AQUOS PHONE IS14SH: Sharp Integrates Android 2.3 Into Feature Phone Body

It seems <a href="">Sharp</a> saw good sales when the company <a href="

5.47mm: Sharp’s Super-Thin CMOS Camera Module Paves Way For Thinner Smartphones

Smartphones are soon to become thinner: <a href="">Sharp</a> has developed a 1/3.2-inch <a href="">CMOS camera module</

Another Galapagos: Sharp Doesn’t Give Up On Tablets

In September 2010, Sharp <a href="">announced</a> a 5.5- and a 10.8-inch Android <a href="https

Sharp Reaches Record Conversion Efficiency With New Solar Cell

Solar energy has just made one step forward: Sharp <a href="">announced</a> that it has developed a solar cell boasting the world's highest conversion

[Update: Video] Sharp Showcases 4K LCD TV (3,840×2,160 Resolution), To Sell It 2012

Full HD resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels) isn't enough for <a href="">Sharp</a>. The company has <a href="">developed<

Orange To Bring Sharp 3D Android Phone To Asia And Europe

Is this finally the beginning of Japanese <a href="">Android</a> phones being made available outside their home market? Japan's biggest mobile carrier <a href="https:

Sharp’s New Android Phone: Waterproof Body, 4.5-Inch 3D QHD Display, 12MP Cam, DLNA

<a href="">Sharp</a> has been producing quite <a href="

Sharp Discontinues 2 Of 3 Galapagos Tablet Models, Only The 7-Inch Version Lives On

<a href="">About a year ago</a>, Sharp decided to enter the rapidly growing <a href="https://te

Sharp Shows 70-Inch Aquos Quattron LCD 3D TV With “Mega-Brightness” Panel

Sharp Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the Aquos Quattron 3D LC-70X5 for the local market yesterday, a follow-up of sorts to the <a href="http:/

i3board: Sharp Shows 70-Inch Electronic, Touch-Sensitive Whiteboard

Sharp Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the i3board PN-L702B for the Japanese market yesterday, a 70-inch electronic whiteboard targeted at busines

Freestyle AQUOS: Sharp Japan Rolls Out 4 Portable, Wireless, Ultra-Thin LCD TVs

<a href="">Sharp</a> in Japan <a href="">updated</a> their line of

Sharp Outs The RW-T107 Gingerbread Tablet With NFC & RFID Capabilities

Sharp just did the unthinkable. The RW-T107 Gingerbread tablet is actually useful and gives businesses a new way to interact with consumers with a built-in NFC and RFID reader. This is the future, kid

Japan To Get Android-Based “Yahoo Phone” Next Month

Japan gets an Android-based <a href="">"Yahoo Phone"</a> [JP]: what may sound weird at first is actually not that surprising a news item,

Sharp Plans To Introduce Android AQUOS PHONE Brand Worldwide

<img src="" /> They have been talking about this <a href="

AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID 007SH: Sharp Shows World's First Clamshell Android Phone

<img src="" /> If you thought Android and clamshell handsets won't fit, think again: Sharp today <a href="

"Super Hi-Vision": Sharp Prototypes 85-Inch TV With Insane Resolution [Update: Video]

<img src="" /> Can you imagine owning a TV with <em>16 times</em> the resolution of HDTV (or, in other words, a

NTT Docomo's Feature Phone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> We covered <a href="">NTT Docomo</a>'s smartphone line-up for thi

NTT Docomo's Smartphone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> Japan’s biggest mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> has <a

Sharp Rolls Out AQUOS Phone With 8MP Twin 3D Cameras, Naked-Eye 3D QHD Display, Android 2.3

<img src="" /> It's <a href="

5D Miracle: Sharp 360-degree Video Room Consists of 156 LCDs

<img src="" /> Even though I am living in Japan, I have never made it to Nagasaki. But the <a href="http://english.huistenbosc
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