found it, its the normal iphone
    10:01 AM I tested it … Read More

  • More Moscone spy shots

    Our spy shots might be fake (we doubt it) but these Moscone shots surely aren’t. RoughlyDrafted has a bunch of pictures from the San Fran convention center including plenty of action shots of App store apps blowing around like beautiful leaves. Here’s hoping that there will be more than just XCode debuggers at the keynote. Read More