HappyFunCorp Launches Happy Fun App To Make Instagram More Social

For the past year and a half the Brooklyn-based development shop, HappyFunCorp has been laboring over a new graph that would offer new ways to interact with Twitter and Instagram.

Now, just in time for the holidays, the company is unveiling the first fruits of that labor with Voyour. It’s a new integration with Instagram that will automatically show users their total number of likes, the friends who like their pictures the most, their taste in photos and other Instagram feeds they might like based on their network.

HappyFunCorp co-founder Ben Schippers says that the app is a much better viewing and social experience than on the Instagram platform, and he’s completely right. It makes the Instagram experience closer to that of Facebook, without divorcing the app from the experience that makes Instagram unique.

“It enables the Instagram community to explore in a whole new way,” says Schippers.

Not only can a user find out who likes their shots the most, but also who hasn’t liked popular pictures a user has taken (I see many insta-spats potentially breaking out). Other features include access to topshots, trending hashtags, and followers so users can find people in their extended network through friends.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.50.21 AM

Photo courtesy of Ben Schippers/HappyFunCorp


There’s even a collection view that allows people to curate public and private lists for different Instagram followers.

The next step for Schippers & Co. is to roll out the Twitter tool, called NoMore, which allows users to block certain followers. “The meat of this is that it’s a new kind of graph — and the graph is a new kind of filtering system for social networks,” says Schippers.

The two big scenarios are to be able to create a new environment for users in Instagram, and on the Twitter side to have the graph act as a negative filter to silence the bullying, racism, sexism, and other “isms” that can come across in a Twitter feed, according to Schippers.

“The ultimate vision over the coming months is to optimize the graph technology to help analyze larger social activity to provide faster, more creative and secure experiences for the end users,” he says.

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Courtesy of Ben Schippers/HappyFunCorp