• Sharp Japan links cordless phone to a touch panel

    Even in cell phone-crazy Japan, the fixed-line phone isn’t quite dead yet. And Sharp Japan’s JD-7C1CL/CW [JP], announced yesterday, is proof there’s still room for mild innovation in that area. The cordless phone is bundled with a 7-inch touch panel that can be used for various functions. Read More

  • Sharp floods Japan with 13 LCDs with built-in Blu-ray recorders

    I am seeing more and more TV/Blu-ray combos in Japanese electronics stores, and today Sharp announced [JP] a total of 13 new LCD TVs boasting a built-in Blu-ray recorder. The AQUOS DX2 series consists of screens measuring 26/32/40/46 and 52 inches. Read More

  • Old rivals Sony and Sharp inked LCD joint venture deal

    The consolidation process in the Japanese home electronics business goes on and on. Today former rivals Sharp and Sony said [JP] they reached a final agreement to launch an LCD panel joint venture in Osaka, after having failed to ink the deal last month. In March already, Sharp said it wants Sony as a partner for its plans to boost the production of LCD TVs. Read More

  • Sharp is increasing LCD panel production

    I would say that it’s a good sign for the worldwide economy that Sharp is increasing its LCD panel production by tens of thousands of screens per month. Sharp is after all one of the largest provider of OEM LCD screens which get sold not only under the Sharp brand but many others too. The company is raising it’s forecasted output from 120 million to 127 million as the LCD demand… Read More

  • New Sharp LED-backlit LE700 TVs: not fancy enough?

    Sharp is rolling out some new Aquos HDTVs, with the coveted LED backlighting, but for some reason aren’t going the whole hog with local-dimming LED arrays and all that internet connectivity Samsung and Vizio seem to like. That’s weird, because Sharp Japan is doing it. Why no love for the US? Read More

  • Japanese researchers work on 1,000-year memory device

    Hard disks and recording media to store data are great and all, but especially for sensitive information (such as corporate data) longevity and reliability are major problems. The usual recording media existing on the market last for a few decades max, but now Japan tries to develop a device that stores data for a thousand years. Read More

  • Sharp's new five-color LCD displays 99% of visible colors

    Sharp has developed an LCD screen that can display a total of five primary colors, two more than usually used. In addition to red, green and blue, the prototype features cyan and yellow color filters. The result: A screen capable of reproducing 99% of the surface colors existing in the real world through what Sharp calls “Multi-Primary-Color Technology”. Read More

  • Sharp to aggressively expand cell phone business outside Japan

    The majority of those awesome Japanese cell phones I keep blogging about unfortunately never leaves this country (at least in legal ways). But this may soon change, as Japan gets older (which results in a rapidly shrinking customer base) and is severely hit by the recession. Especially Sharp seems to now be bullish about bringing some of their cell phones to America and other areas. Read More

  • Top 10: The best new cell phones Japan gets this summer

    Japan’s telecommunications giants NTT Docomo, KDDI au and SoftBank present new cell phones four times a year: spring, summer, fall and winter. All companies showcased their summer 2009 wares in the last few days, including some simply incredible devices. The top 10 models across all carriers (chosen by yours truly) after the jump. Read More

  • More solar-powered mobile devices in the future? Sharp starts rolling out its mini solar panel worldwide

    It was just a matter of time, but frankly speaking, I am amazed at how fast Sharp makes its mini solar panel (67.5 x 41.0 x 0.8 mm) available to manufacturers worldwide [link in English]. After all, the company’s solar-powered cell phone that uses the so-called LR0GC02, isn’t even on sale yet (not even in Japan where sales start next month). Read More

  • Sharp and Mitsubishi to out new HDTVs in Japan

    Both Sharp and Mitsubishi have announced new LCD TVs for the Japanese market, and both devices seem to be pretty interesting. They will be available over here as early as next month, with neither Sharp nor Mitsubishi having said anything about an international release yet. Read More

  • Softbank floods Japan with 15 new cell phones (part 1: all Sharp models)

    Big news from Japan’s cell phone market today as Japan’s No.3 telecommunications company SoftBank and the No. 1, NTT Docomo, presented their new cell phone line-ups for the summer. Softbank announced a total of 19 new models [JP] (sales start within this month), and many of them are made by Sharp. Read More

  • AQUOS Audio: Sharp Japan announces new home cinema system

    Last weekend, Sharp Japan announced a new home cinema system (kind of), the so-called AQUOS Audio [JP], essentially racks with a built-in speaker system. Sharp is especially aiming at potential buyers who usually don’t have the space to set up full home theater systems. Read More

  • Sharp announces a bunch of new AQUOS LCD TVs (D series)

    Sharp Japan today announced the AQUOS LCD TV D series [JP,] consisting of a total of four new models sized between 32 and 52 inches. The TVs will hit stores in Nippon June 10th with Sharp yet to reveal their international distribution plans. Read More

  • Sharp's Mebius PC-NJ70A netbook with LCD trackpad

    Someone in Sharp’s R&D department must have been paying attention when the Internet started mumbling about the MacBook Pro’s potential LCD trackpad. The new Mebius PC-NJ70A netbook comes packing with just that, along with standard, underwhelming netbook-type specs: 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, WiFi, & a multicard reader. The screen however, bumps this… Read More

  • Coming soon (in Japan, at least): Solar-powered cell phone

    Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au today unveiled the first model of its summer line-up for the Japanese market (have a look at their spring models here). In cooperation with Sharp, KDDI au will offer a cell phone that will be waterproof and, more interestingly, powered by solar energy [JP]. Read More

  • More Blu-ray power: Sharp and Pioneer merge optical disc businesses

    The consolidation process in Japan’s tech industry isn’t stopping. Pioneer and Sharp said today in Tokyo they have reached a basic agreement to launch an optical disc joint venture [JP, PDF], a move that is supposed to give the companies a boost in the Blu-ray segment. Both companies said they are ready to completely transfer their optical disc businesses to the new entity. Read More

  • Sharp's future: More LCD TVs and solar panels

    It looks like Sharp is seeing its (near) future in LCD TVs and solar panels. The company tomorrow sets up Sharp Display Products Corporation (SDP), a subsidiary based in Osaka. In addition, Toshiba will be partnering with Sharp to step up production of solar panels. The picture shows a solar-powered LCD TV Sharp showcased in July last year. Read More

  • AQUOS A: Sharp to roll out "green" AQUOS LCD TVs

    Sharp Japan announced three new “green” AQUOS LCD TVs today [JP], the so-called AQUOS A series, which follows the BD and E series. The new models come in three different sizes: 40 inches (LC-40AE6), 46 inches (LC-46AE6) and 52 inches (LC-52AE6). All TVs feature full HD resolution. Read More

  • Hitachi to plead guilty on price fixing LCD

    Whoops. Hitachi is the latest manufacturer admitting to LCD price fixing and another win for the U.S. Justice Department. Last year, LG and Sharp also plead guilty on similar charges and paid $520 million combined in fines. Hitachi’s case involves fixing prices of LCD that were sold to Dell between 2001 and 2004. So that means if you purchased a laptop of LCD monitor between those times… Read More

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